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As mythological Cerberus had three heads, we have three things for you - safety, speed and tons of Gil. Let nothing stop you from getting the best possible Final Fantasy 14 Gil trades out there. We are leaders in the Gil trading business with a lot of credit from the gaming community.

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Do you want to know how to buy Gil in Final Fantasy 14 Cerberus server?

Follow these directions:

1. Select the desired amount of Gil; alternatively you can set the amount of cash you're willing to spend

2. Type in the contact details

3. Type in the message to us, if you think there is something requiring our attention

4. Make the payment

5. Wait for our agent to contact you.

Could it be any easier?

The Gil will be delivered to your account in just 120 seconds! As long as you place your order during our 18 working hours every day. Buy from us and you won’t have to wait for your currency!

Create an account, and you will get extra 1% value of your orders. Moreover, it will only grow as you keep trading! You can get up to 5% bonus on our site!

Join over 5,500 satisfied customers! You can check all the positive reviews that we got on Facebook and TrustPilot. This business is full of scammers and shady traders, don’t take that risk - get your Cerberus Gil from a trusted source.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support. 24/7 Live Chat is here for you at all times. We’re happy to help!

Do you need us to shed some more light on how to buy Final Fantasy Gil on Gerberus? We believe that we've explained everything already, but if you still didn't decide on your purchase then there is something holding you back. Allow us to resolve these doubts for you to enjoy the best Cerberus Gil deals. 

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