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buy neverwinter astral diamonds

Just a few games stand as long as Neverwinter. Since its release in 2013, for Xbox, PS4 and PC, this incredible MMORPG has won a lot of fans, whose fanaticism grows everyday. What is its secret? Perhaps, its capacity to build its own path in a world full of options when we talk about MMOs, even if we include all the offers in the world of video games. Another of the storing points in Neverwinter is the possibility of you becoming one of the eight classes of Dungeons & Dragons. We know this classic board game is a piece of art and now you have the opportunity to play it in the MMORPG style. This is one of the elements that has driven fans crazy. Win your leadership, start with some special actions and events, collect your enchantments, threaten adventurers, face the circumstances, choose your mount, get value items and fight for your freedom!

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Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds - What is the most important?

The war has begun, and in the heat of battle you raise like the hero you are meant to be. After the disappearance of the Lord of Neverwinter, your job is to defend the city and investigate The Sect Crown of Neverwinter. At this point, you have to figure out what a mysterious group is looking for in the vicinity. In your path, you will be able to build totally new towns and camps, and get away from all the whole plot of the game.  

You know that you have gold to trade and purchase some items in your world, but you also know that is not good enough. The Astral Diamonds are the most uncommon in-game currency in Neverwinter, and as such you have very few chances to get a larme amount of Astral Diamonds. You know it is impossible to trade Astral Diamonds between players, but actually you can use them to purchase all kinds of things in the Auction House within the game. 


How do you get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter?

Now, if you are a regular in NW, you already know that Astral Diamonds have two names, two forms:

  • Regular Astral Diamonds, which are the most common form of Astral Diamond and can be spended such a normal currency. 
  • Rough Astral Diamonds, you have to refine this form of Astral Diamond if you want to spend them. RADs are stored in your inventory. 


And you already know that there is a daily limit on how many Rough Astral Diamonds you can refine. Every day, you can only have 100,000 of this currency. For this reason, this currency is time-gated. 

Basically, there are four ways to get Rough Astral Diamonds.

Random Queues. Completing these quests is the easiest way to get a lot of Rough Astral Diamonds. For example, in Trial Queue you can obtain, in the first Run, a total of 39,100 RADs. As a Role Bonus Reward you can get 7.500 of RADs. Epic Dungeon Queue will reward with 26,450 of RADs in the first Run and with 5,000 in the Role Bonus Reward. Skirmish will reward you with 6,900 RADs in the First Run. Finally, the Dungeon Queue will reward you with 6,325 RADs in the First Run and with 2,500 as a Role Bonus Reward. 

Dungeon Chests. You can be rewarded with 80 0 -13 000 Rough Astral Diamonds from Dungeon Chests. 

The First Run in some Dungeon or Skirmish will reward you with a bonus of Rough Astral Diamonds.

You can obtain 150 Rough Astral Diamonds when you kill an enemy of level 70, if you are using the wanderer’s treasures insignia power, because this element gives you great chances of obtaining RADs. Thanks to the Wanderer Fortune you have a 4% of chances to get a Refining Stone. 

The fifth way is trading the Seal of Adventurer, which was introduced in the game with the start of Module 9: The Maze Engine. You can spend this article at the Adventurer Seal Trader, in the same location, in the Protector's Enclave. Also, SoA can be traded for Rough AD. You can get Seal of Adventurer as a reward in the normal version in the following dungeons: 

  • Cragmire Crypts
  • The Cloak Tower
  • Pirate King’s Retreat
  • Gray Wolf Den
  • The Frozen Heart
  • Caverns of Karrundax
  • Temple of the Spider


Regarding acquiring Astral Diamonds, you have 6 ways to obtain this precious currency.

You get Refined Astral Diamonds when you sell items in the Auction House. Auction House is a key part of the economy of Neverwinter. When players purchase goods on the AH, they can be paid in Astral Diamonds. Just keep in mind that the AH collects a fee of 10% from the seller in every transaction. In addition, you can list up to 40 items at a time on the AH. Finally, the items not sold can be picked up in the Postal Courier. 


Zen Market in Neverwinter Online

The second way of getting Refined Astral Diamonds is selling items from the Zen Market on the same Auction House. You can get all types of items in the Zen Market located in the Grand Emporium, Protector’s Enclave. To purchase these items you will need Zen, a special currency can be purchased on the Astral Diamond Exchange or with real-world money. Once you have these articles, you can offer them in the Auction House and obtain Astral Diamonds in return.

The third way is selling Zen in the Astral Diamond Exchange. This is a special occasion where the players can exchange their currencies, Zen and Astral Diamonds. The minimum rate in this exchange process is 1 Zen per 50 Astral Diamonds, and the maximum rate is 1 Zen per 750 Astral Diamonds. Players can make 5 offers at the time and no more than 5,000 Zen each. Finally, players can withdraw both currencies from their personal wallets but they can’t deposit directly what they have earned. In addition, some players can receive tips from other players. 

Selling idols, such as the Jeweled idol. You can trade this item visiting the Relic Dealer, very close to the Market in Protector's Enclave. You can exchange this type of idols for a large amount of Astral Diamonds. 

