Lineage 2 Ertheia - learn the basics of the race

Lineage 2 Ertheia - learn the basics of the race
Lineage 2

Lineage 2 Ertheia

Lineage 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game (MMORPG) developed by Korean studio NCSOFT and released for Microsoft Windows. It's the second title in the Lineage series and serves as a prequel to original Lineage game. It's set 150 years before events of the previous game. It was launched in South Korea on October 1, 2003, rapidly growing in popularity, reporting 1 000 918 unique users playing the game during March 2007. It is assumed that the game has been played by more than 14 million users, mostly from Asia.


On November 30 with the release of Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction, a free-to-play model, was implemented. Most of the in-game content became free, excluding "purchasable – in-game store items and packs".


Just like all the other races, Ertheias are able to get a lot of value from safe Lineage 2 Adena that you can buy from Sellers And Friends!


What is Ertheia in Lineage 2?

The Ertheia were created by Sahya, youngest son of Einhasad, who filled their forms with the essence of the wind. They were free-spirited wanderers, who are driven by their curiosity and need to still be in motion. Their beauty was so astonishing that Einhasad himself wanted to keep them in Magmeld, but thanks to Sayha's pleas, they were set free. For the same reason they were locked in cages by the giants, but captivity meant dead to those imprisoned. So once more, their freedom was returned to them. From now on, the Ertheia would freely roam the world, bringing back stories about their adventures and discoveries.


After the fall of the Giants, chaos erupted across the world, and a new contest for dominance had begun. The Ertheia were not unmoved by its event. An older and more prideful faction of magical heritage – The Erthaia Surr, decided to support the Elves. More physical and down to world faction of The Erheia Nann insisted on keeping their neutrality. With the discord deepening, King Zepharon fleed from its source, leading his people away into the Wind Spirit Realm.


Freshly restored peace was not a long term deal. The representative of Nann was coronated, much to despise of the Surr. There were those amongst their ranks, who and chose Venir – a Surr wizard – as their ruler. It all led to unleashing of the Seal of Punishment. It wreaked havoc and destruction upon the Material and Spirit Realms. Due to enormous quake, Faeron Village fell into pieces and tore through the fabric of dimensions. It fell straight into Material Realm, where Shilen's forces were expecting them.


Ertheia characteristics

The Ertheia race differs from other races in the world of Lineage 2 in many ways:


You can only create female characters.


Their first, second and third Liberation (Class Transfers) become available at Level 40, Level 76 and Level 85.


By completing the first Liberation with a character above Level 40, you will unlock Alchemy. It allows to create items, or transform existing ones into different items, including XP, Runes and CHA/LUC dyes.


Ertheia Wizard is unable to equip shields and sigils.


The Ertheia race can't create a subclass, and by so, it cannot learn subclass skills.


Any class can be a dual-class with an exception for Ertheia race class, Iss Dominator, and Tyrr Maestro.


The Ertheia classes will not be able to chain skill to use pop-ups when a hostile mob is knocked down or airborne. Awakened class nearby still gets chain skill pop-ups, even in case of being knocked down/knocked back by Ertheia – specific Classes skills.

Special Abilities of Ertheia race

The Ertheia has a new racial skill – Alchemy. It becomes available for these characters, who completed first Class Transfer and are above Level 40. The alchemy has two types:

- Combination,

- Transmutation.


The combination takes two or more items and combines them to form either air stones or tempest stones. These are fundamental materials in Transmutation process. Tempest stones can also get you to yield dye boxes of various levels or a box containing a wind talisman.


Transmutation allows Ertheia to change items into other items. It has four levels of advancement: elementary, intermediate, advanced and master. You can use the following items in the transmutation process: 

- potions, 

- scrolls, 

- dyes, 

- stone.

Ertheia race new locations


The Ertheia race hunts on new zones: Faeron Village and Whispering Woods. Faeron Village is the starting zone for Ertheia race and can be accessed through Talking Island Village, Gludin Village and Town of Gludio. Whispering Woods is a hunting zone designed for levels 1 – 20 charters.


Characters at level 99 can enter a new instance via Faeron Village. A group of one up to four players can go into the instance activating the countdown. Players have to clear the floor of the dungeon before the timer runs out. Clearing a floor adds time to the timer. The difficulty increases with every next storey. Player, or Players, continue fighting until the time runs out.

Ertheia race classes

When playing as a representative of Ertheia race, you can choose between two classes: Fighter and Wizard. Names are self-explanatory; both classes can progress into three different jobs.

Ertheia Fighter is a melee damage dealing class. After reaching level 38, you will be able to undertake Winds of Fate: Encounters quest. By completing it, you will be awarded your first Class Transfer, and your character will become Marauder. Its specialization is centered around fist weapons and light armors.

At level 76 by completing second Liberation Quest – Winds of Fate: A promise, you will earn your second Class Transfer into Ripper. They possess the ability to manipulate the flow of energy to their advantage.


At level 85 with third Liberation Quest, Winds of Fate: Choices you will be awarded final, Third Class Transfer to Eviscerator. Their battle style is based on creating and shifting dynamic spaces.

Same Liberation Quests are setting the path to Ertheia Wizard – a closed range magic damage dealers.


At level 38, your Wizard will become the Cloud Breaker. His specialization is magical, two-handed weapons and robes. They also have the ability to blend into the wind and attack from surprise.

At level 76, Stratomancer will become available. They use wind for self-protection and as attack measure.

Wizard's final Class Transfer open the road to Sayha's Seer. Their battle plan includes using the power of the wing god Sayha both in offense and defense.  


L2 Ertheia - Summary

That's it for our Lineage 2 Ertheia guide. These are basic information, that will help you get through the initial stages without much trouble, and will give you an insight on the endgame content. With us, you will learn how to level up, where to go, which mobs to kill to eventually reach the stage of power, where your epic attacks crush your enemies. Many say that the Lineage 2 is dying, entering its dark ages, but we're sure there is still plenty to have fun from. Plus, it has one of the best endgame PvP of all. Not much is required to enjoy it. Wait no longer!


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