Buy Bloodstone Ruby2 Gold

If for whatever reason you started playing Bloodstone on Ruby2 server, worry not - we've got you covered. Since the release of the game, we're busy buying up the Gold, and we managed to hoard quite a nice stock of that. Feel free to browse our offer, and buy Bloodstone Ruby2 Gold.

Over 200+ payments


Do you know G2A PAY? We just happen to cooperate with them, which gives you:

- 200+ payment methods,

- 170 countries of service,

- 80+ currencies,

- 20+ languages.

- and more.

The best services for the best users.

How to buy Bloodstone Gold on Ruby2 server?

The process is even more simple than the game:

  1. Since you've chosen the server already, type in the amount of gold you need (or money to spend)
  2. Fill in the form with your contact information
  3. Write a Message (if you need to)
  4. Pick the payment method
  5. Check twice if everything is correct in the order preview
  6. Proceed with the payment

Once the money is through, our live agent will come to you and finish the transaction.

Buy Bloodstone Ruby2 Gold at Sellers and Friends

fast delivery time buy Bloodstone Ruby2 Gold

Our delivery time is what differs us from other game currency trading websites. When they are taking orders and looking for the Gold you ordered, we already have it in our Live Stock. From the moment you complete a payment to the moment the currency arrives on your account, is less than 120 seconds on usual. 

bonus gold trade bloodstone

Once you create your account, you'll be given a nice little 1% bonus to every order from then on. The bonus can go up to 5% total after you reach a certain threshold. Not only we save your time, but also we help you earn more trading on Sellers and Friends.

Safety security trade bloodstone gold

Are you afraid to trade online? Here at Sellers and Friends nothing threatens you. You are buying the currency directly from us, and we have no interest in scamming anyone. We are taking all the precaution we can come up with so that your trade goes smooth and undisturbed. A couple thousands of users already trusted us - so should you.

live chat support trade bloodstone gold

Do you need assistance with something? Or maybe you have a bothering question? Don't be afraid - our Live Chat support is here for you to answer the most bunring questions of our users. 

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