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Welcome to our MapleStory 2 Mesos section dedicated for Paperwood server. You will find here the desired amount of Mesos, that you would like to buy. Waste no more time reading blunt description, and get to the trading!

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Check, how to buy it on Paperwood server:

1. Select the amount of Mesos needed

2. Choose the payment method

3. Fill in the boxes with accurate data

4. Double-check everything

5. If all of the information is OK, continue to the payment.

Once it's done, our employees will come to you to close the deal.

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For all registered accounts there is a bonus. At the beginning you get 1% additional profit from your trades and the more you trade the better bonus you get - up to a 5% total. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account since simply filling the trade form with your contact info works like a registration process, and therefore assigns a bonus to you.

The safety of our users is most important to us. Traders at our website use only legal sources for their income. All currency made by sellers comes from honest work and legal farms. There is no 3rd party program involvement in that process. Over 5,500 happy customers and countless reviews at Trustpilot show that you can trust our users.

Those of you, who need help can seek it at Live Chat. We are online for 24 hours each day of the week. Ask us about anything - we will be happy to provide you a professional guidance on how to solve your problems.

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