PSO2 Weapons - Get rid of your enemies with this fantastic guide

PSO2 Weapons - Get rid of your enemies with this fantastic guide

Table of contents:

* Phantasy Star Online 2 weapons according to the character

* Improve your photon arts and defend the mining base

* Incursion, a quest to explore the weapons types

* Potentials, what are they, and how to unlock them

* Game technique: Two-button vs. Three-button



Sega Phantasy Star Online is one of the games that changed the MMO world forever after Sega surprised everybody with its launching. Nowadays, this free game ranks in the 1st place for a great PSO2 community of fans who are eager for a guide like the next.  

With a complex and revolutionary story that can be a little bit related to the material you can find in the space movie Alien or the great Death Space Game, Phantasy Star series Online not only set the bases for many essential and beloved titles we would see in the future (please, thank Sega). But would gather a loyal and impressive fan base around the globe that trades all kinds of articles and keeps waiting and consuming all the new products related to the franchise.

That may be why one of the sequels of this genius game could hit the level of success it has nowadays, with literally thousands of excited players wanting to know everything they can do to become the weapon masters.

And let’s be honest, besides the classes, one of the most attractive features Phantasy Star Online 2 PSO2 has is the specific weapon types variety. You can use a wired lance, a double saber, an assault rifle, dual blades, jet boots, and more in order to destroy the enemies on your way. 

If you are looking for PSO2 guides to build your path, or you are one of those guys who can’t decide yet which PSO2 series weapons are better to use on the different combats you will face through the game. So you choose random weapons, well, you shouldn't miss this guide, which talks about each weapon's attribute, and that will blow your mind and hopefully help you do the same with your enemies. So collect all your resources, take your double saber, go to the item lab, and begin reading. Are you ready?

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Phantasy Star Online 2 weapons according to the character

Yes, we know you know: Phantasy Star weapons are equipable items that you must have to face enemies in the battle and advance in the game. It is elemental. Now, the characters have classes and sub-classes, and the weapons are usable and limited according to those classes. Generally, all classes have different weapon series, boosts, and abilities. The weapon system is based on this.     

Some of them share certain weapons, like the gunslashes, but other ones like the assault rifle, melee weapons, the wired lance, the double saber, the jet boots, or the dual blades are not usable by other classes. 

The best news you can read so far in this article is that it doesn’t matter which class you currently pick and which one of the weapon types you are obtaining. The Sega guys have been good enough to allow you to change the class you are part of to another every time you want to, making PSO2 even funnier since you do not have to search for the best weapon ever. Thus, you won’t need to be carrying a weapon all the game, but being able to switch between them. The only thing you have to do is go to the ARKS Lobby at the Class Counter. The point of this is to make the process of selecting weapons more versatile.

It’s time to give an overview and name all the existing weapon types that Phantasy Star Online 2 has at your disposal. There are a total of 15 Weapon types available in the game, some specially designed for hunting, others to face the battles. These 15 Weapons are quite diverse, we have to say. They even divide into striking weapons, long-ranged weapons, and technique weapons.

Striking weapons are short and close-range weapons, such as swords, katana, wired lances, partizans, knuckles, double sabers, twin daggers, katanas, and gunslashes. Their red-orange color can identify these kinds of weapons on the inventory icons. These will increase your striking attacks (S-ATK) while they’re equipped, but they can also increase the striking support. Consider you will need to learn their photon arts in order to use them better.

Unlike the previous ones, the ranged weapons, which including assault rifles, launchers, twin machine guns, and bullet bows, have the plus of attacking from a distance. You will identify them for their blue color on the inventory icons. In addition, these weapon types will help you increase your Range Skills by just pulling the trigger, which will be useful during combats, such as on the mining base defense.

Finally, we have the technique weapon types. This will include rods, talises, and wands that you can identify for their yellow inventory icons. These weapons increase the attack technique on your character.

If you need to know which class you can pick in order to put your hands on the best primary weapon types, here you can check everything you need:

Hunter class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Sword, wired lance, partizan, and a gunslash.

Ranger class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Assault rifle, launcher, and a gunslash.

Force class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Rod, talis, and a gunslash.

Braver class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Katana, bullet bow, and a gunslash.

Fighter class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Double saber, twin dagger, knuckles, and agunslash.

Gunner class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Assault rifles, twin machine, and a gunslash.

Techer class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Wand, talis, and a gunslash.

Bouncer class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Blades, jet boots, and a gunslash.

Summoner class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Takt and a gunslash

Hero class Phantasy Star Online 2 weapon types - Swords, twin machine guns, talises, and a gunslash.

About Grinding 13 Star Weapons at the Item Lab, first, you need to collect 12 weapons. To do this, you will need to find a Collection Sheet that rewards you a 12 weapon. Another alternative is to purchase these weapons in the player shops. Next, you need to gather Fodder Weapons, which you will feed into the 12 weapons. The best item to do this is the 10 weapon that Urgent Quests rare drop.

