SWTOR Companions - know your crew in Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Companions - know your crew in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Space is a vast and unfriendly place. Traveling between distant galaxies can take forever - especially if you are alone on your ship. Being by yourself on the journey can be dangerous since there are tons of events that might stop your flight. Bounty Hunters, Thieves, Diseases, Unexpected maintenance that has to be done immediately - you can deal with all of that on your own. Thankfully some companions lend you a hand in times of need.


Companions are special non-player characters, which can be recruited to help you on your journey. Each of them has a unique set of skills that can be improved with every level that they receive. Companions are especially useful for filling missing spots in groups for a Flashpoint and the quests. However, they cannot be used during Operations.


SWTOR Companion role

As mentioned before, companions are especially useful during group quests and Flashpoints. During these events, they can fill one of three main roles, becoming either a tank, a healer, or a DPS. The first companion acquired by the player is accessible very early in the game. Its roles can be altered only outside of the combat, so you won't be able to do that during the encounters.


Special missions

With companions alongside them, players can complete special missions that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. Progressing with their storyline influences the level of a companion grows, which can result in special rewards for those who participated in completing side missions. If a player wishes to do so - he can assign companions to do missions on their own.



Although player companions can have their own equipment, it is almost purely cosmetic - with one small exception. Weapons that are given to your allies affect their abilities. Certain types of weapons have to be worn to use some groups of skills.

Companion look can be altered briefly by appearance kits to switch between different skin colors and tattoos. On top of that, humanoid companions possess various apparel. It is worth noting that while you can name your own companion, other players won't be able to see how you named it. Similarly, you won't see the names of other people's companions.


What is the Influence of SWTOR Companion?

Each class has a unique set of companions. On your ship, in rest areas and during story progression, you can speak with companions to gain their trust and to build influence. By doing so, your companion will become more receptive while talking to you, and you will be able to learn more from them. With influence, the strength of companions also rises, and since they can be counted as group members, you might be able to complete group missions on your own with companions at a high level. On top of that, leveling companions is essential because, at high levels, they can craft better gear and gather more expensive materials while they are at scavenging missions. There are various ways of leveling companions like special missions, gifts, and conversation - all of them are effective and should be done to increase their influence.

With the higher influence your companion will:

  • Finish crew missions faster

  • Have a higher chance of Critical Success on missions

  • Have higher stats.


As mentioned before - each of the companions can receive gifts that will increase their influence towards the player. The quality of a gift will determine how much influence is received for the present. For green, it is not modified, for blue, it is at 50%, and purple items will boost your influence by 300%. It is crucial to gather information on what your companion likes and dislikes as not all of the gifts will be the right ones, and giving some of them might even backfire.



Companions are capable of creating gear for their masters. On top of that, they can be sent alone on the gathering missions from which they can return with various crafting materials. By right-clicking nearby nodes, you can send your current companion to gather it, and with Crew Skills, you can choose to send a companion for harvesting.



Since companions are spending a lot of time together with the main protagonist of the story, there is some time for romance. By choosing a specific options marked with a little heart during the dialogue with allied NPC, they might show affection towards the player's character. Through the selection of flirting options, players can make companions fall in love with them, which might even end up with marriage as they get closer to level 50. All of the classes have their own set of companions that they are attracted to, and while for most of them, there is only one female and male romance option, some of the classes might have a romance with multiple companions. It leads to jealousy between them and opens up new possibilities for their stories. Romance option is not only a fun way to unfold a companion's story but also a way of learning further information. By getting close to NPCs, players can unlock new quests and far more useful dialogue options.


Types of companions

Every class receives its first companion during the main storyline early in the game. There are, however, more that can be unlocked after the storyline is finished. Below we will briefly describe first-class companions.


Jedi Knight

T7-O1: Teeseven is an astromech droid that serves the purpose of being a ranged tank. Its main attributes are Aim and Endurance. This droid served during all major galactic conflicts, and even though it's an old machine, it is irreplaceable. From the appearance, it looks very familiar to the famous R2-D2.

