Rocket League trading - how to exchange your RL items

Rocket League trading - how to exchange your RL items
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Epic Games has surprised us with lots of amazing games throughout the years, like Gears Of War - before it passed to the Coalition’s domains - Football Manager, Fortnite, and Rocket League developed by Psyonix. 

It doesn't matter if you are playing on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, online services like Steam, or any other platform. The truth is that this studio always surprises us with funny dynamic and highly addictive titles that fans can truly enjoy over hours, such as Rocket League.

Rocket League is basically a combination of two things we love in this world: soccer and a battle car. What could go wrong then? The answer is NOTHING, and thanks to the magic of the Internet we can have a better and more exciting experience on the wheels. 

Of course, you won’t just find people playing soccer with high octanes monstrous battle cars doing goal explosions on the server, Rocket League has a lot more and it offers their game players on the different platforms the opportunity to make trades, gain credits, visit numerous sites, exchange items and update or customize lots of its content. 

If you are as excited as us about the game and want to join the wheels party then take your keys and jump ahead and make sure to memorize the name of this wonderful game, because we will be talking about Rocket League Items, Rocket League Prices, Rocket League Trading Prices, Rocket League Keys, Rocket League Players, and Rocket League Credits. Don't hold back!

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Buying Rocket League items

Rocket League is present on every platform as we already said: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and online services like Steam. Rocket League prices are quite affordable because the game is free to play. You can pay with real-world money if you want to buy some less expensive non crate Rocket League items like decals, wheels, toppers, or antennas. 

Forget about all those payment method issues you can sometimes experience on the online market, and download it for free; you can visit the official Rocket League website with one click.

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Rocket league trading 

As you know, cars work with a big number of mechanical items they need in order to work.

In order to get the best Rocket League Items, which are a really important part of the game, there are some things you may keep in mind that will definitely help you while trading. If you follow these tips there is a big chance you can save money, credits, get great skins, find the black market decals that will look attractive, achieve any successful transaction on your way, and more, so read this carefully.

Trading in online games always puts you at risk of getting scammed, which is why you should only use the services of trusted sellers that will guarantee a low price list and certain delivery. If you manage to find a platform that will also give you trade insurance, that’s perfect. 


Rocket League items - How can I get them?

We will talk about all in-game items, there are many ways of collecting them, and as we said before, they will help you improve your chances of winning the party.

Play the game. Common, uncommon and import and exotic items can be obtained this way depending on what you do. Competing matches offline or online will unlock them, leveling up will also help and even combining your existing items will exchange new exotic ones, so put your hands on the keyboard or control and start gaining some experience.

Another option for Rocket League Trading is to visit your Manage Inventory to trade five items of the same rarity to get better ones, this boosts a lot. Remember there are common, uncommon, import and exotic items at your disposal.

Now, let’s go to the most important point: player to player item trading.

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Getting a trade partner on Rocket League

Looking for the best trading options in the Rocket League is vital in your aspirations to be more competitive. This modality will help you a lot when you simply have no luck and can’t get the accessories you need by yourself. But such as dating, finding a partner, even a virtual one for any trade, has its own issues and tricks. You want to make sure to make the best choice.

The first thing you need to know is that trades are only available between players that are on the same platform. It means that Xbox One players will not be able to trade Rocket League items with PC or PS4 users.  

In order to do this, you need to be friends with the partner you want to trade, then invite them with the “Create Party” button.

Of course, every transaction needs to achieve some security things first. This may not be a problem, consider this as a way of protecting everybody on the market, with this filter you will have no risk on your trades or delivery.

Any user involved in these changes needs to purchase first a minimum of 500 Rocket League Credits, you will find them in any Starter Pack, but if you are prior to the Free To Play Update you are exempt from this rule.


