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Sargatanas Gil

Did you start your adventure with Final Fantasy XIV on Sargatanas server? We have a piece of good news for you! If you ever come in need of Final Fantasy Gil, we will gladly provide it for you. Cheap, fast, and safe! Have some for yourself.

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How to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil?

Looking to buy some Sargatanas Gil in Final Fantasy 14? Follow the steps below:

  1. Pick an amount from our stock
  2. Select prefered payment method
  3. If you have something to inform us about, leave a message 
  4. Verify your contact information and order preview
  5. Make the payment
  6. If everything is in order click “Send Order” and our live agent will guide you through the rest of the trade. 
    We don’t have the amount of GIl you’re looking for? Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as we have it

Two minutes delivery time during business hours is something, that our competitors are jealous about. Outside of work hours, it still takes no more than 24 hours. Are you tired of waiting? Don't be! Come to us!

We give to all registered users a minimum of 1% bonus to every deal, which can grow up to 5%, if you stay with us long enough and keep trading. Stay loyal and get more.

As in every e-commerce, here at SellersAndFriends we take care of our customers safety. The more trust, the better trading experience. As of now, more than 5,500 traders have trusted us, and we delivered. You can be one of them! 

The Live Chat support has helped hundreds of players already. None of them was left unsatisfied. Myriads of problems solved have built the trust everybody needs. See it for yourself at our TrustPilot.

Enjoy your time on Sargatanas with your freshly purchased Gil, that you buy for Final Fantasy 14 on Sellers and Friends. Tell your friends about us. Don't make them miss these offers.

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