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Do you play TERA Online on Yurian server? Then you came here to buy TERA Gold for that server. Worry not - you made it to the right place. Sellersandfriends are online for many years now providing gamers with their most needed currency. Once you begin trading with us, you'll never walk away. 

Over 200+ payments


We cooperate with G2A PAY to ensure the highest quality of services on our website. Thanks to that you have access to:

- 200+ payment methods,

- 80+ currencies,

- 20+ languages,

- 170+ countries of delivery.

Nothing can stop you now.

How to buy TERA Online Gold Yurian?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the amount of TERA Gold you want to buy, or amount of money you want to spend.
  2. Fill in the contact form with the required information.
  3. Select the payment method.
  4. Type in the Message, if you need.
  5. Check twice the shopping cart info, if everything is ok.
  6. If it's fine, proceed with the payment.

Once the payment is through, our live agent will come to you to help you proceed with the deal.

Trade TERA Online Gold on Yurian (DE)

The fastest TERA Gold delivery time

We have implemented the Live Stock feature, that allows us to speed up every transaction. You're buying the currency that we already have, which is why we can deliver it almost instantly. The delivery takes no longer than 120 seconds during our working hours. Outside of it, it takes up to a few hours at most. 

Extra currency bonus for TERA Gold

Every registered user gets 1% bonus to each deal from the start. You don't have to create an account - we'll do it for you! The bonus can go up to 5% total if you trade a lot, and once you start trading with us, you'll be there soon. 

tera gold trade safety

The security of an online deal is crucial in this business. We have more than 5,500 satisfied customers, and counting. Many of them have left a positive feedback in TrustPilot and Facebook - feel free to check it. Also, the cooperation with G2A PAY guarantees safety. You're buying directly from us, no third-party involved, so you don't have to worry about facing a scammer.

live chat support

It's the after sale service that makes a customer loyal, not the price or the quality. And thankfully, we have the best live chat support team of all. They will help you with anything from the start right to the finish. With the team of qulified specialists, you will worry about literally nothing. Just focus on making a deal and reaching your in-game goals - we'll cover the rest.

Did you like our services? Is there anything we can improve? Or maybe you just want to thanks us for helping you to reach the top? Please, leave a like on Facebook, take a time to write a comment down below. We'll appreciate greatly every piece of feedback that you can provide us with.

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