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Adamantoise Gil

Have you signed into the Adamantoise server of Final Fantasy XIV? If it was your place of choice to play the legendary MMO, then let us invite you to buy some Adamantoise Gil. We provide Gil for every FF14 server, including Adamantoise.

Over 200+ payments


We have:

- more than 200 payment methods,

- in over 170 countries of delivery,

- 80+ currencies,

- 20+ languages, available locally.

It's G2A PAY!

How to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil on Adamantoise?

It as easy as can be. You only have to follow these steps:

1. Select the amount of Gil you're interested in, or the amount of cash you want to spend

2. Choose the payment option

3. Input and verify your contact details

4. Check if everything is accurate in the order preview

5. Complete the payment.

After these steps are done, wait for our live agent to come you and help you finish the trade. 


Time is precious, especially when it comes to monetary resources. This is why our services will be there for you 18 hours every day. How long does it take for FF14 Gil to arrive to your Adamantoise account? A few hours, an hour? No. It will take about 120 seconds after your payment.

Sign up, and receive a 1% bonus to every transaction. This bonus will increase to 5% bonus if you continue trading with us. Everything is clear cut here, and there is no additional requirements other than just trading.

Positive reviews about our website can be found all over the internet. Most notable and plentiful can be found on our Facebook page and TrustPilot. With over 5,500 individual customers, you will surely be able to decide for yourself if transactions between you and us are absolutely legitimate.

It’s important to know what to do when difficulties and problems arise. We’re here to help you if something like that happens. Let us know anything through our Live Chat support, which is available 24/7.

Getting rich in the MMORPG game is important. In-game currency brings you closer to the desired level and items. The more Gil you have in Final Fantasy XIV, the more powerful you are. You can grind your way towards the end game, or you can skip these stages with a smart purchase.

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30 January 2020

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