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For many new players it can be hard to get to much wanted level of play fast without having to grind for hours. For some players it may be considered a waste of life. Don't waste your life anymore! Skip the grind and buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil on Mateus.

Over 200+ payments


What about a riddle? Do you know, what that is:

- 200+ payment methods,

- 170+ countries of delivery,

- 20+ languages,

- 80+ available currencies,

- user friendly?

Ring a bell? It's G2A PAY! And it happens that we have it here.

How to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil safely?

If you are looking to buy Gil fast follow these six steps:

  1. Pick the quantity of FF14 Mateus Gil you wish to buy
  2. Check the contact details
  3. Continue by clicking “Go to checkout”
  4. Verify the contact information and transaction details in the order preview
  5. Choose a payment method
  6. Live agent will lead you through the rest of the trade.

Sellers and Friends are experienced in the in-game currency trading industry. We know what's the most important - it's time! We deliver in the fastest way in the business. It's only 120 seconds. See for yourself.

Moreover, we have the richest trade bonus in the industry. Every purchase that you make will give you 1% more from the beginning, going up to a maximum of 5%. Loyalty is highly appreciated.

We know how important safety is for our customers. Many players doubt the e-commerce honesty. We resolve everything with hundreds of feedback reviews, stacked TrustPilot, and Facebook page. Transactions at Sellers and Friends are safe and sound, according to our loyal clients.

All this busy-work requires a hefty amounts of time and turns a game into a full-time job. But SellersAndFriends customer service allow you to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil and save players from grind so that they can enjoy the game.

We do our best to provide you with the quality service, but we're only humans and also machines and servers can crash from time to time. If anything bothers you while you're trying to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil on Mateus server, or any other offer, please let us know.

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