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It's been two years already since the Battlestate Games blessed us with early access to Escape from Tarkov. The insanely realistic, hardcore looter shooter gained increasing popularity and hype, especially in the past few days. No wonder that many players want to boost their performance, buying the in-game currency - roubles, dollars, and euros, with the latter being the scarcest. 

NOTE for patch 0.12.9 After Wipe: Please make sure you are at least level 10 and 110k RUB in inventory to receive the EFT RUB through FLEA Market (changed at patch 0.12.9)

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How to buy Escape from Tarkov euros?

  1. Please make sure you are at least level 10 to receive the EFT EUR through FLEA Market (changed at patch 0.12.9)
  2. Select the amount of currency you want to buy, or money you want to spend
  3. Fill in the form with your accurate contact information
  4. Verify the data (euros amount, email address, etc.)
  5. Make the payment
  6. After the payment is through, our agent will approach you and help you close the deal.

Beware! Due to the high fraudulence risk and illicit practices we faced in the past, we don't guarantee any refund.

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Buying from us is 100% safe and secure. Check out the community opinions on TrustPilot and Facebook. Over 5,500 satisfied customers is a sign that our content is incomparable, and you don't need to search for the trusted seller anymore.

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As a reliable seller, we have the best possible community support online. Live Chat available for you 24/7 will help you with everything regarding trades and using the website.

What is Euros in EFT?

It is one of the three currencies available for the player to use and trade for specific items. Escape from Tarkov puts a high emphasis on realism. Thus, the main Russian currency - Roubles - is not always the only one. As it usually happens in harsh times, traders, smugglers, and fences prefer to trade for "hard currency." It is secure, and guarantees more stability, than the local one. It was the clearest in the Eastern Europe right after the World War II, where Dollars were forbidden, unwanted, yet coveted. The same thing happens in EFT. The main, the most popular currency are still Roubles, but some dealers will still trade for Dollars and Euros. We don't know, why did the Battlestate Games decided to make EFT Euros the hardest currency to get, but probably they have had some reason behind it.

How to get Escape from Tarkov Euros?

Contrary to Roubles and Dollars, you cannot get Euros by selling items to a trader. It makes them the hardest one to get. You can, of course, loot them, just like any other money in EFT. However, when it comes to trading, the requirements are the highest. You can obtain Roubles and Dollars technically from the start, by looting and trading. In order to buy EFT Euros, you need to have good relations with Skier (Loyalty Level 2). It means that you need to complete a few quests first. 

What do you need Euros for in EFT?

At Loyalty Level 4, Skier can sell the weapon case, which is worth around 8,3k Euros. Since you are able to buy Euros from Skier at an exchange rate of 1:107, the case is worth around 888k Roubles. It takes up to 10 stash slots with 50 slots inside of it.

Also, max level Therapist (level 4) can sell you the items case for around 12,185 Euros (more than 1,3kk roubles). The case requires 16 stash slots and has 64 slots. On top of that, the Therapist can give you a money case for gold chains and a watch. The case takes 6 stash slots with 32 slots inside.

Euros are used as well to trade with the Mechanic, mostly for buying the Glock 17/18 and clips.

Buy Escape from Tarkov Euros

Money can solve most of the problems both in the game and in real-life. Many players share the same point of view when it comes to EFT currency. Euros are required for numerous actions and purchases, and they are not as accessible as Roubles, or even Dollars. No wonder that a lot of people want to simply buy them from others. Who knows, maybe you're a beginner looter, and you don't know the ins and outs of raids? Or you don't have much free time daily to farm effectively? Buying EFT Euros is for you, then. 

Here at Sellers and Friends, you can buy any amount of EFT Euros that is available. Thanks to the Live Stock, you can see for yourself how much Euros do we have, and the actual price of it. We're in the business for a couple of years now. Our trades are safe and secure. We intend to be the best seller online with the highest quality level of services. If you choose to buy the money or an item from us, you will not regret. If you are happy with your trade, please share a word about us here, on TrustPilot, among your online friends - we'd appreciate any piece of feedback.

Don't forget to check our other content, as we provide for many more games than just Escape from Tarkov. If there is any online game popular in the community, there is a good chance that we have its currency for sale. Search for it, and as you choose to buy it, follow the simple trade steps. In case you are not sure of something, please ask our Live Chat support for help. 

We hope you'll stay with us for longer. Sellers and Friends - the best Escape from Tarkov content online.

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