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So you've decided to play TERA Online? Great choice! We agree on that. However, you need to keep in mind, that you'll be competing with no-lifes for the top spots. If you don't have enough free time to farm all the needed TERA Gold, or you prefer to spend your time playing instead of grinding, have a look at our offer. You'll not regret it. 

Over 200+ payments


How would you like to pay for your order? Fast? Without problems? In your native language? We've got something for you.

Due to cooperation with G2A PAY, we can provide you with 200+ payment methods, 170 countries of delviery, 80 currencies, and 20+ local languages. 

Wait no more - start trading!

How to purchase TERA Gold on Kaiator (NA)?

We have simplified the process as much as we could, meaning that the only thing for you to do is:

  1. Choose how much Gold do you need
  2. Alternatively, type in the amount of money you'd like to spend on TERA Gold
  3. Place your contact data in the boxes
  4. If you please, type in the message to inform us about issues regarding the trade
  5. Choose the payment method
  6. Complete the payment
  7. Wait for our agent to come and finish the deal.

The whole process is as smooth as you may wish.

Trade TERA Gold Kaiator (NA)

the fastest tera gold delivery time

No one delivers TERA Gold faster than us, because no one else has our Live Stock. Other companies and services take order first, and then they're looking for the game currency. We do it other way around - we buy up the currency, to sell it first hand later on. Thanks to this, we can deliver your order in less than two minutes during business hours. Outside of this timeframe, it's still a few hours at most.

bonus tera gold order

As you register, you're automatically eligible to receive the 1% guaranteed TERA Gold bonus. Keep trading, and it may go all the way up to 5%. Anyone who told you, that you can't get anything for free - lied.

Safety trade tera online gold

The safety of the transaction is the essential matter in this business, and it makes for all the reputation that we have. We are well aware of it, just like our 5,500 customers already. Read their testimonials on TrustPilot and Facebook to see for yourself. 

trade tera gold live chat support

Should you have any questions or matter to look after, hit up our Live Chat support - it's the small window in the bottom right of the page. They are the most competent employees, and no doubt they'll resolve every problem that may occur. Which won't happen, but we have them just in case.

You can't go wrong with TERA Online, if you're looking for an MMORPG to play. Chilling in the evenings, after work, or in between the classes - that's what it was made for. You don't have to buy anyhting, but if you wish to land in the top spot of TERA Online player base, it's inevitable. Sure, you can grind for gold. It can do. However, keep in mind how much time will it take to farm enough to cover your expenses? Top players don't farm. They buy TERA Gold and rush into the action. If you want to join them, you must play like them. Luckily, you don't have to look for a reliable TERA Gold supplier, since you've already made it here. We'll sell you any amount that you need to rush for the top spots.

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