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The Gil purchase on our platform is ultra safe, ultra fast, and ultra comfortable, pairing up extremely well with the FF14 Ultros server name. We do our best to be the platform that is standing out and adapting to gaming environment. We play games ourself, which makes us the perfect trade partners for gamers.

Over 200+ payments


We chose to work with G2A PAY just for our traders good. It offers:

- more than 200 payment methods,

- availability in over 170 countries,

- 20+ languages.

How does one pruchase FF14 Gil on Ultros?

Can it get easier than this?

1. Choose the amount of Gil you need

2. Select payment method

3. Fill in the contact from

4. Check if all of the information is correct

5. If you have any suggestions or requirements, type them in the message box

6. Finish the payment

7. Wait for our worker to guide you through the rest of the deal.

We’re working 18 hours per day and if you order during this time window, we will deliver your Gil in just two minutes! You don’t have to wait for your goods when you buy from us.

We offer a bonus to active traders. You get extra 1% order value just for creating an account. Then, as you continue buying and/or selling it can go up to 5%. It’s definitely worth to stay with us for longer!

Over 5,500 customers have already trusted us. Check out our Facebook and TrustPilot reviews to see all the positive feedback that we’re getting. Choose a reliable provider, buy your Gil from us!

We have a 24/7 Live Chat! If you have any questions, just use it to contact our support. The staff members are ready to offer you any assistance that you might need!

Is there anything left stopping you from enjoying your GIl trades on Sellers and Friends? Let us know! Leave your feedback wherever you like, we'll read it and do the best efforts to make it right. We'd like you to be happy with your trades, so that you keep coming back to us, and maybe recommend us to your friends.

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