To meet the requirements for unlocking expert blocks and class level 80, you will need to +35 the 13 weapons. In addition, you need 6 copies of the weapon you wish to grind for such purposes if you are getting them via a client order or collection files. If the quest drops 13 weapons, then this will be classified as a New-Type weapon. 

Some suggestions to unlock requirements for the class 80 level cap for discovering  Weapons 13 Star. 

Complete client orders for NPCs that appear for a short time.

Collect 1,200 Weapons Badges and trade them at the Weapons Badge and Memory Shop.

Complete Collection Files.

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Improve your photon arts and defend the mining base

Now you have seen this weapon mini chart. It’s time to talk about how to use them. A great scenario to reach this purpose is via the mining base defense missions, a great category.

Regardless of the scenario, take out your dual blade if you want to live, unless you are interested in other weapons. Anyway, on this quest, you will have one or another issue, your skills will be highly tested, and there is no room for mistakes, so the first recommendation I can give you -and one of the bests- is to make a visit to the skill tree first and use your photon arts to get there as stronger as possible, or trust me, you are done. 

We will talk about Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair. This is an urgent quest that takes place on Lillipa, the home planet of the Lillipans and the stray automata.

Every equipment and weapon will be important since your road will be full of enemies. In total there are 34: Dagan, Carthagon, El Arda, Briarda, El Dagan, Predicahdr, Vidrolda, Solza Brahda, Goldrahda, Gwanada, Dark Ragne, Fal Vibras, Fal Vibras Yuga, Dhargacha, Dhargash, Gawonda, Guwonda, Krabahda, Cuchronahda, Cychronahda, Wolguarda, Zeshraider, Druahda, Shutrahda, Broondarl, Solda Capita, Guru Solda, Dwe Solda, Luda Sorcerer, Lanz Valehda, Dekor Maryuda, Bryu Ringahda, Falz Arm and Falz Hyunal. 

Actually, all of them have different weaknesses and capabilities. Still, the quest’s basic idea is this: you will face eight waves of enemies in totally violent combat, enough to use several units and change from weapon to weapon depending on what rare enemy you have ahead. So first, defeat all of them, avoiding all of the bases fall. There are no level restrictions, no time limit, no damage limit, and no ability adjusts. Then, defend Lillipa from the invaders and launch the newly-developed Site Defense System, AIS, to retaliate against the Falspawn.

Completing this quest successfully will give you items and 1000 points maximum, divided this way:

Enemy kills achieved - four hundred and fifty (450) points max.

Times recovered - fifty (50) points max.

Structural integrity remaining - five hundred (500) points max.

Consider the level of the enemies will change depending on the difficulty. They can be level twenty (20), forty (40), fifty-five (55), seventy-five (75), or even eighty (80).

Use all of this to increase your class, subclass and improve your skill tree and photon arts to be the maximum weapon master.

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Incursion, a quest to explore the weapon types

Of course, if this is not enough, you can also try Mining Base Defense Operations: Incursion. Apart from this urgent quest that also takes place on the planet Lillipa, you will get the urgent notice that Falspawn readings in the vicinity of the Mining Base are confirmed. This suggests that waves of enemies are planning to attack with no mercy, so they need all the weapon support anyone can provide to make sure the base is safe during the fight.

The thing on this quest is kind of the same. You can get 1000 points divided among enemy kills achieved (four hundred and fifty - 450), times recovered (fifty - 50), and structural integrity remaining (five hundred - 500), party invitation is allowed (something you can not do on Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair) -and required- you have no level restrictions in order to be accepted, no time limit, no damage limit, and no ability adjust.

Otherwise, this quest may be slightly shorter since just six waves of enemies have to come -on Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair, you have to deal with eight- but do not trust. It is still difficult, and you will need all the weapon force collection that you have found, or you may have, so again, working on your photon arts and skill tree will help you survive until the end of the day defend the base. Remember that this base has great value and that all the Lillipan’s are counting on you, so do not fail!

If you were wondering, the enemies will be fewer on this quest since there are twenty-four (24) types, and on Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair, there are thirty-five (35). The enemies on which you will strike your weapon fury are these:

Krahda, Carthago, Briarda, Dagan, El Dagan, Dagan Nero, El Arda, Dicahdr, Predicahdr, Predicahdr Nero, Goldrahda, Rinze Drahda, Gwanada, Gwanada Nero, Dark Ragne, Dark Agrahni, Fal Vibras and Dark Rinzes.

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Potentials, what are they, and how to unlock them

In case this adventure is too extreme for you - maybe - take a look at this alternative. Let me give you some additional content about every weapon you can use to complete the quests. This will help you "welcome" the formidable enemies Sega has created for you through your quests on this planet.

You know the basics. The weapons you obtain in this game will help you to perform Photon Arts and different Techniques. Using them makes you stronger since your stats and values grow once you equip them. Each weapon rewards you in a totally different way.

