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If you're reading these words, you may have some doubts about buying TERA Gold. It's quite understandable - why would you pay for something in a free-to-play game? 

The answer is simple - the time. It's true that anyone can farm enough Gold in TERA to afford everything, but the difference is time that it takes to achieve such a feat. There is no universe that you can farm a certain amount of Gold faster, than you can buy it on our website. It's humanly impossible. Which is why we invite you to trade TERA Gold on Sellers and Friends, and save yourself much precious time.

Over 200+ payments


Don't worry about the payment - we've got you covered. With G2A PAY, you will never run out of options. 

- 200+ payment methods,

- 170 countries,

- 80 currencies,

- 20 languages.

All for your convenience.

How to buy TERA Online Gold on Velika (NA)

We've made it as easy for you as we could. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the amount of Gold that you need, or the money you can spend
  2. Provide us with the contact details, so that we can deliver you the order
  3. Type in the message, if you have something to tell us
  4. Double-check all of the information you gave us; beware, because we don't guarantee a refund
  5. Complete the payment.

Once we receive the funds, our live agent will come to you, and guide you through the rest of the process until you get your currency on your in-game account.

Trade TERA Online Gold on Velika

fastest delivery time tera gold

In the early days of our platform, we've invented the Live-Stock feature, that allows us to transfer the ordered currency almost instantly. It is possible because we actually have the currency we're selling. We don't have to look for it once the order is placed. It is why our delivery takes less than 120 seconds during working hours, and up to few hours outside of it.

guaranteed transaction bonus tera gold

We provide every registered user with a guaranteed transaction bonus, and since we can create an account for you during the trade, there is no way you will not get it. In the beginning it's 1% extra to every deal, increasing up to 5% total. Don't say it's not worth it.

safety tera gold deal trade

You may be afraid to trade TERA Gold, but it is the case when trading with strangers, and we're your friends - Sellers and Friends. We take great effort to make everything as convenient as possible. We cooperate with G2A PAY, we collect positive feedback on TrustPilot and Facebook, and there are thousands of clients who trusted us already. Most importantly, we do not allow scammers here, as we buy hand made currency, and sell it directly to you. 

We're pretty sure, everything is clear, but if you feel otherwise, and you have some question - feel free to attack our Live Chat support. They will help you with every matter regarding the trade and our website. They're available 24/7, so hit the Live Chat box anytime. We'll take care of you.

MMORPG currency trading is prevalent since early 2000's, even earlier with the most notable titles like World of Warcraft or RuneScape. Although the RMT has be fought hard by the developers, modern day MMORPG follow the same pattern. There are suppliers and demanders. Suppliers are not interested in the game per se; they want to amass as much currency as humanly possible to sell it later on. The demanders have no time for farming, cause they are busy dominating a particular game or server. Who's got time to farm the bond, the token, or gold for items and pots, when there is a raid going on? 

TERA Online is no exception. If you want to rush for BAMs efficiently, you need supplies, and more than often you will not have time for farming. We'll gladly provide for you.

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