Stormwing is one of the Aion servers that you've chosen to play. We will not tell you if it was a good choice or not, but we can tell you that coming to Sellers and Friends to buy Aion Stormwing Kinah was a perfect decision. Why so?

The answer is simple. Thanks to our business model, we 've practically removed the human factor. You can treat us more in the category of a website to buy in-game currency, not the physical seller, like you can see at our competition. Other platforms can promise you the protection, severe punishment for the scammer, or an insurance (that you need to pay for) - we don't. You are buying Kinah directly from us, as we took the risk of being scammed on ourselves. We are the ones to buy the Kinah from sellers, who farm the currency in game. We pay good money and we check every trading partner that we approach. The currency that we deliver is 100% verified and legit. You don't have to worry about the security - we took care of it. 

Buying the currency from us is the most rewarding our there. Not only do we save your precious time, but we also provide you with a bonus to every transaction, a bonus that you can't miss. Thousands of players already trusted us and became our friends. The Sellers and Friends family keeps growing, and we hope you will join it. You will like it more than your real life family, that is for sure. You real life family will never understand your Aion needs - we do.

How to buy Aion Stormwing Kinah on Sellers and Friends?

Follow these steps, and a fresh stock of Kinah will appear on your Stormwing account:

  1. Choose how much Kinah you wish to buy
  2. Alternatively, type in the amount of cash you have to spend on Kinah
  3. Fill the contact form with your accurate data 
  4. Select on of the payment methods that we have from G2A PAY
  5. Check twice if every information is fine
  6. Complete the payment

Now you will be approached by our Live Agent to finish the deal.


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