PSO2 Classes - a guide to choose the right one

PSO2 Classes - a guide to choose the right one

Phantasy Star Online is one of the first japanese games that ever existed in the MMO world and all the fans of this genre owe them some revolutionary standard ideas like personalizing your character, choosing between different classes and depending on that, having better skills by using some weapons that can cause a pretty good damage on our rivals. 

Many games took the bases of this title in order to become great classics that have succeeded in the task of achieving a spot on our memories and hearts, but we cannot forget the classics that are behind, like the old Phantasy Star Online. 

Now, another title is here to remind us of the power of this franchise. Phantasy Star Online 2, or PSO2 as it is known by the majority, was the long awaited sequel of this franchise that is getting even more popular now that it was released on Steam and made possible the crossplay with Xbox One users. A gaming system with an amazing tech release that opens up tons of possibilities for gameplay for north or south combat across the whole galaxy.

For those people who are not familiarized with the game, Phantasy Star Online 2 has an innovative yet complicated plot that will remind you of other stories like Alien or Death Space, focused on a crew that is sent to explore other galactic systems and planets, when they find something they would have never wanted to discover.

After that, you select one character and depending on the species and classes you chose your journey through Phantasy Star Online will change.

That’s precisely what this guide is about, wueh you read it, you’ll learn about the best classes, our purpose is to explain to you about the different classes you will find in order to choose the best for you depending whether you are a new or an experienced player. You will learn about which class is better, which one is perfect to inflict more damage on your enemies, the weapons that will help depending on your character, and hoy some stuff in the game such as assault rifles, long range class characters, photon arts, launchers, machine guns, jet boots and wired lances work. And we’ll go over the content in this, and a few more articles.

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Races and classes in Phantasy Star Online 2

In order to understand the difference, let’s talk about races and classes first. Phantasy Star Online 2 comes with 4 powerful races with different skills, see them next:

  1. Human - these are the most equilibrated of the game in comparison to the other three races.
  2. Newman - these are artificial humans that look like elves, they have low physical resistance, but great magic skills. Can be female or male.
  3. Deuman - this is a strong race and how they look depends on the genre. Males look like big machine guns while females have the aspects of androids. Considering they are big walking weapons, their physical resistance and capabilities of inflicting damage are high, but you will move really slow.
  4. Cast - These guys look like a demoniac human. Their physical endurance is really low but their power at attack is almost deathly on PSO2.


Once you choose your race (or try one), it is time to select a class, but before you make this choice, here are some important things you need to know about classes:

  • There are basic classes, successor classes, subclasses and more. You will be able to unlock them throughout the game depending on different factors.
  • Each class has its own level, of course you will begin at level one.
  • Once you reach a new level you will get a point to unlock class skills, you can do this on the skill tree, of course, using it will make you stronger, allowing you to upgrade the power you have to different skills like weapons, photon arts or inflicting damage.
  • If you chose a class and you are worried that you won’t be able to change it later, don’t suffer, PSO2 allows you to make all the changes you need without losing the progress you have made on them.
  • Once you reach level 20 on the basic classes you are allowed to choose a subclass and make use of it’s abilities on the skill tree for a buff on a weapon or DPS. Once you reach Episode 3 all classes are available from the beginning.
  • Subclasses may help you, but don’t forget some specific things like the weapons or the weight will still be only the one of the primary classes.

phantasy star online 2 classes choice



Know every class in PSO2 

Now, let’s choose and pick our class for Phantasy Star Online 2. Like a lot of MMOs, we have nine classes to keep everyone entertained. Each one is different and has it’s weak points and its strong points. Some will help you during long range battles, and there is even the melee class if it’s needed..

The names of the nine basic classes are: hunter, ranger, force, braver, fighter, gunner, techer, bouncer, summoner and hero. On related topics, remember that they all have skill trees to increase attack power, burst damage, or buff for different weapons.

After that we have the successor clases, which we will talk about later but are three: hero, phantom and etoile on that front that allow a variety of offensive and passive benefits.


Now let’s analyze each class to help you decide, read next:

Hunter class - We are starting with this one because it is based on high defense skills, medium speed and low damage. It’s designed to distract the enemy or hold his attention, kind of the character you use to sacrifice. It’s characteristic weapons are a sword, a wired lance, a partizan and a gunslash. In short, hunters are extremely versatile fighters to start with as a beginner. Partizans are great.

Ranger class - This second one is literally intermediate on its physical attack, speed, capacity of damage and defense. It’s characteristic weapons are the assault rifle, the launcher and the gunslash. It will help for long range battles and has the ability to see traps in the field, making him a good scouting option. A great ranged class with fast mobility.

Force class - This one has great magic skills at long distance, it’s defense is not bad since it’s medium, the problem is the slow movements, but it will hurt your enemies a lot. The weapons of this class are rod, talis and a gunslash. Away with defense style rods, let’s go for offense.

Braver class - Kind of similar to a fighter. A katana, a gunslash and a bullet bow are part of the weapons focus of this class. It is really useful since it can adapt to long range attacks or short range ones. It moves really quick and it’s damage may not be as high or heavy as the force class but it’s not bad at all.

