Guild Wars is back with this new installment ready to conquer even more gamers' hearts around the world. Guild Wars 2 claims to be absolutely unique in the genre, but is this true? We strongly believe it is. It is an MMORPG, that's clear for now, but there are some features, like a responsive storyline, that it can't be found anywhere else. The real-time 3D environment looks sensational, the gameplay is one of the best we have ever tried and the sense of competition is harder than ever. This is what Guild Wars 2 actually is: a perfect balance between a good plot and an excellent multiplayer. Either way, Sellers and Friends is here to show you the latest news and guides about Guild Wars 2. There are no limitations for Sellers and Friends. Neither there is for you, and you know it. That’s why you are going to become the absolute best Guild Wars 2 player of them all.

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