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Lich Gil

Lich is one of the Final Fantasy XIV server. Thousands of players are spending their time there, grinding for hours to get so much wanted Gil. You don't have to! If you have enough resources to spend or no time to lose, be invited to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil on Lich here at Sellers and Friends.

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What's stopping you now?

How to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil on Lich server?

Buying Gil on Lich server is as easy as it can be:

  1. Select the payment method
  2. Type in the quantity of Gil you would like to have or amount of cash you'd like to spend
  3. Verify the details in our contact form
  4. Check the order preview
  5. If all is accurate, move on with the trade and our live agent will guide you.

The delivery is faster than your thoughts! We get the product to you within 120 seconds during working hours. It is our Live-Stock which you can check if the commodity is available at any given moment. You will never have to wait long enough to get impatient.

Grab your 1% extra bonus for registration! Creating an account grants you the bonus already and it can go up to 5% extra added to the trade! 

Safety is one of the biggest concerns in this business. Over the years we have gained hundreds of positive reviews at Facebook page, TrustPilot, and we delivered to more than 5,500 customers

As opposed to the competition, we do not leave you all on your lonesome after the deal is done. The Live Chat support will take care of your needs at any time.

We are full of hope, that we answered all of your questions. If not, feel contact us by the email, Facebook, Twitter, or in any other way. We are awaiting your feedback, as the satisfied client is the greatest reward in this business.

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