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Server Ragnarok
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Game: Final Fantasy 14
Server: Ragnarok
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How to supply items and Gil in Final Fantasy 14 Ragnarok?

Thanks to our new “Suppliers Board” feature you can now check what we currently need and deliver us the goods and get paid almost instantly. Just follow the six steps below:
  1. After selecting the game and server, check the suppliers board for our current needs
  2. Fill in the amount of gil and/or items you can supply us with (please note that the amount of orbs cannot be higher than requested in the board)
  3. Decide on a payment method
  4. Verify the provided contact information
  5. Do you have an important information for us? Send us a message!
  6. Verify the cashout preview and press “send cashout”
The rest of the deal will be handled by a live agent. The method of delivery (or place) will be specified by the agent during the conversation.

Is it safe to supply items and Gil on Ragnarok in Final Fantasy 14

If you want to supply Sellers and Friends with Final Fantasy XIV Gil you might be struggling with a question - is it safe? Our agents are players with rich experience in MMO games, knowing every title supported by our service - they know exactly how to perform a deal without harm to any side of transaction.

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