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Ragnarok Gil

Whoever surfed the Internet, should know what Ragnarok is. It's the Final Fantasy 14 server, by far the most popular one. What would it take for a man to think it's an MCU movie or nordic mythology apocalypse? Nonsense. It's only FF14 that matters, and buying Gil on this server is vital to reach the top. 

Over 200+ payments


How would you like to pay for Ragnarok Gil? With G2A PAY you have plenty of options:

- 200+ payment methods,

- 170 countries,

- 20+ local languages available.

How to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil on Ragnarok?

Looking for some Gil to buy on Sellers and Friends? Piece of cake:

  1. Pick a payment method
  2. Select the amount of Gil you want to buy or money you want to expend
  3. Review the contact details
  4. Verify information in the order preview
  5. If everything seems to be in order, hit the “Send Order” button 
    Our live agent will guide your through the rest of the transaction.

It takes only up to 120 seconds to deliver the Gil to your Ragnarok account! If you make an order during our 18-hours business hours, you’ll receive your goods almost instantly!

Stay with us for longer to make the trading even more profitable. You get 1% bonus trade value just for registering an account on our site. As you continue trading with us, it may come up to 5%!

Many reviews about our platform keep coming from our satisfied customers. They can be found on our Facebook page and TrustPilot. 5,500 individual traders prove that we are absolutely legitimate.

Sometimes something can go wrong on our platform, just like everywhere. This is where our Live Chat support comes into play. Ask any questions so we can solve those problems together. It’s available 24/7.

Ragnarok will be no threat for you if you gear yourself up properly. To do it in the most efficient way you may want to buy some Final Fantasy 14 Gil on the Ragnarok server. Good news - we provide Gil on all FF14 servers. Have some for yourself. 

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