Going further, each one of the weapons you have obtained has a unique characteristic called Potentials. Adding Potentials is one of the central points of the game. Likewise, Potentials have their own requirements and can only be unlocked on weapons at +10 grind level. In some cases, active Photo spheres are needed to activate these Potentials. These are inherent main properties of the weapon that provide some considerable augments. Of course, the stronger they are, the stronger you are, and the better your chances of defeating high-leveled enemies.

Talking more about potentials, we now know that these can boost a player, and it’s important to pay attention to them. They work this way: 

Grinding will unlock the Potential of your weapon after it has been grinded to plus 10 if it is an Old Type Weapon. If it is a New Type Weapon, you will need to rich a plus 10, plus 20, or plus 30.

Potentials are divided into five types: Normal, Hidden, Weaponoid, Arena, and Special. Normal ones require Photon Spheres to unlock, while Hidden requires Photo Boosters to do the same, Weaponoid requires Weaponoid Boosters, Arena requires Arena Boosters. Finally, special requires special dropped items you will find spread through certain quests, so pay attention to your surroundings.

Of course, like almost everything in this game and beyond the above, Potentials will raise their level to become more powerful. The maximum level will be number three. To upgrade to new levels, you will need more boosters. For example, to unlock the Normal, Hidden, and Arena Potentials of any weapon, you will need three boosters for level 1, 4 to unlock level two, and 5 to unlock level three.

This is not enough. Once you are starting to understand potentials, there is great news for you: multiple Potentials can be added to weapons and get bonuses. If you want to unlock this ability, you should pay a small fee for Meseta and provide the materials you need for the switch, sometimes several copies of the same weapon. For example, if you follow these steps, you will turn a Jet Boots Zeinesis Gear into the Anthesis Trainer. Still, the cost will be considerable since you will have to pay the equivalent to the combined cost of unlocking that Potential up to that Level.

I know the upgrade topic may seem a little confused, and not to mention the multiplier, but it’s not. Once you start working on your weapons, everything will be not only easier to understand but will make things less hard for you throughout the game; that’s the purpose of this rights reserved guide! To help you.

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Game technique: Two-button vs. three button

And talking about content, let me give you some helpful advice about this game: there are two button weapons and three button weapons. So what the hell is this? I’ll try to put it clearly.

As you know, every gamer in the world has a different style and technique for playing. North American people and Japanese people play in totally different ways. It depends on the game and what you are dealing with; learning more ways than the classic will help you become a better player. Although, it also depends on the control of the console you are playing with. There is the claw mode, the classic mode, and many others. This is kind of the same. Two Button formation is the traditional method to play on PSO2. It works this way: a button is assigned to hold either Normal Attack, and the other second is assigned to Photon Arts and Techniques. 

Some extra functions appear to increase your progress and playing style as a bonus when you add a third button. This is designated to Shift, R1 and RB. This means that your Photon Art or Technique increases the chances of achieving combos, working as a chain of progression for you.

The three-button control method is introduced in Episode 4, but it is important to mention that PS Vita players cannot do this. However, if you want to change between two buttons or three-button mode, you can do that in the Options menu, so don’t worry, this will help you potentialize your weapons domain, but it may take some time to practice it and once you are tired, make the change.

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This is pretty much what you need to know about Phantasy Star Online 2 weapons. We hope we have given you a hand via all the information listed here. We know this is kind of a complex game, full of action and details, and it may take you some time to understand it clearer. However, do not fear exploring the enormous planetary system full of secrets, enemies, allies, and quests because the beauty of this wonderful title is that it doesn’t matter how much you play it: it will always have a great surprise you will receive at one point or another!

Finally, in the blog of our website, Sellers and Friends, you also can find a lot of offers and global services related to the world of video games. All the days we have available surprises; you never get disappointed in our service! And if you want to ask anything, you can do it below. Don't forget to go back to the main page and check all the possibilities we have for you, including more of this marvelous game launched eight years ago, but that is more alive than ever! Everyone is welcome!

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How do you equip weapons in PSO2?

Go to the Main Menu. There you have three entries. Here you have one slot per weapon. The screen that appears allows you to select and equip weapons, add photon arts and make all the changes you need. Check all the files and the upgrades to make sure nothing was overlooked.


Can you buy or sell weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2?

You can purchase and sell anything you want. Just move to the shops that are located in the Main Lobby. As a client, check the offers, that is to say, 12 units, Pre-Enhance Capped Weapons, Weapon Camos, and all kinds of items you need in daily life, etc. You can buy back previously sold items or any weapon to recover a lost skill in every shop. In addition, you can sell the items a Weapon drops.


How does crafting work in PSO2es?

Crafting allows you to modify the stats cap of Photon Arts and Techs and overwrite stats units to gain extra strength, velocity, charge, etc. Also, with crafting, you can set tech into weapons, such as Resta (a healing technique). In addition, crafting will reward you with exp points. 


All races can use the same weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2?

The answer is yes. The race just determines the appearance of the characters. You can be a CAST or a human and use the same weapons. Remember, the use of weapons depends on the class. 


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