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TERA, just like every other MMO title, revolves around the money. Farming gold means getting better equipment, items, having an easier time during the game, and achieving a progression faster than ever. Since gold making is not an easy task and might get very tedious, you can look at other options. SellersAndFriends website offers the best prices for TERA Online Gold that you can google out. Our suppliers provide self-made Tera gold that was farmed without the involvement of illegal programs.

You can feel safe buying currency in this place as we put as much effort into transaction security as we can. Our staff knows that the happiness of our buyer is what makes this community special. Because of that, we want to provide you with the cheapest and safest in-game money market. Countless orders reviews on Trustpilot and in the comment section can prove that we are indeed worthy of your trust. Over 5,500 traders have bought from us items or gold in numerous trades. Join them, boosting your Tera Online account gold stash with just a few clicks.

How to buy Tera Gold?

  1. Select TERA Online server.
  2. Choose how much TERA Gold Coins you need on your server/select how much USD you want to spend.
  3. Fill the contact form with the correct contact info.
  4. Accept the purchase through "Checkout with G2A PAY".
  5. Verify your information if everything is in order (email address, price, gold quantity, server).
  6. Select the transaction payment processor from more than 200 payment options.
  7. Confirm the gold delivery method.
  8. Wait for a live agent to contact you after the payment is through.

From our experience we know, that not every uncommon seller is clean, so avoid shady traders, and stick with us. Our delivery terms are clear, and delivery itself is lightning fast. Also, we can buy TERA Gold quantity from you, if you want ot become an epic seller.


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We are not the currency or items provider, but the seller. Our service is a hub for anyone who want to sell to us and buy from us gold or items. We trust clients who make a high quantity of gold for games in a safe and viable way - without a third party program involvement or using illegal leveling. Because of that, you can be sure to get a top-quality product that is 100% secure. We also monitor market prices to give you the best possible prices for any quantity of goods sold within our service. It ensures that what you buy is the best possible offer. Make sure to check opinions about us on Trustpilot and see for yourself how easy it is to get rich in the game with just a few clicks. Leave boring TERA Gold farming grind to others, and buy TERA Online Gold EU - save your life by saving time in-game. Why is you shopping cart stfill empty? Enjoy the fast delivery time, excellent customer service for all TERA players in the world, or sell TERA online gold item and start making money today. If you liked our store, credit us with a positive opinion.

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LiveStock is a brand new feature of Sellers and Friends, that guarantees, that the gold listed is on hand. With this display, we have a second to none delivery time on the market. Your order will be completed in under 120 seconds guaranteed time of delivery during our business hours. Since we happen to work for 18 hours each day, there is a very high possibility that your purchase will be almost instant. If you don't manage to catch us during our working hours, you can be sure the goods orders are delivered within 24 hours. Not 2 days, not 2 hours, but 2 minutes - that's the TERA Online Gold buy guaranteed time of delivery.

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Every registered user gets a 1% bonus for delivery. All you need to do is to either sign up or fill the contact form with your information during your first purchase. If you are often trading high volumes of currency, then you might improve this bonus even up to a 5%. With all purchases, you are stepping towards the bigger discounts. Start using SellersAndFriends and earn more today with every gold buy delivery!

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Do you need help from us with a mobile version of this site? Maybe you want to ask us something about currency and items trading, or you have trouble completing your order? Please contact us on Live Chat, where our support team provides a professional help for 24 hours each day of the week. If you have any concerns about the gold trade, don't hesitate and leave us a notification. We'd like to improve this portal by continuing to use good solutions. Use english language for faster help.