Other companions: Kira Carsen, Archiban Frodrick Kimble, Fideltin Rusk, Scourge.


Jedi Consular

Qyzen Fess: This reptile humanoid is, in fact, a Trandoshan introduced to Jedi Consular during first missions. After being rescued by the main protagonist, he pledges his life-long allegiance to the player's character.

Other companions: Tharan Cedrax, Zenith, Lt. Felix Iresso, Nadia Grell.



Aric Jorgan: Aric is the representative of a Cathar race. He is introduced during Trooper Storyline on Ord Mantell, and he becomes a companion during ongoing missions at that place. His primary role is ranged DPS, which is bolstered by his main statistic - Aim.

Other companions: Elara Dorne, M1-4X, Tanno Vik, Yuun.



Corso Riggs: He is the first companion for the Smuggler class, but also the second person that can be met during Smuggler's gameplay. As they both are being betrayed by the same person, they join their forces and become each other's companions. His stats are Aim and Endurance, and he is capable of performing all roles from a ranged distance.

Other companions: Bowdaar, Risha, Akaavi Spar, Languss Tuno.


Republic's Ship Droid

C2-N2: This golden robot with an appearance similar to C-3PO is a companion that can be met on starships by the members of the Republic. Although it's primary use is crafting, he can perform all of the jobs that are assigned to the regular companions. As a Starship Droid, he has spent his life on the vessel, and therefore his social life is not too colorful. Because of that, his main storyline is quite short.


Sith Warrior

Vette: Member of a Twi'lek race that was born on Ryloth during the war. During her life, she has been an assassin, thief, and an escape artist. By meeting her during the main storyline, Sith Warriors can build her trust and recruit her as a companion. She is a ranged DPS that cannot perform other roles than this one.

Other companions: Malavai Quinn, Jaesa Willsaam, Lieutenant Pierce, Broonmark.


Sith Inquisitor

Khem Val: Khem is a massive 8 feet tall humanoid with grey skin, cybernetic implants, and muscular body. He is a member of Dashade race - force resistant warriors who love to fight and have unusual anger towards all Jedi. During the gameplay, Khem joins forces with Sith Inquisitor even though he does not agree to serve him. He can become Melee Tank or Melee DPS.

Other companions: Andronikos Revel, Azhara Zavros, Talos Drellik, Xalek.


Imperial Agent

Kaliyo: Even though Kaliyo's personal history, for the most part, remains a mystery, we can tell about her that she was an assassin that killed hundreds of targets, which got her into the prison. She loves to use her charm, which has led her often to secret information. During the main storyline, she joins forces with Imperial Agent and plays the DPS role in the group.

Other companions: Vector, Doctor Lokin, Ensign Temple, SCORPIO.

Bounty Hunter

Mako: She is the bounty hunter of Nar Shaddaa, which can also become Bounty Hunter's companion. Mako is exceptionally skilled in cybernetics as she has learned all programming languages early in her life. As an ally, she can mend wounds, and therefore, she is considered to be a healer.

Other companions: Gault, Torian Cadera, Blizz, Skadge


Empire's Ship Droid

2V-R8: A ship droid that can be found on Empire's vessels goes by the name of 2V-R8. This cybernetic machine states that he is not fit for a fight, but it can be summoned into one as a healing unit. Since it has spent the majority of its time on the ship, its backstory is almost non-existent.



We hope that this guide has brought you some insight on the topic of companions in Bioware's Star Wars the Old Republic. If you are looking to start SWTOR romance with your companion with this article, you should be able to choose the right SWTOR companion gifts. Remember this: The best companion is another human. If you are still hanging around without friends make sure to join the alliance with different players in it and enjoy the game with others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many companions can you have in SWTOR?

You can have up to five companions (+Ship Droid) for each of your characters.


How do you get companions in SWTOR?

Through questing. You meet your first one early in the game during the campaign.


What companions come back in SWTOR?

Jaesa, Doc, Khem, and Nadia came back to SWTOR.


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