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Gilgamesh Gil

Gilgamesh Gil might sound funny, but it's a real deal. Whoever want to be respected at the top fo the server in battle and PvP struggle, has to consider a purchase of FF14 Gil. It is why we provide players with the currency. Wherever the player needs some boost, we are there to provide. 

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Pay using whatever tool you like! With G2A PAY you have:

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- delivery to 170+ countries,

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You couldn't suspect, how easy will it get. 

Wondering how to buy Gilgamesh currency?

Buying Gil on Final Fantasy 14 Gilgamesh server has never been easier!

1. Select the amount of Gil that you need

2. Provide us with required information

3. Decide on a payment method

4. Check if everything is correct with your order in the preview

5. Complete the payment

6. Let our agent lead you through the rest of the way.

The Gil will be delivered to your account in just two minutes! Make sure that you place your order during our business hours every day. Buy from us and you won’t be forced to wait for your Gil!

Sign up, and you will get extra 1% bonus value of your transactions. What's more, it will only go up as you trade more! You can get up to 5% bonus on our website!

Be a part of over 5,500 satisfied customers community! You can see all the good reviews Facebook and TrustPilot. In this business there are many scammers and illicit traders. Avoid that risk - get your Gil from a trusted seller.

Our Live Chat support will make sure that your transactions goes just right. They are available 24/7 so don't worry - they will be there to help you with anything regarding our service. 

Our crew will be delighted to know, that you are satisfied with your trade. We are doing our best to ensure, that your experience with trading Gil on Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy XIV goes without any troubles. 

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