PSO2 Etoile - Learn everything about this successor class!

PSO2 Etoile - Learn everything about this successor class!

Out of all successor classes that exist in Phantasy Star Online 2, Etoile is one of the most interesting from our point of view. Etoile is focused on melee weapon action, with which this class reaches a wide range of possibilities. Beyond these superficial descriptions, in this article, we are going to go deep into what attributes this class is pretty based on and explain everything about PSO2 Etoile, its features, buffs, abilities, skills, Potentials, Skip Arts, Photon Arts, and all you need to know to manage this new class in the best way. Let’s start!


In this guide you will find:

* PSO2 Etoile Weapons

* Phantasy Star Online 2 Etoile Basic Equipment

* Etoile Mag

* Etoile Skill Tree, necessary abilities



PSO2 Etoile Weapons

Etoile sign amount discord

Before entering this topic, we have to mention that getting Etoile is an easy task. To do this it is necessary that you complete one of the Client Orders from Koffie. You must complete this goal by making specific tasks and earning a Title, which requires you to reach level 75 in two different non-Successor classes. 

Already said this, let’s investigate the subject. 

Etoile uses three Weapons classes. 

  • Double Saber
  • Dual Blades
  • Wand.


Double Saber (S-ATK)

Double Saber Etoile is a master of agility (they are moving around fast and skilled surrounding their target), with great handling of the mobile arts. This is a well-balanced weapon, which hits in a very powerful way, will switch between both attack and defense, and has the best mobbing out of the three weapons. Its ability, its Weapon Action, Deflect, strikes back, and release a powerful attack. Some strengths of these weapons are:

  • Low PP cost
  • Can avoid and cancel enemies attacks in the middle of PA
  • Good PP Regain
  • Reduce damage per hit if having at least 1 gear.


Dual Blades (S-ATK)

This is primarily a short-ranged weapon a little slower than the previous one and focused on defense. Holding Dual Blades is perfect to face enemies that are in close range and support a shield. In addition, Dual Blades perform an extremely great sheer power and burst later in-game. The Weapon Action of DB is Parry. If you press the Weapon Action Button during a Step you activate Step Edge. Some strong points of Dual Blades are:

  • Restores PP through guardian attacks.
  • Via Weapon Action, DBs guard attacks almost anytime. 


Wand (T-ATK)

Basically, Wand lets higher control, mobility, and great offensive skills. Using Wands you can move anytime when you are attacking and PAs. Its Weapon Action is Protect, which allows guard while regenerating PP, unlike Double Blades or Double Sabers. Wand depends on the gear attack to make damage. Some strong points of Wand are:

  • Allows you to move while you are using normal attacks.
  • Great aerial capability
  • Using Protect allows PP Regeneration.


Phantasy Star Online 2 Etoile Basic Equipment

PSO2 Etoile apocalypse unit 206

Talking about Units and basic Weapons, we recommend that you use all the accessories available to you. Some reduced options we can give you according to the level, assuming that you have 120 s ATK on your mag, are the following:








Nox Cadina-NT

Nox Dinas-NT

Nox Qucross-NT

Rear/Ronia Pointa

Arm/Ronia Shell

Leg/Ronia Port

Sets of Ronia are always available in the Photon Sphere shop.

Grindex Nox should be available in Player Shop.



Sub/Stellar Wall

When you reach level 75 in any class, you should already have Stellar Wall.


Dim Doubler Saber

Dim Dual Blade

Dim Wand


You can find Dim in the Player Shop.

You can wield Dims on level 60 if you have 200 of ATK Mag.

You can wield Dims on level 50 if you have 200 of ATK Mag and maxed classes boosts.


Etoile Mag

PSO2 Mag subcribers comment

The Skill Etoile Mag distributes all the points added to mag’s S-ATK, R-ATK, and T-ATK at a rate of 1:1. For example, if you have 200 of S-ATK Mag, then you have 200 of R-ATK and T-ATK.  

Regarding the setup you can have in your Mag, we can recommend some. Next, we show you a list of interesting skills for Etoile Mag.







If you focus only on T-ATK it will give you access to PP Restore J. 

Auto Action


Can poison enemies.

You can buy T-ATK Device Megid in the Excube Shop.

Your Mag can produce damage comparable to S4 Raising Pursuit.

Photon Blast

Cetus Pro

You get Cetus Proi focusing on A-ATK.

