SWTOR Classes - Dominate with the most powerful specializations!

SWTOR Classes - Dominate with the most powerful specializations!
Star Wars: The Old Republic

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are currently eight playable classes from which players can choose one for their character. Four of them represent the Republic, and the equal amount pleads for the Empire. If you want to have a quick look at what they have to offer, hop into the article and see what we've prepared for you.


Republic Classes

Jedi Consular

Even though the title of Jedi Consular might seem pompous, and by the looks, it doesn't seem like they are the warriors - looks can be deceiving. Their powers go far beyond the mediation as their prowess on the battlefield is truly admirable. For thousands of years, Jedi have been working to bring balance and preserve it at all times. With threats that came to bring down what was built by the Forces of Republic, Jedi need powerful leaders more than ever who will show them the way through the darkness. 

It is where Jedi Consulars came to be. They have mastered the Force not only to give them the necessary power to fight evil but also to bring wisdom during meetings of the council. Consular weapon of choice is the dual lightsaber which they use when negotiations fail, and it's time to use strength. In the fight, they are unmatched in terms of predicting enemy movement. With the gift of foresight, they know exactly what to do at all times, which shaped them into perfect leaders and generals.

Subclasses: Sage (DPS/Healing) and Shadow (Tank/DPS)

Sages devoted their lives to deepen the knowledge of the Force. They understand its secrets better than anybody else. Because of that, they are known for wisdom above anything else. Years of studies in the matter of Force allowed them to master healing techniques that are unparalleled on the battlefield. By having an ally in the form of Sage, your troops will gain not only the medic that can mend the wounds of fallen soldiers, but also a fierce fighter who can throw his surroundings with the use of the Force.

Unlike Sages - Shadows didn't waste their lives in libraries meditating in search of the Force. In fact, they didn't have time for that as they are always on the mission. They step into the hostile territory to silently look for information that might help the Republic cause. However, even the best spy can be discovered. Luckily, they are well trained in terms of combat as they can use a deadly dual lightsaber to attack from each side of enemy defense nimbly. Shadows can cloak themselves in the protective Force to last during long battles and use the Force to cloud minds of enemies allowing for a quick and efficient infiltration.


Jedi Knights

Jedi Knights have spent years training their bodies and minds to sense the Force. They are using it along with their unusual reflexes to become the perfect fighters that will help Consulars bring the balance to the universe. With decades of practicing in discipline and meditation, they were able to master precision and perfection in their combat moves. Their style of fighting might look like a dance to uninitiated as they spin, tumble, and dodge all incoming attacks with smooth and graceful movement. Jedi Knights are more than just soldiers - they are the symbol of hope and guardians of peace. They are the last line of defense for justice and representatives of balance in the universe.

Subclasses: Guardian (Tank/DPS) and Sentinel (DPS)

Guardians are the wall that shields battalions from incoming attacks and leaders that shape the formation during the battle. They are the tanks that taunt their opponents to fight them even in overwhelming odds. They are known for their ability to inspire others during the battle. Thanks to that, they lead during the encounters. Guardians take their power from three disciplines: Vigilance, Defense, and Focus, which they share with Jedi Knights. If you want to become a shield that protects weak from evil, then Guardian might be a subclass for you.

On the other hand, there are Sentinels. They are the experts when it comes to dual wielding. With this art of combat, they can sneak past the enemy defenses in no time, giving other members of the team time to break enemy lines. They use Force to sense the weakness in their opponents and to strike unpredictably.



It's not true that you have to master the Force to become a soldier for the Republic. This scheme has been broken when Trooper Forces came to existence. They are the incarnation of the will to fight, the embodiment of bravery always full of energy and always ready for a battle. Troopers were created by the council, which aspired to have the most technologically advanced forces in the universe. It might seem like their motto is the firepower above everything else as they are using various laser guns, grenades, and other weaponry that might give them the edge over the enemy. But it's not their gear that makes them so efficient in the field of battle - it's their guts. Troopers have no fear in them - they relentlessly push opposing forces with numbers advantage that they usually bring alongside their appearance.

Subclasses: Vanguard(Tank/DPS) and Commando (DPS/Healer)

Vanguards are fearless warriors that always stand on the front lines during the battle. They use their heavy armor to block damage and protect their allies. With technology and advanced equipment, they can mitigate the harm that crosses their way. Vanguards are relentless Force not to be reckoned, and their presence strikes fear in enemy ranks.

