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How to purchase Revelation Online Imperial Coins?

If you decided that you want to get gold for Revelation Online game, here is what you have to do:

  1. Select your server (NA-Darkfall or other).
  2. Choose the amount of Revelation Online Coins that you want to receive or type how much USD you want to spend.
  3. Find the most suitable payment method for Revelation Online Coins.
  4. Check the fields in the contact form.
  5. Verify the data in the items order preview (quantity, price, server, email, etc.)
  6. When all the information is correct and payment is through, our Live Agent will help you close the deal in game.


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Fast Delivery of imperial coins products service

We have the fastest delivery service among all game currency traders. You can expect to receive your Revelation Online Imperial coins in a matter of minutes during our business hours. Since we are online for most of the time each day of the week - you can expect instant delivery at 9 of 10 times. Even if you manage to catch us outside of our working hours, we guarantee that delivery completion of your purchase won't take longer than 24h. We can provide such a short delivery time thanks to the Livestock feature.

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Each transaction comes with a special 1% discount bonus. All registered users will receive an additional 1% from their products orders, which they can increase even up to a 5% as they trade on. This discount is guaranteed for all users on our platform. All you have to do is sign up or complete an order form during your first purchase. It is that simple to earn more. You may get bonus Revelation Online Imperial Coins with each order!


Secure imperial coins Revelation Online game Trading

SellersAndFriends is the most secure in-game currency marketplace for online games. We have over 5,500 satisfied users who can prove that we are trustworthy. You can read about us on TrustPilot and see for yourself. All of the gold found within our marketplace is guaranteed to come from a legal sources and respective owners who have experience in gold making. They have spent their time to offer legal gold you can buy on our platform. We value customer security above everything else.

Protect your credentials at all time, do not save any password, don't type in your mobile phone number.

Live support eu-tidewater na-darkfall service

If you are still concerned about whether to trust us or not, or maybe if you have any questions and troubles that require professional help - make sure to contact us on Live Chat. Our team of dedicated support will be happy to solve any concerns that you might have. Those of you who are in trouble should not hesitate and contact our team right away. For faster services, use english language.

What is Revelation Online

It is a new free to play MMORPG title developed by NetEase studio. The world of Nuanor is set in Chinese fantasy inspired by the books and mythology. The gameplay involves over 100 hours of content through open-world quests, dungeons and raid environment. Players can use new features like flying to explore the large-scaled world to challenge enemies both on the ground and in the air. There are five classes available, including Assassin, Gunslinger, Spiritshaper, Vanguard, and Swordmage. Things like Player versus Player battles, guild fights, quests, and new relationships are services available for all players for free. However, if you want to boost your game way more, you can buy some Revelation Imperial Coins.

You might ask why is it worth to choose SellersAndFriends over other in-game gold selling websites. As a trusted seller, we provide fast and reliable services for almost 24 hours each day of the week with instant gold delivery. SellersAndFriends over the last couple of years, we have not received any refund money back demand after the sale, as our users always end up satisfied with the deal they make. Trust your seller and the price, put what you need in the shopping cart, and choose the best available payment method, whether it is in EUR, GBP, USD, or any other. Also, if you wish to sell RO Imperial Coins, SellersAndFriends will gladly buy it. 

Please take note that SellersAndFriends does not hold any responsibility for account terminations. Buying in-game gold from third-party seller other than us might result in account suspension or even permanent ban. Stick with the reliable seller - us - and save yourself money, nerves, and time.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the next step after making a purchase?

    Our Agent will contact you to finish off the exchange and trade your currency.

  2. What kind of method is used for product exchanges?

    Mostly, it's a simple face to face exchange with players where one of our Agents trades you in the game.

  3. What do i need to do to receive a product bonus?

    You need to register on a SellersAndFriends store page and login. The bonus (extra RO Imperial Coins) is guaranteed for each registered user.

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