PB Device Cetus P is available in the Excube Shop.

In order to trigger a Photon Blast, you need to take damage from enemies to fill up your PB Gauge.

Trigger Action

Atomizer Production

Mate Production

PP Restore J

Put Atomizer Production and Multiple Mate.

You can get E-Trial drops, Production Device/Mates, and Production Device/Mizers.


Auto SP Action


A good lifesaver.

You can buy SP DEX Device Barricade in the Excube Shop.

Pick Rapid Fire if you have PP Trouble. 

* Due to their abilities, Etoile Mags can become a great help to your warrior. They include attack and defense abilities. Just try to save a good active skill set.


Etoile skill tree, necessary abilities

Etoile Skill Tree user account menu keyboard shortcuts

You can switch the version of the game in the PSO2 Skill Simulator.


Damage Balancer: Significantly reduces the damage taken. In addition, reduces the HP you heal from everything, less Consumable, ET Skills, and Objects.

Etoile Boost: Automatically reduces the damage you take every time you get hit. This reduction decreases over time. 

Etoile HP Restorate: Recover HP gradually when HP is low a certain level. 

JA Critical. Gain a bonus when you use a Just Attack. 

Techs Arts Count Bonus. Reduces PP and gains a damage bonus when you use different Photon Arts during a combo. 

ET Weapon Bonus 2. Increases the damage by equipping Etoile Weapons. Just Guard PP Aile. 

Around Mate Up. Increases HP/PP recovery effect when players in the zones use Recovery Item. 

Wand F Dash. When using a Wand, during a focus Photon Art, movement speed is boosted for a short time during a combo. 

Wand Teleport. Equipping a Wand, hold and release the Weapon Action to warp in the direction and attack. 

DB Gear Heat Up. When a Dual Blade is equipped, using a Connect or Full Connect will boost gear gain for a short time.  

DB Lock-on Chase. When a DB is equipped,  Normal Attacks will advance you towards a lock-on enemy. 


Phantasy Star Online 2 Etoile guide conclusions

We have arrived at the end of this ‘report’ about the Etoile successor class that we share with you. What you read here is content trending since Etoile is one of the most used classes in Phantasy Star Online 2 by Sega, along with Phantom, Hero, Braver, Ranger, Luster, and Hunter, even as a subclass. If you choose an Etoile as a character, you may be part of this interstellar force as a great warrior in search of the Dark Falz Gemini. Since we assume this is what you are looking for, this guide is perfect for you.

Besides, if you love this game and you are eager for knowing more details or something else about this class, or you still want to see and hear about other recommendations from this top game, please keep in touch, search for whatever you need on our platform, join our community, and follow us on Social Media. We have a huge variety of unique articles that will be very helpful to you. Even, you can watch useful videos and etc. 

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Feel free to leave long comments if you want and feed our curiosity about what you think of this thread. And remember, if you want the Etoile class, got it! See you, traveler, on the next adventure! 




What are the best weapons of the Etoile successor class in PSO2?

As you should know, weapons give you different abilities and improve different your play. Some are weak, others stronger. Some get power by blocking, others by attacking. Some interesting weapons are Soldam, Cras, Ayer, Stil, Fimbul, Rivalate / Liberate, Atlas Ex, Xion, Ophistia / Austere, and Flotea. 


What are the best skills of the Etoile class PSO2?

In order to name the best skill, we have to say that it depends on the style of fighting you prefer. Some of the best skills are Damage Balancer, Etoile Boost, Standing Massive, Flat Attack Bonus, All Attack Bonus ET, Etoile HP Restorate, Tech Arts Count Bonus, Etoile Wand Gear, and Double Saber Step Guard. 


What are the best Photos Arts to Etoile in Phantasy Star Online 2?

The Photons Arts depend on the type of weapon you are using. You cannot use any PA whenever you want. The best DS PAs are Deflect Combo, Quick Take & Enhanced Quick Take, and Celestial Collide. In the case of DB PAs are Radian Sting, Vertical Flow, and Light Wave. In the case of W PAs are Protect Release, Prism Circular, Luminous Flare, Black Hole Rupture, and Glitter Stripe. All of them have a high PP consumption.


Do you seriously use the recommended setting for the Etoile Skill tree? 

The answer is yes. The recommended setting is a good alternative to start to understand this class. Then you will have the possibility to reset the skill tree and choose the best skills for your style of gaming. This is the time to head to the new page. 


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