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There has been a consolidation of servers in Aion NA, where players from Ereshkigal server were moved to Katalam. It has drastically increased the level of competitiveness. Thus, if you need an edge over your opposition, or you want to catch up to the top players, you may consider buying Kinah for Katalam.

Sellers and Friends are in the business for a couple of years now, and we know how to handle things. We've been trading online games currencies long ago, and we started as gold farmers. We understand the needs of gamers well, and our website is adjusted to it. You need to be able to trade fast and safe - we've got it. Our security is legit, and we have countless opinions on it. Check our profiles on TrustPilot and Facebook. And the transaction speed? We're unmatched. We have Live Stock fature that shows exactly how much of the currency we have at our disposal. This currency can be transferred in less than 2 minutes after you complete the order. So wait no more, and begin trading!

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How to buy Aion Katalam Kinah?

On our platform it is very easy to purchase Kinah for Katalam:

  1. Select the exact amount of Kinah you need
  2. You can also type in the amount of money to spend
  3. Fill the form with your contact detail
  4. Pick the payment method
  5. Double-check the correctness of the order
  6. Complete the payment
  7. Await our live agent to come and close the deal.


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