The fifth way is converting other currencies in AD. And as with most currencies, there are some that are better than others. Talking about Gold, you can get Gold Bars from the vendors in the Marketplace. Like many other products, you can resell them in the Auction House and get really good money. You can use this method with Celestial Coins and Guild Marks too.

The final way is buying directly on this website, Seller And Friends. Like you can read above, it is a very simple process and in a matter of minutes you will have the amount of Astral Diamonds you have in your personal wallet. 

What to spend the Astral Diamond on?

Many special items in the world of Neverwinter have to be buyed from vendors who are spread in all the corners of the land. For example, the Wondrous Bazaar is a special store where you can purchase goods just with Astral Diamonds. You can access Wondrous Bazaar talking with Wylandar Ilmarin, who is the owner of this store. She is outside the Seven Suns Coster Market, very close to the Market, in Protector's Enclave. In Wondrous Bazaar you can only buy items and not sell them. You can get a good profit selling items here. Also, you can talk with Rhix, another NP character, and sell him some VIP items (horse, for example) in exchange for Astral Diamonds. 

Many of these items are not exchangeable for gold, and they are often high quality items. 

In addition, and as we mentioned before, you can use the Refined Astral Diamonds to buy different items in the Auction House. Most of the players ask in exchange for their items Astral Diamonds, no Gold, so it is very important that you inquire the largest amount you can. 

A third option is another we mentioned before, but in reverse, that is to say, you can use your Refined Astral Diamonds to buy Zen on the Astral Diamond Exchange. Remember that the minimum rate in this exchange process is 1 Zen per 50 Astral Diamonds, and the maximum rate is 1 Zen per 750 Astral Diamonds

Also, ADs are very useful to go forward through the Campaign System or any new mod. With this valuable currency, you can purchase a Campaign Completion. Now you have a list of the mainly Campaign Completion Tokens that you should purchase. 

  • The Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Completion 
  • The Maze Engine Campaign Completion
  • The Dreading Campaign Completion
  • The Elemental Evil Campaign Completion
  • The Icewind Dale Campaign Completion
  • The Storm King’s Thunder Campaign Completion. 
  • The Sharandar Campaign Completion
  • The Underdark Campaign Completion

In addition, you can use the Refined Astral Diamonds in certain crafting tasks in any profession in Neverwinter. We know crafting could be a bit of a pain but it is a necessity game experience. For example, to craft a great quality gear with Platesmithing, you will need, in addition to the crafting materials, a certain amount of Astral Diamonds. 


Neverwinter, a MMORPG you have to play right now

Arc Games/Cryptic Studios, hand in hand with Perfect World Entertainment, has brought to us a great video game, a perfect mix between the classic board game, Dungeons & Dragons, and all the vertigo and fun that a game of this style can have. NW is a great experience that has managed to build its own path in a world full of possibilities. Now, for you to travel this road you necessarily will need NW Astral Diamonds. That is the reason for this little guide. 

As you should know, if you are a fan of the MMORPGs in general, if you don't have currencies, resources or any type of money within the game, it will be very difficult to achieve goals, and in NW, Astral Diamond is a very particular important resource. Of course, you can get Astral Diamonds selling any kind of goods, such as crafting materials, gear, equipment, weapons and armors and more in the in game Auction House, exchanging some articles with other players. You can also buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and achieve anything you want, and make sure your path will be completed at the end of your adventure. 


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Regarding this, Sellers and Friends, the website that you are visiting right now, is the best web page where you can buy, even sell, Astral Diamonds, to reach all your goals in the world of Neverwinter. We have the best prices on the web, for this reason buyers prefer us. Don’t waste your time with other people in other platforms, SAF has the best game content and the best services when it comes to virtual currencies. We are waiting for your orders! How many Astral Diamonds do you want? Any question you have, you can contact our team directly or use the live chat. Send us a message all the times you want. We are here to answer all your questions. Join us for updates and keep an eye in all changes, gamers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Neverwinter Astral Diamonds
  1. How do you get Astral Diamonds in the Neverwinter series?

    There are several ways to get Astral Diamond in Neverwinter. Any time you sell a good in the Auction House, you will receive in return ADs. Also, you can exchange them for Zen on the Astral Diamonds Exchange. In addition, you can convert other currencies, such as Gold and Silver, into Astral Diamonds. 

  2. What is the best way to get Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter?

    The most common way, and the fastest, is selling articles and any kind of goods in the Auctions House. All the items that you obtain as a reward, or articles that you have crafted, you can sell them in the AH and get in return some certain amount of Astral Diamonds. 

  3. Can you buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds?

    The answer is yes, this is the point of this service. You can buy NW Astral Diamonds within the game and out the game. Seller and Friends are here to bring you the best deals when it comes to selling Astral Diamonds. Follow the steps and you will not have any problem. 

  4. Are there any bonuses included?

    Yes, with each purchase you made, you will receive bonus credits and a bid price. As this bonus is a percentage of the total, the more you buy, the bigger is the bonus. To have the right to this bonus first you have to create an account on the website of Seller and Friends. 

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