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Godfrey is one of the newest servers in ArcheAge Unchained. Where are you in the server's hierarchy? Do you need some help? 

If your answer is "Yes," help yourself. Order some AAU Gold and boost your rankings.

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All payments and transactions on our website are processed by G2A PAY. It gives you:

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Are you in search for ArcheAge Unchained Gold on Godfrey?

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the payment method you prefer
  2. Select the amount of currency you want to buy or how much money you'd like to spend
  3. Fill in your contact information
  4. In the order preview double-check if all the information is correct
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The delivery takes merely a few minutes thanks to our Live_Stock feature. We only trade the commodity that we have. You can see how much currency do we have right now. 

For bigger ArcheAge Unchained Godfrey Gold purchase you'll need to contact our Live Agent.

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Every user will receive a 1% transaction bonus after successful registration on our platform. You don't even have to register - just proceed with a transaction, and we'll create an account for you!

The bonus can go up to 5% if you are trading a lot.

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Our wonderful support team will help you with everything regarding the transaction. They have solved all cases over the years and left no customers unsatisfied.

While you are thinking of all the pros and cons of buying ArcheAge Unchained Gold on Godfrey, your rivals are leveling and gaining more and more advantage. What are you waiting for?

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