Unlike the previous subclass, Commandos don't want to stand on the front line of the attack. They are much more useful on the back - striking enemies with the overwhelming firepower that comes from their massive weapons. When the time is right, all they need to do is pull the trigger to bring destruction upon their foes. Even though it might seem like an easy task, it takes knowledge to find the right moment. Commandos are well seasoned in terms of combat, and therefore they know how to mend the wounds, which allows them to patch allies and help with healing during the combat.



The war between the Empire and the Republic created many opportunities to make additional money on the shady business. In fact, too many opportunities to not get the advantage of them. At least that's Smugglers' point of views. They specialize in transporting armory from one place to another - selling weapons to the highest bidder. With piracy that rose during the time of war, independent space travel became a hazardous but lucrative business. Those who had the guts to start smuggling during that time grew into fearless outlaws. With the increasing amount of profit that they made, the number of enemies that they want to hunt them has risen. Thankfully, Smugglers are experts escapists so they can find a way out from every trouble. They are the ones that shape their own destiny - always ready for the new challenge and extra gold to be made.

Subclasses: Scoundrel (DPS/Healer) and Gunslinger (DPS)

Scoundrel's toolkit is simple - blaster, stealth belt, scattergun, and a med pack. It might seem like a small inventory for a ruffian. However, that's more than enough for them to get what they want. They have quick reflexes that allow them always to draw their light weapon first, and after the first shot, when the enemy wants to retaliate - they are long gone. Tricky traps and explosives are what they leave behind while running away with stolen goods. If you ever come across a Scoundrel, then make sure to check your pockets twice when he leaves.

Whose even faster than a Scoundrel to draw a gun? Obviously - The Gunslinger. They are the ones who have mastered dirty fighting to perfection. Gunslingers won't hesitate to shoot you in the back, to kick those who lay down on the ground, and to beat boss who didn't pay them for their job. Since they love to end the conflicts with the use of their trusty guns, always remember that negotiations with Gunslingers rarely end with "clean" solutions.


Empire Classes

Sith Inquisitor

The history of the Empire has been built on scheming and conspiracy plots. It was the main job of Sith Inquisitors as, at all times, they wanted to create a perfect plan allowing them to overthrow the Republic and bring down those who would oppose them. Inquisitors also experimented with forbidden powers not only for their war against the Republic but also to rise in ranks. They are incredibly ambitious beings that will not stop at any cost on their way to higher strength. Even though they are raised in a very treacherous environment where pretty much everybody wants to kill each other - few acolytes managed to become Sith Inquisitors. They are true masterminds of plotting, and while doing so, they always watch their backs.

Subclasses: Sorcerer (DPS/Healer) and Assassin (Tank/DPS)

Sorcerers have spent their time deepening the knowledge that lies in the use of the dark side of the Force. Those who succeeded found out about the destructive powers that can be handled by the most skilled members of the Empire. Volatile Energies and lightning that come from Sorcerer's fingers can devastate their enemies and siphon life Force out of anything that walks. On the other hand, stolen strength allows Sorcerers to heal their allies, being immeasurably helpful on the field.

Assassins. This advanced class on the other hand, trust more in the power of their dual lightsabers. They can get into the fight and out of it in a matter of seconds, leaving falling bodies of dying enemies behind them. Assassins specialize in high priority targets - they were trained to kill members of the Republic's council, and therefore highest-ranked enemies pose no threat to those specialists.


Sith Warrior

Anger and hatred are the primary tools of Sith Warriors that help them push out emotions and hesitation from their heads. They believe that feelings are a weakness that has to be dealt with in order to become a true soldier. Sith Warriors are the incarnation of determination. They dream of overthrowing the Republic. However, they do not do this mindlessly. Sith work towards their goals with deadly precision, perfect discipline, and undeniable ambition. Warriors pursue their desires with the use of single and dual lightsabers.

Subclasses: Juggernaut (Tank/DPS) and Marauder (DPS)

Juggernaut's stamina has been trained to its limits giving them unusual strength and resistance to incoming attacks. Because of that, they do not stray away from the battles. Instead, they are always first to charge into the fray. Juggernauts don't want to sacrifice themselves for their allies, but they do not fear to receive some wounds that could bring them closer to victory. Since they always thrive in the state of rage, Juggernauts are the force not to reckon with.

