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Are you a Pathfinder in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, searching for a way to survive in the middle of loneliness, crossing the stars and with an eye in the horizons? Are you looking for the best way to make your way through the Milky Way and to live with everything in this narrative? Then, it is totally necessary that you get credits (Cr), the legal currency, the real money in the Universe of Elite Dangerous. Start the engine of your starship, begin your journey!

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Elite Dangerous Credit Trading on SellersAndFriends

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In Sellers and Friends, we are using the fastest and the safest method of delivery. But please, be advised that every transaction made with a third-party website like ours is against the games terms of service and might result in account termination, therefore Sellers and Friends do not take responsibility for any suspensions resulting after the currency is delivered.

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Each transaction offers a 1% bonus from the start. A registration is needed for you to get it. It had never been easier! If you trade a lot, the bonus may even reach as much as 5%! It's not something to sneeze at.

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SellersAndFriends is the most secure market for online games currency. We are verified top sellers with high experience in the trade. Elite Dangerous credit is one of our best products. Do not wait any more and choose the cheapest hand-made silver today.

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If you are looking for cheap Elite Dangerous Credits our help center will provide you through the whole process. Just set your order and open live chat! We also provide service in games like Final Fantasy XIV or MapleStory 2.

Buy Elite Dangerous Credits - What is the most important?

Elite Dangerous is a MMORPG and a simulation video game developed by Frontier Developments that was released in 2013. This company has brought to us this marvelous video game, with a great concept art and visual language for you and all the gamers who are space adventures and are interested in expanding the normal frontiers of any MMORPGs. Now the travel is infinite and beyond. 

As you should know, to survive in the galaxy of Dangerous Credits you need all the credits you can get. And we know it is not easy to obtain them. Almost all the economy within the game is created by the players, so generating your own resources is more than important.

All the services and goods within Elite Dangerous are valued in Credits. The Credits has been the virtual currency in the Milky Way for centuries, also the Credits have a great backup by the interstellar banks, such as the Bank of Zaonce, and universal conglomerates. 98% of the human civilizations spread across the galaxy use Credits as a payment method. 

If you need to hire a special service, such as Refuel the ship, Repair the Ship, Restock the ship’s weapons, Shipyard, Outfitting, Mission Board, the Remote Workshop, purchase and sold in the Commodities Market, get access the Passenger Lounge or make contacts, you have to have these credits in your bank account. 

For such purposes, you also can have a physical ‘Credit Pack’, which works like a storage for a certain amount of Credits. These Packs are available through the Banks, but many times these Packs are considered suspicious and, in general, they are used as a gift card.  

In addition, the micro-credits are another important currency you have to learn to use. 1 credit equals 100 micro-credits. Mini-credits are very useful for small transactions, form transactions between civilians.  


You are in the right place to get all the Credits you want!

And let us tell you that you are so lucky! you have arrived at the best site on the web where to find all the Elite Dangerous credits you need, you have arrived at Seller and Friends. Here, in SAF, you can purchase any kind of products, even credits, to make your trip through the galaxy even easier. 

Here, on our website, we are professionals when we are talking about buying items on our platform. We care about the safety in all the process of buying or selling credits and other currencies. We check everyday that all our suppliers comply with the standards of quality that all our customers need. Also, you can check the report of each of the transactions, the comments and decide by yourself. 


How does the process work?

First of all, you have to create an account on our site, configure your payment method and start looking. If you create an account, you will have some special offers, such as discounts and bonuses. When you do the research, a product listing will appear in front of your eyes. That is the list of all offers of goods that we have on our website. All the suppliers have the property of their respective items and goods, we are just intermediaries between you and the supplier. But, as we mentioned above, we are totally engaged with the transparency of the process, and that both parties benefit from the operation. 

Now, it is up to you to decide what is the best offer in the list. At the same time, you can check the references of all the previous customers who have left about the suppliers in our page. On our website we have a ranking system. All the ranks work according to the performance of the transactions in the page and the veracity of the offers and profiles. In addition, you can check all our reviews of hundreds of happy customers that, just like you, decided to get their Elite Dangerous credits here, in Sellers and Friends. 

In addition, you can select, from time to time, some special offers that we have for you. Just click over the icon of ‘Special Offers’ and select the one that you think is the best for you. The circumstances that you will find in Sellers and Friends are the best in all the Internet.

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Customers Reviews (4)

Average rating: 3 Based on 8 votes
Got credits on spot, perfect service and nice Agents
9 June 2021
Got everything with a bonus to the frist order nice!
21 May 2021
perfect delivery, quite long but that was my fault
25 March 2021
Fast and steady trade will do again
11 February 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

elite dangerous credit faq
  1. What is the fastest way to get Credits in Elite Dangerous?

    Some of the most effective ways to get Elite Dangerous Credits is buying directly with real money from real people on our platform, Seller and Friends. Doesn´t matter the level you have in the game, you will have your Credits in a matter of minutes, no delays and directly in your account.

  2. How much is a credit worth in Elite Dangerous?

    Credit is one of the most important features in the universe of Elite Dangerous. With credits you can repair the ships, go for the frontier first encounters and get access to all the services in the star systems. All the accounts of all members should have a thousands and thousands of Credits. 

  3. Can you buy Elite Dangerous Credits?

    Yeah, of course. In our platforma, Sellers and Friends you can buy Elite Dangerous Credits and everything you need to achieve your goals in the space. Just fill out the form with your data and in less than a minute you will have an answer and all the credits you buyed in your account.  

  4. Are there any bonuses included?

    Yes, with each purchase you made, you will receive bonus credits. As this bonus is a percentage of the total, the more you buy, the bigger is the bonus. To have the right to this bonus first you have to create an account on the website of Seller and Friends. 

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