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Where did you start your journey through the Final Fantasy 14 world? Was it Zalera? If yes, then we have great news for you! You can provide yourself with Gil. However, if you chose other server, worry not! We provide for them also. Look around our website and be our guest.

Over 200+ payments


Use one of plenty payment processors we have at our disposal via G2A PAY:

- 200+ payment methods,

- 170+ countries,

- 20 languages. 

How to get Final Fantasy 14 on Zalera via Sellers and Friends?

Nobody is as simple as us:

1. Decide on the amount of Gil you wanna buy. Alternatively, you can decide how much money you want to spend on it

2. Fill in the form, we provide you with

3. Double-check the correctness of the data

4. If everything is O. K., proceed with the payment

5. Once the payment is done, let our agent guide you through the rest of the process.

Boom! Your Zalera FF14 account just got richer.

The world is in a constant hurry. Everything is adapted to be faster, smoother, and more convenient. We follow this trend. The delivery on our platform will take no more than 120 seconds. How is that possible? It's thanks to our Live-Stock. We do not sell, what we're not holding.

You will experience our appreciation, once you register you new Sellers and Friends account. We will give you a 1% bonus right from the start, and allow it to grow up to a stunning 5% extra to every transaction! 

The first thing that every trader checks on an e-commerce platform, is the safety. It's not the price, the availability of goods, or delivery time. It's the certainty, that the resources acquired will be 100% delivered. We have as many as 5,500 satisfied traders already, and most of them posted a positive feedback on Facebook and TrustPilot.

As befits the online e-commerce trading platform aspiring to be the best in the business, we have a Live Chat support available whole day, whole week, that will help you with any of your needs and requests regarding the website.

No need for you to struggle or grind! Propel your Final Fantasy 14 career with some fresh Gil transferred to your Zalera account. Why would you willingly stay behind your competition? We outclass our rivals in the e-commerce, you should outclass your FF14 opponents as well! They will not wait for you to grind to their level. They have already decided to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil.

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