Lineage 2 updates - Salvation and Antharas

Lineage 2 updates - Salvation and Antharas
Lineage 2

Salvation update came to Lineage 2. It’s available now at EU and NA servers: RAMONA, CORE, CHRONOS, NAIA, and FREYA. On the same day we got ANTHARAS update at the classic EU server SKELTH.

Let's start with the standard Free2Play version of Lineage, that still has a quite high fanbase. After all, we are talking about one of the most iconic MMORPGs in history (some players put Lineage 2 even above WoW). Salvation update grants us access to a new revamped hunting zone - Shadow of Mother Tree. Monster and Quests difficulty for Garden of Spirit has changed, epic Spezion is now available only once per week (103 lv and above), clans can now level up to lvl. 15, more skills for Sigel Knight and Iss Enchanter classes not to mention most important feature - Lineage 2 Adena auto pickup. Check out the patch notes for more information. 


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Developers did not forget about their classic version of Lineage 2 that is getting updates quite often - ANTHARAS update is live. Finally we can fight against the first of the six dragons which have been sent by Shilen to the war against the other gods. Additionally, we’re getting new hunting zone - Forgotten Island - plus some smaller changes you can check in the patch notes. Lineage 2 Classic is working on a subscription-based model but as we can see the number of players is increasing with each update compared to the F2P version of the game. Good old Lineage 2 with a lot of open world PvP!

Have fun and see you on the battlefield ;)!

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Craven • 16 April 2020 It's been a while, and I'm thinking about returning to Lineage 2. How much did it changed? Is it still worth it? Reply
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Fabini • 21 April 2020 nice Reply
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XrushBlox • 28 April 2020 neat Reply
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