Fighter class - It moves pretty quick and is designed for you to attack at close range, however it is not that strong at the moment of inflicting damage. The weapons of fighter class in PSO2 are double saber, twin dagger, knuckles and a gunslash. You can’t go wrong with twin daggers, double damage in no time.

Gunner class - To be honest, this isn’t part of my favorite classes on Phantasy Star Online 2 since it may be really quick but has low damage while it attacks, medium defense and can is not the best choice for long range battles. Now back to the cool features and stuff of this class? The weapons. It has assault rifles, a gunslash and a twin machine. Be careful, they don’t have great survivability. 

Techter class - This guy uses magic spells that work as short distance attacks with a low defense. It makes quick movements and can inflict pretty good damage in a slow way. A wand, talis and gunslash are their weapons. 

Bouncer class - Part of the cooler classes in Phantasy Star Online 2. Equipped with dual blades (like soaring blades), jet boots and the pretty common gunslash. Added on Episode 3, it has a direct attack with medium defense, in addition to quick movement and low damage but combining physical and magic power, it also can levitate and attack on a medium range with the gunslash.

Summoner class - Added on Episode 4, it commands elemental (six elements in-game) space creatures, better known as pets, against the enemy, depending on the qualities of the attack according to the creature. It uses a takt and a gunslash and it's probably the coolest badass class on Phantasy Star Online 2 thanks to a mix between pet variety and the action they provide.

Hero class - Added at the beginning of Episode 5. This class is capable of combining attacks and mix them between different kinds of weapons during combat. They have swords, twin machine guns and talises at their disposal. Well, take it if you love striking fear on the enemies.

phantasy star online class guide


Successor classes and their weapons in PSO2

These were the basic classes in Phantasy Star Online 2, now let's talk about the successor classes options, there are three of them as we said before, and the may be unlocked after completing Koffie’s Successor Class Unlocking Trial, this requires your character to reach level 75 not just on a class, but in two, making it a little bit harder, but possible. Remember you can have a main class and a secondary class thanks to the class system.

The difference between a basic class and the successor classes is they have a unique set of playstyle and photon arts available only to them. It’s important to understand though that if you use them, you won't be able to use a subclass.

Hero class - A cool thing about this class is that it is capable of switching weapons during combat, combining techniques to be more deadly, it uses talis, gunslashes, twin machine guns and a sword. Just what the health bars of enemies melt with your amazing DPS.

Phantom class - Equipped with katanas, assault rifles, gunslashes and a rod, Phantom can fight long or short range combats according to the situation, combining the weapons as necessary. Solid choice all around oriented to all types of combat. This one can fly unlike most other classes.

Etoile class - Etoile is pretty useful on PSO2 thanks to it’s melee orientation, allowing him to support and distract it’s enemies; otherwise it can also fight and defend himself successfully on a medium range. This class is equipped with double sabers, dual blades, wands and a gunslash. This special class It’s a bit hard to master but worth the effort when you specialize on it.


These are the different types of class PSO2 has to offer. Don’t forget to visit the skill tree or the class counter now that you are about to experience the magnificence of playing phantasy star 2 online or with your friends. Make sure to have a balanced party rather than one full of groups of allies suited for one type of combat. It’s better to have hybrid damage and healing instead of going solo for combos and being super squishy.

Do you want to know more about this game? Do not miss the weapons equivalent PSO2 guide we have prepared for you and get ready to conquer the balanced Star Phantasy online world.

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How do I get a subclass in PSO 2?

To unlock your subclass in PSO 2, first you need to hit level 20 in any class and then go to speak to administrator Cofy at the East Quest Counter. She will ask you to defeat Garango and Fordodan, you can find the first guy on Forest Free Field maps, and Fordodan is on Volcanic Cavern Free Field maps. Once you kill them, quickly return with Cofy and unlock your sub. If used correctly, summoners, rangers, bouncers and every other class will see an increase in AoE, and boosts in overall power. A subclass works as an easy boost the power on your account character.


What is the best class in PSO 2?

There is no concrete answer to this. You need to find the best option based on your strategy and the way you play the game, your skills, multiple stats and the strengths you need to count on at the moment of a battle. Either be ranged combat, mid range or close range.


Is Braver a good class in PSO 2?

Yes, Braver is a single great class, since it allows you to use a katana, a gunslash and a bullet bow and it’s adaptable to fight through long range distances or shorter ones depending on what you need. It has the plus that it moves really quick and even if the damage is not as high as other classes, it can inflict a considerable amount of damage, and it means it is part of the most useful and complete classes of the game.  


Can you switch classes in PSO 2?

Yes, you can freely switch from a class to another. You just need to visit the ARKS lobby in the class counter to access it. In fact, I strongly suggest you to do this if you want to reach higher levels. Remember when you hit level 75 on two classes you can unlock the successor ones that’s a buff on any stat for all players. Search for a way to make huge improvements to last and live longer in the closest battles.


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