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Final Fantasy XIV is definitely far from any exodus. To this day, millions of players all around the world are enjoying themselves playing the game. If you are one of them, and Exodus is your server, you may want to enrich yourself with Gil. Here we are to provide you with the currency.

Over 200+ payments


Pay for you trade using of of 200+ G2A PAY payment methods. 

It is available in over 170 countries and 20+ languages. Every player will find something for himself.

Don't you know how to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil on Exodus server?

Just follow these instructions:

1. Choose the amount of currency you are willing to buy

2. Fill in the form

3. Select payment method

4. Check if everything is correct - the amount, the email address, etc.

5. If nothing raises your doubts, continue with the payment

6. Wait for live agent to take you to the end of the deal.

Almost instant delivery which takes less than 120 seconds during business hours. We are online for 18h every day, ready to send you your goods. If you catch us outside of working hours, you can expect to get your order within the same day as our trades never lasts longer than 24 hours.

We also have a special gift for you. 1% bonus for every transaction that you make will arrive on your account after the registration process is finished. On top of that users who trade often can raise this benefit up to a 5%. In fact, you don’t even need to register at all. Filling the trade form with your contact info during your first exchange will make an account for you and therefore you will receive a bonus.

We value the safety of our users above all else. Over 5,500 customers can prove that trades made at our website are the safest way to buy and sell in game currency. Every source of in game goods made by our users is analyzed to prove that there is no illegal or 3rd party gold made by sellers. You are always safe when buying at our site.

Those of you who seek help from a professional, can head over to our Live Chat. Our support team waits for your questions 24 hours 7 days a week. As they specialize in games and currency trades, you can expect quick help with your concerns.

Have fun playing on Exodus server. Final Fantasy 14 has millions of fans around the globe, and it will problably never die as a game, unless the developers will do something crazy. Let us hope that they will not, and you will be able to come back to Sellers and Friends to buy more Final Fantasy 14 Gil on Exodus.

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