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Games should be played for fun, right? You can agree with us that grinding to get the in-game currency is far from fun. You can skip that, save your precious time, and simply buy the Adena that you need for your development. 

And that's exactly what we have here! 

Over 200+ payments


Payments are important in online trade. It needs to be smooth, fast, and cheap.

It is why we started the cooperation with G2A PAY. Thanks to them we can provide you with:

- 200+ payment methods,

- 170+ countries of service,

- 80+ currencies,

- 20+ languages.

A wide array of services for your comfort.

How to buy Lineage 2 Adena

Do you want to buy some Lineage 2 Adena on the Essence Ruby server? Follow these steps:

  1. Select the amount of Adena needed or how much money are you willing to spend.
  2. Provide us with the contact information. Check everything twice!
  3. Check your order's preview.
  4. Choose the payment method.
  5. Complete the payment.
  6. Wait for the Live Agent to come to you, and give you further instructions.

the fastest lineage 2 adena delivery on the Internet

Do you know why are we the fastest on the Adena delivery for Lineage 2? It is because we have invented the Live Stock feature, that our competition tries to copy. We trade only the currency that we actually own. By the time you complete the payment, we are ready to transfer it to your account. We don't need to obtain it. 


sellers and friends bonus for registration

You will get something special from us. The moment you register your account on our platform, you will be given a bonus that can go up even to 5% for each transaction. Bonus thresholds are based on the trading volume. So, trade more to get more!

sellers and friends satisfied customers testimonials trustpilot

Trust and legitimacy are the most important thing in online trading business. Can you trust us? 

Of course!

We have hundreds of positive opinions on TrustPilot and thousands of satisfied customers. Read the testimonials and see for yourself. You are our friend, and who would scam a friend?

You can also check your Facebook fanpage.

sellers and friends customer support

Do you need our assistance? Just let us know!

Our Live Agents are here for you, waiting to help you with anything regarding the transaction. 

Is there anything else we can do for you? Do you have any questions or doubts? Let us solve it. 

Leave a comment. Contact us via Live Chat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or email. We will not allow ourselves to leave a customer disappointed. It's not happening on Sellers and Friends. 

We take care of our friends. 

Become a part of our great, online family! And have fun.

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Thats some real gourment shit, trust these guys!
8 July 2021
Now thats some 5 star service, keep it up!
8 July 2021

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