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Onix is one of the servers for Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse - a game commonly called "Tibia 2". If you're playing on it, and you want to purchase some Gold, we'll gladly sell it to you. You don't have to grind for hours to afford essential items, especialy if you have a job or other responsibilities. Buying Bloodstone Onix Gold will help you keep up with the top.

Here at Sellers and Friends, we understand well that not everyone has time to grind for days. We also think, that everybody deserves equal chances to rank high. We provide you with that chance, offering you Bloodstone Onix Gold. We think, that your free time is more valuable than money, and although many think that buying Bloodstone Gold is equal to cheating and it kills the essence of MMORPG, we're on the same page. Whenever someone needs a thing, there will be an entity providing the commodity. We're that entity. If you need to buy Bloodstone Onix Gold - be invited.

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How to buy Bloodstone Onix Gold on Sellers and Friends?

If you've decided to become our friend and acquire some Bloodstone Onix Gold, here is what you need to do:

  1. Select the amount of Gold you need to buy, or choose the amount of money you can spend on it
  2. Provide us with your contact information in the form
  3. If there is anything we should know, regarding the trade, type it into the Message box
  4. Pick a payment method of your like
  5. Double-check the order details
  6. If everything is OK, proceed with the payment
  7. As the payment goes through, our live agent will come to you to finish the deal.

Buy Bloodstone Onix Gold on Sellers and Friends

fast delivery bloodstone onix gold

Your Bloodstone Onix Gold is waiting for you in our Live Stock. You can see how much of it do we have, and select carefully how much you would like to buy. Thanks to the system, the delivery will take no longer than two minutes during our business hours. Outside of it, it still takes no more than a few hours. We treat every order individually and with due respect from the smallest ones up to the huge ones. You are all our friends, and you'll be approached to as a friend.

bonus bloodstone gold

We provide a neat 1% bonus upon registration for every user that creates an accoutn on Sellers and Friends. For those of you, who did not do it - we've got you covered. We'll create an account for you upon the transaction. If you keep trading, the bonus will go up to 5%. 

trade security bloodstone onix gold

We all want to be safe and secure during online trade. At Sellers and Friends, we know that trust is everything, which is why we take a good care about it. We keep collecting more and more of the positive feedback from satisfied customers, which you can see on TrustPilot, Facebook, and here in comments section. Also, the cooperation with G2A PAY is a statement by itself. You trade directly with us, not some unknown seller. We're taking the risk for you. 

bloodstone onix gold live chat support

If you still have questions, or you need help, please head straight to our Live Chat support team. It's the little window in the bottom right corner of the website. They'll aid you with everything.

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