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Phantasy Star Online 2 has been in the oriental market for several years now. Just a few in the American market. Despite this, PSO2 has gained popularity very quickly, primarily due to its anime aesthetics. 

This has generated many players to look for the best way to get Meseta, the game's main currency.

Now, many players are moving to Ship 04: Ansur, one of the several servers that PSO2 has. New players also prefer this Arks Ship to start. 

Then, getting PSO2 Ship 04 Meseta is fundamental to access multiple weapons and resources within the game. Luckily for you, you are in the right place!

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How to Buy PSO 2 Ship 04 Meseta

Buying PSO2 Ship 04 Meseta here, in Sellers and Friends, is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the server of your preference from our menu. 
  2. Type the quantity of PSO2 Ship 04 Meseta you want to buy or the amount of money you want to spend.
  3. Fill the contact form with all the data we need. 
  4. Check the PSO2 PC Ship 04 Meseta order preview screen. Verify all the data you provide is in order.
  5. Click the Pay Now Button and choose the payment method you want.
  6. If the information is correct, proceed with the purchase. In a matter of minutes, an agent will contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.

Why Should I Buy PSO2 PC Ship 04 Meseta from SnF?

We use the fastest and the safest method of delivery to carry on all the orders. But please, you are advised that every transaction made with a third-party website like ours is against the terms of the game of service and might result in account termination. Therefore, Sellers and Friends do not take responsibility for any suspensions resulting after the currency is delivered. Sellers and Friends is just an optional source, an extra publisher where to get extra currencies.

Each transaction you made in Sellers and Friends offers you a 1% bonus from the start. Registration is necessary for you to get it. It is a straightforward process; you just need an email account and a verified payment method. It has never been easier! If you trade a lot, the bonus may even reach as much as 5%! It's not something to sneeze at.

We have all kinds of security measures. For this reason, Sellers and Friends is the most secure marketplace for online game currencies. We are verified top sellers with high experience in trading. You can check all the qualifications and comments that previous customers have left. PSO2 Ship 04 is one of our more recent products, and it is making a lot of noise. So do not wait anymore and choose the cheapest PSO2 PC-Ship 04 you can find on the web.

If you don’t know anything about buying PSO2 Ship 04, don’t worry, our help center will guide you through the whole process. Just follow all the steps we mentioned in the previous section and set your order. Otherwise, if you play other MMOs and are interested in buying other in-game currencies, we also provide services in games like Final Fantasy XIV, Escape from Tarkov, Old School RuneScape, Path of Exile, and much more.  Check all the listed games we have in Sellers and Friends!


Farming PSO2 PC Ship 04 Meseta - What do you have to keep in mind?

PSO2 Ship PC 04 Meseta

To defend the new worlds from the menace of Dark Falz, you need to become the best crew, get the most powerful weapons and resources, and build a great team with other users. Regardless of your race or class, something is for sure: farming a lot of Meseta is the unique path to get all the gear and items you need. The best ways of farming Meseta are the following:

  • Completing daily orders, weeklies, and other quests. The income you receive from quests is stable because it depends on your level. Order is divided into three great categories:
    • Enemy Elimination Orders. Here you have to defeat a large number of enemies. 
    • Item Procurement Orders. These quests are all about killing and collecting items. You have to defeat a certain enemy to grab the loot. 
    • Quest Completion Orders. So simple, like finishing a specific quest. 
  • Completing advanced and extreme quests. These are primarily for experience and gear, but they are also a very profitable way to get Meseta. 
    • Advanced quests are available from Lvl 40, and to embark on the one, you need special Capsules. The highest difficulty advanced quests are a good source of Meseta, but you will need a group to complete them.
    • To unlock extreme quests, your characters must have level 50, at least. You also need an extreme pass. Finally, to maximize your rewards in extreme quests, you must finish all the five stages that integrate each quest. 
  • Weekly Arks Missions. It is one of the main ways to earn Meseta. This varies week to week, but the following are some types you can find:
    • Defeat enemies. If you defeat 1oo enemies of Lvl 61 or higher, you will get 405 thousand Meseta.
    • Grind unit or weapon. You need to increase the power of a Unit or weapon to a certain level. For example, you can get 405 thousand Meseta. 
    • Desynthesize an item. You need to desynthesize a Lvl 7+ Item or Lvl 11´Disk by using Desynthesis.
  • Flipping. It is just a classic in any MMO. Buying in bulk and selling separately is a great way to get a lot of PSO2 Ship 04 Meseta. Just remember to check the average price of the item in question before offering it in the market. 
  • Arks Cash Scratches. This system requires you to invest real money and buy Arks Cash, the PSO2 in-game premium currency. The idea here is you change AC for AC Scratches. You get really expensive cosmetics from them, which you can sell to get dozens of millions of Meseta. Yeah, you heard it, dozens of millions!


Buy all the PSO2 PC Ship 04 you want in Sellers and Friends

Buy PSO2 PC Ship 04 Meseta

The Sellers and Friends platform is the place you were waiting for, where you can buy all the PSO2 PC Ship 04 Meseta you want. What's more, you can get PC-Ship 01, PC-Ship 02, and PC-Ship 03 Meseta if you need or you want to create another account and start from scratch. 

Just visit our currency market section and check all the options we have for you.  In the top left of the webpage, you will see the tab ‘Games.’ Put the cursor on it, and a list with all games of which we have currency offers will be displayed in front of you. Now, click on Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta.

Once you are in, select the server and the number of Meseta you want to buy. Fill the form with your name and email and leave us a message. Check the order information and click on PAY NOW. Very simple, isn't it?

In a matter of minutes, a member of our team will make contact with you. First, they tell you how the delivery system works. 

In a few words, you will have to offer an item on the market of your Arks Ship, which will have a specific name and value. Then, the supplier will buy from you for the agreed price.


Buy PSO2 PC Ship Meseta Sellers and Friends

Sellers and Friends is the best web page where you can buy, even sell, PSO2 PC Ship 04 Meseta. This way, you will achieve all your goals in the fastest way. 

We have incredible prices, in addition to special offers, as you can check in the image above. For this reason, suppliers and buyers prefer us. Don’t waste your time with other platforms, and do not throw your money in the trash; SAF has high-quality content and the best services when it comes to virtual currencies. 

We are waiting for your orders! How much Meseta do you want? No problem, you will have it in your account in a matter of minutes. 

Any question you have, you can use the contact form below or the live chat. We´ll answer you as soon as possible. We are here to answer all your questions. Join us for updates and keep an eye on all changes, gamer!

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