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How to buy Aion Kinah?

The process of buying currency for Aion is very simple - here is all that you need to do:

  • Select a server that you are playing on from the dropdown list.
  • Find yourself a payment method that suits your needs.
  • Pick the amount of Kinah to purchase or type how much you are willing to spend.
  • Fill the contact form with the correct information.
  • Check the order preview and confirm that everything is correct.
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All of your orders will be completed in a matter of minutes. We have instant delivery during our business hours, and since we work until the very late hours, you can count on catching us online almost at any given time - even at the weekends! Outside of our working time, we can guarantee that your goods will arrive within a day. Unlike other currency trading websites, the stock that you see at the top of that page has a live update. If you have purchased something at our site, it means that we have it ready for you, and we will be contacting you to finish a trade faster than you think!

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live support

If we still haven't convinced you that it's safe and easy to get Aion Kinah or if you have any questions related to the SellersAndFriends website - you can always contact us on Live Chat Support. We are waiting for your questions and concerns. They will all be resolved in a matter of minutes - just leave us a message.

What is Aion Online?

Aion is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game released in 2008 by NCSoft studio. The title features eleven playable classes and six subclasses that furthermore expand the main professions. The World of Atreia features a neverending war between deadly Asmodians and proud Elyos. A player that joins the game has to deal with ongoing conflict on his own and battle through the forces of darkness.

This title features multiple elements well known from other MMORPG games - Auction House, player's abilities, item's, party system, crafting, mounts quests, and more. It is safe to say that Aion takes a lot from predecessors, but it also implements some fresh elements like the skill chain system, which allows performing powerful combos by using the right skills at the right times. There are loads of content for exploration. As mentioned, the game has been released long ago, and since then, multiple large patches implemented into the game numerous new areas and raised the level cap to the new heights.

In Aion, players can also find the most detailed character creation that allows changing of almost every detail of your adventurer. It is so complex that every character that exists in the game is different, so players can be confident that they won't find a duplicate and that their creations are unique.

Music in the game is very immersive as it allows players to dive into the deep waters of the Aterian world where adventure awaits the bravest of the journeyman. Soothing sounds will envelop you during a walk through the grass fields, mystery voices can be heard on the deep caves, and unexplored ruins and quick beats will raise your heartbeat during the battles. Music is definitely on point, and we can assure you that it is one of the strongest features of this game.

Even after so many years, Aion is still a fantastic title that brings hundreds of thousands of players. If you are looking for a classic MMO experience that will allow you to play the old-school online RPG - make sure to see what Aion has to offer.

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That was amaizing! Instant delivery and super kind service!
4 June 2021
Dunno what to say more than, you need some kinah? go for it theyll even cover all fees!
12 May 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Aion Kinah faq
  1. What should I do after completing payment?

    Wait for the contact of our Live Agent or write to us on the Live Chat. Trades are completed during our business hours.

  2. Do I risk anything when buying currency from this website?

    You do not risk anything. We are also gamers and we know how to trade currency to not get you in trouble. 

  3. How did you acquire currency that you have for sale?

    Currency at our website was made by real players who have been putting real effort to get it. No bots or third party programs were involved in this process.

  4. What I need to do to get a bonus?

    Your bonus is already waiting for you as you create your account - you do not have to do anything besides registration.

  5. How do I increase my bonus?

    You can get up to 5% of additional currency on every purchase. To do that just stick with us and complete multiple trades and we will raise your bonus over time.

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