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Do you want to be better? Or maybe you want to be the best?

Mind that all the best players buy in-game currency. You will need every little advantage if you want to be on the top. 

Also, you cannot fight for top ranks or face the raid bosses and grind for Adena at the same time. These two things don't go together. 

Over 200+ payments


How do you like your payments? Fast? Troublefree? In your language? We've got it all here! 

Thanks to the cooperation with G2A PAY we've got access to:

- more than 200 payment methods,

- over 170 countries of delivery,

- 80+ currencies from all around the world,

- 20 languages.

It has never been smoother.

How to buy Lineage 2 Adena

Do you want to buy some Lineage 2 Adena on the Red server? Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the amount of Adena that will satisfy your needs or the amount of money you can spend on it.
  2. Type in the contact information.
  3. Double-check the order's preview if everything is correct.
  4. Select the payment method.
  5. Proceed with the payment.
  6. Allow our Live Agent to guide you through the rest of the process.

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The best place for buying Lineage 2 Adena - Essence Rose

live stock sellers and friends fastest adena delivery

Everything needs to be faster these days. It is why you can have your freshly bought Lineage 2 Adena on the Essence Rose server in no time! 

The delivery of Adena takes us no more than a minute in most cases. Can you go faster? We don't think so.

invitation bonus

Lightspeed delivery is what you will like the most but it's not everything that you can find here. 

Did you notice something special after the registration? It's our registration bonus. The more you trade, the more it will grow up to 5% on every transaction. 

safety sellers and friends testimonials

Safety first! 

Security is what you will see us paying close attention to. Check out all the opinions about our services on TrustPilot, Facebook, or here in the comments section. Since you are our friend from the moment of registration, you are home safe here. 

customer support sellers and friends

You will get help with whatever you need. From the second of registration up until the moment you dump gaming for good. 

Our Live Chat support will be here waiting for you to approach and allow us to solve your problems, answer your questions, and fix your issues. 

Time is one of these resources that humanity can't produce. We only have it limited, and it is our duty to use it to the fullest. 

Meaning, we can't waste it. Not even a second. 

So what are you doing now? Why are you reading these words instead of buying Lineage 2 Adena on Essence Rose server

Come on, chop chop! Your enemies won't wait for you to gear up. 

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