Nimble and agile Marauders can slice their way through the enemy ranks with ease. Since they have mastered the art of dual-wielding lightsabers, they can take down multiple enemies at the same time. They never hesitate, which means that you won't find compassion or empathy in the eyes of true Marauder.


Bounty Hunter

A gun for hiring. If you need to land a bullet in the head of your enemy without making your hands dirty - for a fair price, Bounty Hunter will do that for you. The Empire, which is known for plotting, has created a demand for unique kinds of services. High Inquisitors who want to take down the Rebellion have to work with the shadiest of all thugs. Besides them, you can find Bounty Hunters that eliminate top priority targets. If you have been marked for death by the Forces of Empire, then you won't be able to hide. Bounty Hunters are specialists when it comes to tracking their prey. Since their services are not cheap, rarely anybody can pay what they ask for. Because of that, they aren't considered regular ruffians but a one-man army that can be hired in desperate times.

Subclasses: Mercenary (DPS/Healer) and Power Tech (Tank/DPS)

Some say that there is no weapon that cannot be found in Mercenary's arsenal. They know better than anybody that firepower is all you need to fix even the most complicated of the problems. Blasters, heat-seeking missiles, mines, grenades - anything weapon that you can think of might be just what Mercenary needs to end a conflict or start a new one. They are great at sabotaging and creating a diversion, but most importantly, they love to fire their blasters above anything else.

Power Tech is a much less mobile version of a Mercenary. They love to wear heavy plating on their bodies that could stop even the deadliest laser shots. Their highly destructive flamethrowers are able to fry to the dust those who cover behind obstacles. With jetpack at their disposal, they can always get a favorable position during the battle and blow up anybody on sight.


Imperial Agent

When other measures prove to be not enough, there is always an ace in the hole of the Empire. Imperial Agents' existence is not common knowledge, and only a few selected people know about them. Because of that, they can perform the action from behind the curtain infiltrating, assassinating, and sabotaging when necessary. For Imperial Agents, information is the key to victory - gaining contacts and building trust around themselves allows them to know more than anybody in the galaxy. They are spies, masters of conspiracy, and shadows that strike when no one expects a hit.

Subclasses: Operative (DPS/Healer) and Sniper (DPS)

Operatives are the main Forces of Imperial Agents. They are trained to perform exceedingly well in every field of the spy job. They can adapt to circumstances and jump into the action uncovering their true identity when it's necessary. They are familiar with stealth mechanisms and technology in general. Operatives use it to their advantage during missions, which gives them the edge over less equipped opponents.

Snipers, on the other hand, aren't as versatile as their relatives; however, they are used especially in one field: eliminating high priority targets. As excellent sharpshooters - snipers perform exceedingly well on long ranged fights and fill this role like no one else. Because of that, they can kill their assignments and escape before being noticed. Their long-range blasters shine in the field of precision as there are no weapons in the universe that could match them from afar. When it comes to a head to head combat, they aren't helpless as well. Toxic grenades and explosives are the tools of the trade in these situations for Snipers.


Both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic have special characters and classes with their own stories that play a role in the game's story. Bioware made sure that the player may let their imagination flow with a wide variety of choices when it comes to available characters. Whether you want to join Jedi Order as a Jedi Knight or slash opponents with Double-Bladed melee lightsabers as a Sith Inquisitor - you are free to do so. Even though this system does provide a great number of choices it is not always good for the players. Every user must face an important decision that will determine to which group in the conflict they want to join and this choice will determine contents available to them like places that they can explore, companions that they will meet and abilities which they will use. 



Different classes in Star Wars the Old Republic offer a different set of skills, styles of gameplay, and specializations. It is crucial to select a class that will guarantee not only entertaining combat style but also the one that will satisfy your aesthetic needs. For most of the game, you will be looking at your character, so it is essential to take something pleasing to play. We hope that with our introduction to classes, you have made up your mind, and you know exactly who you want to be the part of your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best class in SWTOR?

All classes are more or less balanced, and therefore it's impossible to choose the best one.

Can you change advanced classes in SWTOR?

No, it is not possible.

Can you become a Mandalorian in SWTOR?

Yes, you can. However, you have to complete certain quests to be invited to this clan.


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