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EvE Fit of the Week #3: Svipul - low cost apex predator

EvE Fit of the Week #3: Svipul - low cost apex predator

2018-07-30 07:43:30 Jarek Bob Dylewski

Introduction of Tech 3 destroyers changed the PvP scene forever. Many claim that it has ruined balance in the "S" ship tier, rendering Assault Frigates obsolete in PvP and Svipul became the main offender.
With high base speed, amazing bonuses, and versatility Minmattar Tactical Destroyer outclasses and outguns any frigate, slot layout allows for variety of different builds but today we'll have a look at a cheapest, and probably most well-known setup - Buffer Tank Svipul. At this point, I want to invite you to our EVE Online ISK offer.

There are few ways to build Svipul, with artillery builds being quite powerful, the reason for that is that thanks to the ships high base speed even if you get webbed by enemy frigate you can also web it back and remain more agile having no issues tracking it. But today we are looking at more fleet oriented autocannon loadout. The presented fit is extremely tight on CPU and Power Grid so make sure to have your CPU Management and Power Grid management skills maxed out also you will need a CPU implant - Zainou "Gypsy" CPU Management EE-603.


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As you will see below we will be using Republic Fleet Shield Extenders, Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core and Compact Microwarpdrive, all in order to just squeeze in every module we need within the grid limits. Altho the faction modules might cost some extra ISK remember, you are already flying a Svipul, putting some extra coin on it will surely pay off. 

The passive regeneration on Svipul is strong enough to resist a pack of light drones, giving larger ship, cruisers, a hard time. With all the passives, skills and modules combined this Destroyer is able to pull out Cruiser buffer tank numbers while being incredibly fast and agile. 

Tactical Modes

Tech 3 destroyers came with various "modes" your ship can get into, instead of changing the purpose of your ship by refitting subsystems like in T3 cruisers, destroyers can adjust on-the-fly. 

Defense Mode

33.3% Bonus to all shield and armor resistances 
66.6% Reduction in MicroWarpdrive signature radius penalty

You want to use this mode whenever you are fighting against ships that have you in their hard-tackle. If you are scrammed or webbed you will be sitting in this mode almost exclusively. 

Sharpshooter Mode

100% Bonus to Sensor Strenght 
33,3% Small Projectile Turret tracking speed 

This mode is not as important as the other two. The tracking speed bonus doesn't really change much. The only situation when you want to use this mode is to boost your sensors while having a fleet op and got e-war on you. 

Speed Mode

33% to your ship's agility 
66% to your base speed 

By far the most powerful mode to the point it's considered broken. Two second align time without any extra modules, and an extremely high base speed will not only grant you a nice range control but also makes your targetting near perfect even outside the sharpshooter setting. 

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