PSO2 Units - Understanding their properties

PSO2 Units -  Understanding their properties

Picture this: You've been grinding and grinding the same quest trying to defeat the boss in PSO2. You have gone through every strategy and option available, you have invested every skill point you have, and are minutes away from smashing your keyboard. What could you possibly be missing that you just can’t get over the raid boss? Is it your low level?  Well, we suggest you take a look at your Units. You probably don’t need the extra level, and rather a boost to your R - Defense. 


In this guide you will find:

* Unit Types in Phantasy Star Online 2

* Units and Skill Rings

* Piece your Phantasy Star Online 2 gear together



PSO2 Units

A boss HP shows the real struggle to kill it.


In Phantasy Star Online 2, units are the equipment for your character. Wearing a unit gives you different bonuses and stats. A fully upgraded unit with equipped rings can give you bonus PP, extra defenses, HP, and resistances.  With all the cosmetic options SEGA keeps adding for PSO2, it’s quite easy to ignore them and neglect them. Luckily, they are quite straight forward, and with the recent changes to global, they are a lot more powerful than ever. 


A character needs a unit for every occasion.


If you are a new player and you want to learn all about the topic of Units, what they do, their and stats, you came to the right page. Check our simple guide before making your way back into the wiki to read all the unit bonuses. 


Unit Types in Phantasy Star Online 2

In PSO2, a player can equip 4 types of units: Arm Unit, Leg Unit, Rear/Back Unit, and Sub Unit. Having a complete set of units gives you additional bonuses. There is no difference between one another. After all, they are all pieces of armor. 


Units and their stats and description.


Sub Units are generalist units. A player is able to equip sub units into any unit slot to cover for a missing Arm, Leg or Rear Unit. If players look at their stats, their information reveals that they aren’t as strong as the main units. Still, they provide a great patch to any gear. It’s better to have an extra stats or an extra lightning resistance on that arm slot, rather than an incomplete set with minor defenses. Check the wiki for all their stats.


Equip a sub unit to a slot to gain additional stats.


You’ll gain bonuses to your stats or extra passive bonuses from different units. Here’s a link to the Arks Visiphone community wiki page with all the available units in Phantasy Star Online 2: List of Units. If you find anything odd, leave your findings in the comments.


Units and Skill Rings

As of the recent update of SEGA JP, you can put up to one skill ring to your 12 star level and above units in Phantasy Star Online 2. Meaning that your arm, leg, rear or sub unit can each have 1 skill ring of your choice. In total, that’s 4 slots.


Equip a ring to your high rarity level unit.


This will greatly increase the combat property of any unit available, turning you into a real monster on the field since skill rings greatly increase weapons damage.

If you want a friendly suggestion for the best skill rings to equip your units for each class, try our other guide right here: Link. Or ask for help in the wiki comments, or the subreddit. 

We go over the most useful rings to increase weapon damage, weapon crit chance, S-Def, R-Def, T-Def, lightning damage and/or your PP management. Be sure to comment on it.


Don’t neglect your stars. Not even your R Defense and HP.


Piece your Phantasy Star Online 2 gear together

A character is as good as its gear, so, how do you choose your Gear? It’s better to have a unit for any occasion, as key resistances will be better for certain encounters, like the prefered lightning resistance. Prioritize full sets over sub units, while strong, you’ll always want the full set effect from a unit.  

But at this point it is fair to say that a powerful unit can turn the tide for all your upcoming games. While there are some gatekeepers, the rest of the community is always eager to help any newbie, so feel free to ask around on the Subreddits or Discords to find your perfect party.


SEGA releases tons of cosmetic upgrades.




Where can players find units?

Same as all other things in Phantasy Star Online 2, in the in-game shops, player shops, as rewards from completing quests or as drops. Be careful, as a good unit can go over a 1,000, 0 00. 


Does a unit have a ring Slot?

Yeah, they do. Thanks to the new update, every unit you can equip has a ring slot. Meaning players are going to have a party destroying raid bosses with your weapons, resistances and extra R - Defense stats thanks to your ring slots boosted units.


Where can I find more guides for PSO2?

Try our site, our sister sites, the Wiki, Reddit or Youtube. Remember to be nice in the comments, while PSO2 has a healthy community, not every comment section of the wiki is as nice.


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