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NOTE for patch 0.12.9 (After Wipe): Please make sure you are at least level 10 and 110k RUB in inventory to receive the EFT RUB through FLEA Market 

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How to buy Escape from Tarkov Dollars?

It's simple, definitely more straightforward than escaping the ruined city of Tarkov. Just follow these steps:

  1. Please make sure you are at least level 10 and 110k RUB in inventory to receive the EFT USD through FLEA Market (changed at patch 0.12.9 After WIPE)
  2. Select the amount of EFT Dollars that you need or amount of your Dollars that you want to spend
  3. Fill in the form with accurate contact information; if you don't have an account, it will be created
  4. Double-check if everything is correct. If yes, proceed with the payment
  5. Once the money is through, wait for our agent to come to you and lead you through the remainder of the process.

Make sure to review every info, as we do not guarantee the refund. 

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In Escape from Tarkov, Roubles are the basic currency, but you will need some other types of money too. Learn, how to get them.

How to get Escape from Tarkov Dollars?

There are a couple of ways of obtaining significant amounts of money in the Battlestate Games title. The basic one is looting. As befits the abandoned, destroyed city overrun by scavengers, mercs, and many other shady individuals, there will be money left behind. People were leaving Tarkov in a hurry. They've had a choice - keep their money or their lives. During your raids in EFT locations, you will search through countless safes, cases, and wherever the money can be held.

You can loot the "raw" currency in all maps, but you also need to keep in mind that items looted are worth Dollars as well.

When you have a quest that requires you to turn in particular items (weapons, for instance), it means weapons themselves. Thus, there is nothing wrong with disassembling them and turning them in "naked" to sell the attachments separately. It will create an additional income, which is always worth it.

What can be Dollars used for?

A plethora of hardcore items can be bought for the primary EFT currency, which are Roubles. It should not be much of a surprise that in Russia it's the Russian currency, that is the most widespread. However, due to the obvious economic mechanisms, there is room for foreign money. Some western traders will naturally prefer to sell for the hard currencies, which are Dollars and Euros.

You can't buy everything with just Roubles. However, you can purchase Dollars with Roubles. It makes getting them a lot easier. The exchange rate is not that great (some Reddit posts say it's theft), but it's by far the most accessible way of collecting some western currency.

There are items that you will need. Period. Especially the medicals and ammo. You can loot some of these, but it's way too unreliable to base the whole tactic on it. Also, if you don't have any of these right now, you can't expect yourself to do fine during a raid. You can risk going in naked, but the likelihood of succeeding decreases rapidly if you have no meds and guns. In the end, the decision is still up to you, but there is a universal rule that in order to have a lot of money, you need to learn how to save them.

The Peacekeeper

This dealer is the key to Dollars trading. You can get the currency from him in exchange for Roubles, sell items for Dollars, and buy exceptionally good equipment from him. He offers western/NATO gear, which (sadly for all Russophiles) is better than the eastern, post-soviet one.

The common rule about the Escape from Tarkov traders is that you need to gain their loyalty in order to secure the best trades and unlock the most wanted stock. It should not be a surprise. In a land of chaos and despair, everything has its price, and the better the piece of equipment is, the more it costs, and we don't mean Dollars alone. EFT intends to be as realistic as possible, not only in terms of survival elements, mechanics, or gear but also the interactions. Traders will not trust the stranger right away. In all survival games (maybe except the infamous Fallout 76), whoever owns something valuable becomes the target. And the dealer stash is impressive.


How to level up the Peacekeeper?

To level up the trader in Escape from Tarkov, you need to gain the reputation and the turnover. You also need to reach a certain level. For the Peacekeeper, it's:


Loyalty level

Required level

Required Reputation

Required turnover













Reaching the Peacekeeper's loyalty level 2 requires you to hit level 10 on your character. That's pretty straightforward. Later on, however, you will need some quests and a lot of selling. Remember, that sometimes making deals with one trader lowers the reputation with another one. In the case of the Peacekeeper, working for him will make the Jaeger dislike you. Keep that in mind if you are planning to land some deals with the hunter guy.


There are many questions players ask on how to reach the turnover threshold for Peacekeeper loyalty. There are a few tricks to do that efficiently:

- using Roubles to buy Dollars- it counts towards the money spent; by many, it is referred to as the best way of leveling the polish dealer,

- disassemble looted weapons - selling attachments to the Peacekeeper is an easy way to earn Escape from Tarkov money, and increase the sales volume,

- sell blue junk to him - unlike Prapor, he will not buy from you every low value item that you can find,

- buy IFAKs - these are probably the most efficient medkits available in the game. Not only will they provide you with much-needed survivability, but they will also count towards the sales volume,

- sell guns you are not planning to use - just keep in mind to remove any Russian ammo and the chambered round before you go for the sale.


With all that in mind, you should get enough loyalty from the Peacekeeper. To be fair, it's quite peculiar to choose such a nickname for a weapon merchant, but… we're not here to judge. We're here to deliver the content to our gamers community, and sell some EFT Dollars.


If you liked the article, or the trade, please, make sure to leave some kind of a feedback and join our joyful community. It's free, but it means much to us. It is the best gaming market in the world for buying games currency. 


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