TERA Online

It's a 3D fantasy themed MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio. TERA means The Exiled Realm of Arboreais. It is a fantastic title with a lot of action and BAM-s being the trademark. The game has typical MMORPG features like leveling, grinding, different classes, role division, progression, thousands of fans all over the world, and the OG Gold as its currency. It is available as a Tera Online PS4, XBOX One, and PC version. As for the device, the release was in 2012 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One owners had to wait 6 more years. In this game, you get more control over the characters than in most of the titles, as you can block incoming attacks, dodge them, and manually aim their abilities. With a broad range of available skills for many classes in the game, there is a lot to learn, giving people a challenging gameplay. You can choose to play with a regular mouse and keyboard setup or use controllers to move around with their character. The combat or fighting system will not leave you disappointed when gold farming or dungeons clearing. Fast action combat system makes battles come alive. Clear dungeons, begin questing, hunting, crafting, housing, PvP action, PvE, or whatever the "adventure" means to you. If you can't go for gold farming due to lack of the time, you can place your gold orders with two-minute guaranteed time of delivery. Here we are the best way TERA Online seller can take to offer the gold.


TERA Online features impressive quality graphics of monsters and the environment. The story in the game is engaging and interesting. It is a top-notch title with high production value - you can feel it through the combat battle system design, graphics, and the music implemented in this product. Without a doubt, it is one of the most significant MMO production of the last years. Europe game distribution is in the hand of Gameforge, and in US it's En Masse Entertainment who has it under custody.


If you need TERA US server Gold, buy it here at SellersAndFriends. As for TERA Gold, PC is the only platform we deliver, but we are working on the PS4 and Xbox One seller delivery system. We are topping the list of reputable TERA gold sellers. We highly recommend TERA players to buy TERA gold from our list of server. One TERA Gold buy can improve your gameplay. You can buy it here. SellersAndFriends are a reliable service and trusted seller, years of providing the games currencies all over the world created us. With a proper amount of Gold, items are no longer out of your reach. Our seller site uses cookies to optimize your online experience and provide guaranteed time of delivery. We do not take responsibility for any account termination. For basic questions, check FAQ. If something stfill needs a clarification about buying game currency, seller viability, trades, items sales, translation, cookies settings, how to sell product, listing, purchases, discounts, delivery terms and form, refund, transfer cancellation, user agreement, add-users, password reminder, contact our Live Chat support services staff. They will help you (in english) in any circumstances.


Sellers and Friends 2020, all rights reserved. Registered names and trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners. For more info developer Bluehole Studio publisher is available to contact 24 hours a day.

Customers Reviews (5)

Average rating: 3.5 Based on 11 votes
great delivery and instant time! exactly as described
4 June 2021
What can i say fast easy and polite, recommended for sure!
12 May 2021
If you look for a place to get some dough youre in the right spot! these ppl will make you rich in second
19 March 2021
Fast, good service, nice chat.
22 June 2020
best price and transperent.. fast and nice service
22 June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the easiest way to get TERA Gold PC?

    The best way is to buy gold at the SellersAndFriends - a fast, cheap, and safe way of getting more gold currency.

  2. How can you ensure that I will be safe during the purchase?

    We are also gamers, and we know how things in the games work. We will trade gold in the way that you won't risk anything.

  3. What do I need to do to get the bonus gold?

    Just register or fill the contact form with your information, and you will receive the guaranteed gold bonus.

  4. What do I need TERA Gold for?

    You need gold to buy game weapons, armor, crafting items, and other products that guarantee ratings improvement. You can keep grinding and selling junk items for gold, or buy it. Without the gold for the best items, you won't be even close to the top game.

  5. Do I get bonus gold for bigger gold order?

    Of course, we can make arrangements. Contact us via Live Chat and ask about the en masse bulk game gold purchase. 

  6. What is the Gold delivery method?

    Usually, we use the face-to-face in game delivery method, unless some force majeure stops us. Guaranteed time of delivery remains intact.

  7. What if I want more k Gold US than you have on display?

    In such circumstances you can place a gold order via Live Chat, and we'll make arrangements. All orders are treated equally with the same guaranteed time of delivery. 100 k, 900 k, 1,000 k gold, US or EU - you name it, we have it.

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