Is TERA Online cross platform? - We have all of the answers!

Is TERA Online cross platform? - We have all of the answers!

TERA Online became one of the most popular MMO role-playing games back in the day. The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a magnificent place where players could get lost for hours and still don’t get bored at all. The lore is rich and beautiful, the quests are amazing, and the combat system is delightful. Discovering another game that can provide what TERA does was a challenging task.

The fact that this game was old-school-like was an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. A massive part of the fan base (and let’s face it - the overall gaming community) was tired of the classic system that MMO role-playing games employed back in the days. But some other users may feel like this game was the precise fit for their needs.

The opinions about TERA are so different across the internet. People may love it, people may despise it, but nobody can deny the success that this game had over other games of the same genre. But there’s a question that may bother all of the people that play TERA out there: does TERA support cross-play? Can I play this game on my PS4 or my Xbox One? Did Sony allow the cross platform on its special console?

Sellers and Friends will help you solve this question as soon as we can! If you don’t know to play this game on PS4, PC, mobile phone, or Xbox One, we will assist you in making the ultimate choice.


What gaming platforms are the most popular?

Console battle has been on and on since the early 2000s. Each console has its own target with specific users to aim, so sometimes, they don’t care about this battle at all. It is the case of Nintendo, a multimillionaire company that doesn’t even bother getting into this fight.

It is not the case of Sony and Microsoft, of course. PS4, Xbox One, and PC usually have the same catalog of games. It is obvious than the hardware of a PC, PS4 and an Xbox One is not the same from system to system, but game developers know how to create cross platform games that work in PS4, PC, and Xbox One the same way.

But if we talk about the most popular platform in the world then we are referring to... yes, you guessed it - mobile phones. Although mobile phones were not first meant to play games, developers knew they needed to take advantage of this field. This is why Sony, Microsoft, and other PS4, Xbox One, and console developers created mobile games so everybody could enjoy them. But to make things short - NO, TERA Online is not available for mobile devices.


Is cross platform necessary these days?

We believe that games that support cross-play are, in a way, more successful than the ones who don’t. This success can be measured in titles like Call Of Duty that can be played in PS4, Xbox One, and PC like it was the same game. Not all gamers have the same console, that’s for sure. Some of them may prefer to buy Sony products, while others like to play in Xbox One, while others are just used to playing in their classic PC.

It is obvious that Call of Duty might be a significantly big example of this because of CoD it’s a game that everybody knows, regardless if you own a PC, PS4, or Xbox One. But when we talk about an MMORPG such as TERA Online, the landscape changes.

In the very beginning, MMORPG was exclusive to PC. The limitations of the consoles created by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo made it impossible for developers to create good MMORPG on these devices. In addition, more people have a PC than the people who possess a PS4, Xbox One, or a Nintendo.


Then, why bother implementing the cross platform feature?

You may ask, why would Bluehole Studio want to implement this feature if their target is already playing it on a PC?! Well, people play online to share moments with friends and to compete with other players. If the options are limited, they might get bored as a direct cause of the limitations. This is what diversification offers: more players, more adventures, more stories, more enjoyment. Players surely love to play games with their friends, whether in a PC, PS4, or Xbox One. So yes, basically, TERA Online cross platform system would have been amazing, we all can agree on this.


So, is TERA Online a cross platform game?

  1. TERA Online is NOT a cross platform. That’s it. It’s sad, but we need to accept it. If you play on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you will be limited to play with people of these consoles. We know that you would have loved to play with your friend, who is a Sony fanboy forever and refuses to change to Xbox One, but for now, this won’t be possible.

This doesn’t mean that TERA is a bad game at all. You already know our opinion about this game, and this is not a weak point of it. After all, cross-platform is not something that’s mandatory for all games. It is understandable that some PS4, PC or Xbox One developers can’t afford to implement it. If you know the answer to the question "Is TERA Online cross platform?", we can go into details.


But, WHY Tera does not support cross-play?

A lot can be mentioned about this. First of all, we need to keep in mind that TERA was first launched back in 2011, on PC, of course. When people first enjoyed this game, they knew what they were getting into. It was a game suitable for the moment and appropriate for the fans of the genre. Then, seven years later, it was launched PS4 and Xbox One. In gaming terms, this is a lot of years.

It is evident that the difference between PC players and PS4 or Xbox players was huge. Seven years is a lot of time to level up their accounts and implement substantial changes in their character. Bluehole Studio knows this, so they didn’t want to have the gameplay unbalanced. Well, at least that was their statement. Some gamers believe that Sony didn’t agree with connecting their players with Xbox players due to consoles competitivity, but the truth is that the cross platform feature is something that TERA PS4, PC, and Xbox players won’t have - at least for a long, long time.

For many titles, cross-platform feature is the dream. Imagine going for a raid with your friend who has a PlayStation while you use Xbox. Imagine your PC friends joining you. This way, you wouldn’t have to forsake your console and buy a PC box just for the purpose of playing together. However, the most important thing that players do not take into account is the code. Different platforms - different code. It’s not like painting the same picture with a different method. Creating a working, balanced code for multiple platforms while maintaining balance in the gameplay is impossible.

Who knows, maybe in the future cross-platform will be a standard. But now - it’s not.


Should TERA players have any hope for a cross platform in the future?

There are no signs that this feature will be implemented at all. The politics of the companies is a huge obstacle to players. Besides, we are about to enter the next generation of consoles were PS4 will be replaced for PS5 and Xbox One will be replaced for Xbox Series X. This game will maybe be playable in next-gen consoles, but who knows? After all, all we can do is enjoy the things that we have to the present.



Well, you already know exactly what you came looking for. Although TERA doesn’t have the cross platform option, you can still enjoy hundreds of amazing things that this MMORPG has. We encourage all of our readers to become as powerful as possible in playing this game, whether if you do it in PS4, PC, or Xbox One. After all, it’s not the console that’s going to decide the outcome of the battle - it’s the skills of the player that matters in the end.



Can PC users play TERA with PS4 or Xbox One users?

Nope. This is not possible at this moment (and it might never be in this title).

Is TERA free-to-play?

Yes, it is. Players can also spend real money on it, but it will be all cosmetic changes.

Can I play TERA on a Nintendo Switch?

No. TERA can only be played on PS4, PC, and Xbox.


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