TERA Gold Farming - get all the precious gold you need!

TERA Gold Farming - get all the precious gold you need!

Your quest in the exiled realms is about to begin. TERA is one of the most popular MMORPG of all time, and it is not due to random factors. When TERA was first launched, some MMO experts agreed that this game could have changed the course of MMORPGs history if it was released some years prior. Truth be told, the combat system is phenomenal, the dungeons are fantastic to complete, and the missions won't ever disappoint you.

The real-time combat system is one of the best we can get these days. Most users believe that to play TERA as it should be done, you may going to need lots of TERA gold. Buying this gold is not an easy task - and getting it will take you some time, that's for sure. This is why today, we are bringing you the best TERA gold farming methods available.

We are Sellers and Friends, a family of hardcore gamers looking to help out all players in their missions of getting the gold they need. One way or another, we will help you achieve that precious currency really fast; it will take you less than you may expect! So buckle up, and let's learn how to farm gold in TERA.


What is TERA Gold?

You already know what gold is. The precious mineral that will leave you stunned just by looking at it also has a significant value that not many people can share. Gold is the principal currency that you will be employing in this marvelous game. In this Gold Farming Guide, Sellers and Friends team will drop amazing details on how to get the shiniest mineral out there. We are not talking about diamonds or crafting iron armors (even though these two things are maybe too important), we refer to the golden rock. It is so important that the TERA gold buy is a widely known process that players all over the world do so they can actually enjoy everything that this amazing MMORPG has to offer.

Gold is a form of money. The money is also divided into Silver and Copper, but none of these forms of currencies are as valuable as the beautiful golden stone. It is why most of the users of this game want to farm gold. But this precious rock is not the only star of the show.


What about Tokens?

Tokens are also a form of currency in TERA. These tokens allow players to acquire specific vanguards items or double drops just by checking the inventory. But, unlike gold, you can't buy everything you want just by using tokens. Tokens, as we said before, are pretty specific. You can find glyph tokens to buy glyphs, for instance. The Goldfinger Token works for buying underwear, and the Angler Token can only be spent on the Angler Shop. As you can see, it goes nowhere near the gold.


What can you do with TERA gold?

Just like in real life, the gold will set you free. The next step in your quest will always be preceded by the amount of gold you end up spending. It´s not like you need to earn tons of gold per day to make a substantial difference, but it is known than to play TERA properly, you should at least try to farm all the gold you can!

Gold is used to get cosmetic changes for your characters, get yourself some wondrous vanguard items, acquire the ultimate mount of the realm, and craft essential materials you need to complete your adventure properly. The Facebook server and the webserver both work well in this video game, so we won’t complain about it in this post. You can share items and resources if you play with other people, but it is known that you won't always get what you truly need.

It is why the TERA farming gold process is almost necessary. We don´t think the process of getting gold in a natural way is tedious, but sure the farm gold process is a much more efficient way of getting it. It is not like it will take you always a few minutes per day, but it'll sure be better than missing some vanguard items that you might need in the future.


This is how you farm TERA gold!

First of all, the process of farming is not extremely complicated. Playing the game in a regular way will assure you a lot of points to increase your level through group quests and solo runs, that’s clear for now. Two or more players can watch their back and support each other so they can search for boxes that have enough useful stuff in them and, therefore, please their needs. In a way, farming gold is a must-do to unlock everything that this masterpiece has to offer. Today we will share the best tips so you can farm all the precious currency you need in just minutes! Without further hesitation, let us guide you in this process.


Complete the dungeons

Dungeons are amazing, and you can't deny it! Completing the dungeons brings a special feeling for every TERA lover. But you won't only get an immense amount of fun. You will also get what you are here looking for. The dungeons are mostly randomly generated, meaning that new instances will be created for every player or party who enters in the claws of the dungeons. The creatures won't be easy to defeat, but the reward will be worth it.

You can try to finish a dungeon as if it were a normal mission, but they are really different in the end. Some dungeons will take minutes to complete, and some others will take hours. It depends on the difficulty of the dungeon you are about to face. The reward will be exactly the same - while the harder the dungeon is, the higher gold you will farm. The bosses you face won't be worthy rivals if you fight them as a group.


Get the Volunteer Supply Crate

It is the perfect item if you want to get enough gold per day. The Volunteer Supply Crate can be found on one of the first missions you play, but sadly some players might overlook it. This vanguard item can be found in the quest called "Making the Rounds." This, and some other missions, will be given to you by NPCs on the Island of Dawn. It will provide you awesome items that will progressively get better as long as your level increases. The items can be made on some enchanted materials that are extremely valuable. After you do this, now you must go to an NPC store and sell the items to get some sweet gold. It will grant you lots of gold per day if you do it frequently!


Daily quests

Like in other MMORPGs, the developers of TERA put some daily missions that can be completed just in specific moments of the year. Some of these events will be better rewarded than others, but this can't be said for certain beforehand. The first thing you should know is that you need to level up to level 60 so you can earn more gold out of Daily Quests. The more quests you are able to complete, the more gold you'll obtain per day. The Daily Quests are also good sources of reputation credits, which can be used to buy gear, cosmetics, and crystals from the vendors.


Go fishing!

Fishing is one of the main ways of farming gold in this game. All the fish you get for the process will be sold and turned into gold that can later be used to your advantage. There's a limit, though - you can only sell up to 30 fish each day. It means that you can't just fish to earn gold, you must do some other activities in order to get enough of it.


The Guardian Legion

It is an activity that consists of completing Guardian Missions. In these missions, your goal will be to defeat bosses, obliterate monster waves, and complete some flying quests. Some of these quests can provide players enough gems, sapphires, emeralds, and gold, of course. Some of the most well-rewarded Guardian Missions are Shadow of the Gutrends, Escape from Balder's Refuge, and The Rhapsody of Wind and Fire. Be sure to find them and completing as soon as possible!



At this point, you already know what to do. We know this is not a pay-to-win game, but still, players can buy an Elite Status account and start their character strong so they will never have to get a low box or search for unwanted treasures. Either way, new things are always added to this title. You can run from the new events or follow them on the developer’s Discord.

Nothing will stop you from getting the gold that you truly deserve. Let's be honest - gold is almost as necessary as the money you spend in your daily life. If you have enough of it, sit tight and enjoy the landscape. Sellers and Friends will always be here to help you be at the vanguard of the fight. If you feel lost, just come to us, and we will solve all of your problems!



How do you get gold in TERA?

The main way to do this is by completing dungeons, daily quests, and Guardian Missions.

Where can I play TERA?

TERA Online is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Give it a try. You won't regret it.

Is TERA Online pay to win?

Most of the items available in the official store are just for cosmetic purposes. However, each player's effort to invest in this game will be directly proportional to their success in battle.


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