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Do you need an additional Gold on ArcheAge Unchained Akmit server? We will gladly provide you with it! The sole purpose of existence of Sellers and Friends is to sell and make friends. And we consider every customer satisfied our friend. Come, join us, feel the comfort of the best gaming trading platform. Be the part of the dopest online community.


Over 200+ payments


The widest array of payments is now available at Sellers and Friends! Thanks to G2A PAY we can provide you with:

- more than 200 payment methods,

- in more than 170 countries,

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The best payments system online is here!

How to buy ArcheAge Gold on Akmit server?

It's not hard! Just follow the steps listed down below:

  1. Decide on payment method 
  2. Type in the amount of ArcheAge Gold you would like to buy; alternatively, you can choose the amount of money you'd like to spend
  3. Verify the fields in our contact form
  4. Check the ArcheAge Gold order preview
  5. If everything is fine, continue with the purchase and the live agent will take you through the process

instant archeage unchained Akmit gold delivery

Our delivery can race with the light! It would lose, but still it'd take less than 120 seconds to get to you. The Live-Stock, that you see is no joke. It is the amount of ArcheAge Unchained Gold we currently have. All of it can be delivered to you almost instantly after the payment is completed. "Seeing is believing." Go check for yourself, if we're lying.

bonus to every gold order

If the rapid delivery time is too much for you, what will you say about a bonus? We give you 1% extra bonus just for the registration, which can reach 5% total bonus after some time and trading. After reading this, you must think we are crazy.

secutre archeage unchained Akmit gold

Caution is a good trait. It prevents us from taking risk. If you are cautious, you should check all of the positive reviews we've managed to accumulate over the years of being online. Our TrustPilot profile and Facebook page are brimming with a feedback from satisfied customers, and we have more than 5,500 of those. There is no reason for you not to be one of them.

awesome live support

Our Live Chat support will help you out with anything regarding our services. They will guide you through all of the steps during the transaction and afterwards for you to feel comfortable about buying ArcheAge Unchained Gold here. They are available for you the whole day, each week, all year long. 

Whether you are a real fan of ArcheAge Unchained or simply a casual MMO player, buying in-game currency is never a loss. You can't go wrong with it. You will find plenty of guides and tips on what to buy, and where to go. Buying gold in ArcheAge Akmit server is only a mean to reach the goal faster than others. 


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