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We are full of hope, that you enjoy your time on Danaria, the NA Aion server. We all know that Aion can be gripping and engaging. Some players are stuck in the game for years now, and they regret nothing. If you are one of them, and you want to enhance your performance with a smooth acquisition of Kinah for your Danaria server, you made it to the best place to do so. Sellers and Friends specialize in trading in-game currency for the most popular, modern era MMORPGs. 

We offer you the fastest delivery in the Internet - the deal takes up to 120 seconds during our business hours. You will receive a guaranteed bonus once you register, or make a deal - we'll create an account on your behalf. If there is anything left to do, we have our Live Chat support waiting in the bottom right corner to help you with everything.

How can you tell that we're the best in the business? Just compare us to other websites. Most of them, start to search for the currency you ordered right when you pay them. We have the currency already in our Live Stock. You can see it real time. We don't trade the currency we don't have, although you may order some more of it, and we'll make arrangements. Also, bigger purchases are proceeded on special terms. Ask us on Live Chat, if you need such a trade.

Also, we are not a middleman, we're not a platform where people come to trade with each other. We do not post offers of buying or selling game currency. We are the sellers here. We're professionals, and you make your deal directly with us, which takes away all the risk that online trading involves. If you have a hard time trusting anybody, go ahead and check the opinions of your fellow gamers on our Trustpilot profile and Facebook page. 

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How to buy Aion Danaria Kinah on Sellers and Friends?

It's very simple and intuitive - just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are buying for a correct server (this one is Danaria NA)
  2. Select the amount of Aion Danaria Kinah you want to buy, or the amount of cash you have to spend on it
  3. Input your contact details into boxes, making sure they are accurate
  4. Type in the message in the Message Box, if you feel like there is something we should know
  5. Double Check the order information
  6. Proceed to payment
  7. Once the payment is received by us, we'll contact you to finish the deal.

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