RL trading post - a fan-made trading app store

How is it that whenever something is required by the fan base, fans are first to delivery than the game developers? It is the same as the RL Trading Post app. This application makes buying Rocket League items as well as selling them fast and easy. Simply browse the stock to find all types of items offers that are list for sale for example avatar borders, skins, keys, and other goods. You just select an item, price, list it for sale, and wait for someone to show an interest in purchasing it. And that’s it. If you were blessed to drop a rare non crate item, sought after blueprints, or that coveted Titanium White Octane or Sky Blue Octane, RL Trading Post is your place to monetize this item. Maybe you will find a buyer for your Dominus GT as well. 

The app is really useful and popular, but it has strict terms of service. You should read it before starting trade. Otherwise you will get banned for violating it. If another player is trying to grift your login or password, report them immediately. Following their rules is mandatory to be eligible for their refund policy and exchange via their app. Is it a black market? Probably. But it hasn't been taken down yet, so we are optimistic about it.

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Rocket League Items - How much can I trade and where to find them?

It all depends on both players and the agreement they reach, don’t worry, you can trade multiple items if you wish.

As always, for trading best is a good idea to take advantage of the social media and blogs that may help you a lot, you may find great stuff on Rocket League Garage, Steam, and on Reddit.

Remember though there are also many Rocket League Items and stuff you will not be able to trade like Credits for Credits or for nothing, unrevealed blueprints, Items you purchase on the Item Shop, bonus gifts, Esports shop items, common items, premium DLC items, items obtained from decryptors, Rocket Pass items from Premium Tiers and competitive season rewards. If you want, for example, a particular blueprint, you will have to look elsewhere.

Some other sweet news about Rocket League Trading is that once you do your first change you will unlock the trophy achievement “Sweet Map”, sounds cool huh? 

You can visit our friends at They have Rocket League items listed for trade, with RL items prices list displayed right in front of your eyes. You may call it a black market, but we all know that online gamers need one for each game.

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Rocket League Trading tips useful for every player

Let’s face it, Rocket League is pretty addictive since its full of things and surprises to keep in mind and we probably may need more content that you will surely find on this website about the game, but in order to help you a little more, here is some extra exchange information that will probable save you from spending unnecessary credits everybody wants to keep for future uses.

Consider that crates, Rocket League keys, and other in-game items may only be traded for other in-game items of the same kind. Also never make your trades outside the officially authorized pages, this will cause you a payment problem with no protection in case of scams, and they do happen a lot.

Sometimes even in legit trading platforms things can get bad, this is not to scare you, this is in order to protect your account. 

Check the Rocket League Items individually in order to know what you are getting from the trade, check if they are not removed and it the value is correct because when you are new it’s pretty common some people will try to take advantage of you, giving you basically trash in exchange for the great stuff you just don’t know how to use.

Look for someone you trust, avoid trading with anyone you don’t really know if you have friends that play Rocket League is more reliable than just looking for a stranger, remember this is the internet, and we don’t have to be paranoid, but a little bit of caution is also fine to have security..

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Are you ready to visit the black market?

We know that browsing experience can be difficult when you are a new player, but don’t worry, this guide will help you understand more about the Rocket League Trading mechanics. 

Keep on practicing in order to get some goal explosions and a considerable number of RL items at your disposal. Make your enemy jealous of your forest green decal set and show him the crimson trail after scoring. Sell unwanted drops easily.

You will find the in-game currency prices list in the games’ categories. They're updated each day.


About Sellers and Friends

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If you need any help, our customer support team is available 24/7 on the live chat (use English for faster service). When trading Rocket League items, or when you want to buy any other currency in our store like ESO Gold, OSRS Gold, FXIV Gil, or Lineage 2 Adena, protect your data at all times. Do not share your login information or password. We do not provide delivery for Xbox One or PS4. Our payment methods are serviced by G2A PAY. Make sure you added the correct product to the shopping cart. Double-check the offer, quantity, and prices. We are 100% safe with thousands of satisfied customers all over the Internet. We pay a quality services. Instant delivery directly to the buyer is our code, and it allows us to get our work done in minutes, not even a day (like the competition). We deliver face to face or via mail. There is a bonus for every single user.

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