EfT Modding Guide - Learn everything about weapon mods!

EfT Modding Guide - Learn everything about weapon mods!
Escape from Tarkov

In Escape from Tarkov, mod weapons are one of the best skills you can learn. If you are eager to know everything about this topic, then you have to read this EfT Modding Guide. In this article you are going to learn:

  • What are and what types of mods you can find in EfT
  • How to get EfT gods

First, we will give an overview of the mods that exist in the game and how to get them. Second, we will talk about how to build a perfect weapon for your purposes. Let’s start with this lesson, comrade!


Table of contents:

* Escape from Tarkov modding, what is?

* How can I get EfT mods?

* Escape from Tarkov mods tips, how to create the perfect gun?

* Weapon modding Escape from Tarkov conclusions






Escape from Tarkov modding - what is it?

Escape from Tarkov weapon modding

The arms industry is very old. Over the centuries many bright minds worked hard to improve, enhance, and modify the armament. 

For such purposes, you need to be modding weapons in Escape from Tarkov as well.

All weapons in EfT have regular stats, which define, in a certain way, the quality and strong points of the weapon. These stats are the following:

  • Accuracy - This stat defines how close your shots hit. 
  • Muzzle Velocity - High values mean an increase in the rate of fire and the accuracy of your shots. 
  • Sighting Range - High values mean a better range of zoom and a faster down sight.


EfT mod menu

In the mod menu, you can check the tables of improvements. 


  • Ergonomics - A better ergonomy means you can handle the Tarkov weapons in a better way. All your movements will improve, that is to say, aiming, down sights, reloading, and switching.  
  • Recoil - High values in recoil mean limited bouncing and sway of the weapon you are using. 

The mod types aim to modify these stats, improving some and worsening others. The final results differ in power and precision. 


What type of mods can I find in Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov weapon modding

There are three types of mods in Eft. Each of these categories has other subcategories. The main types are:

  • Vital parts. As its name says, these mods are essential for the functioning of the weapon. Anyway, these mods don´t have so much influence over the weapons stats. Some examples of vital parts are gas tube blocks, handguards, barrels, receivers, and slides, pistol grips, etc. 
    • Barrels.
    • Gas Blocks.
    • Handguards.
    • Pistol grips.
    • Receivers & slides.


Escape from Tarkov Vital Parts menu

The vital part on the mod menu. 


  • Functional mods. These modifications make your weapon more useful. Some examples of functionals mods are flashlights, laser target pointer, muzzle devices, sights, foregrips, suppressors, etc. Each category of functional mods aims at a totally different target.
    • Bipods.
    • Foregrips.
    • Flashlights.
    • Tactical Combo Devices.
    • Auxiliary parts.
    • Muzzle Devices
      • Muzzle adapters.
      • Flash hiders & muzzles breaks.
      • Suppressors. 
    • Sights.
      • Assault Scopes
      • Reflex sights.
      • Compact Reflex Sights.
      • Iron Sights.
      • Scopes.
      • Special Scopes.


EfT Weapon parts and mods

The general mod menu on the Flea Market.


  • Gear mods. All the other mods are classified as Gear mods. These are more varied and you have to be aware of what they do to each weapon. One good example of gear mods is the mounts, which allow you to add other mods to your gun. 
  • Some weapons like assault rifles (Ars), machine guns, marksman rifles, and sniper rifles might need a mount to hold a sight. Other types of Gear mods are magazines, stocks, chassis, charging handles, and grenade launchers. 
    • Charging handles
    • Magazines.
    • Mounts.
    • Stocks & Chassis.


How can I get EfT mods?

Escape from Tarkov mods

You can find mods everywhere, but mainly in the Flea Market or by trading. You can purchase mods from shopkeepers (dealers)  but first, you need to reach a certain level of reputation. 

In Flea Market you can easily search for the mods which you are looking for based on a search term. To purchase or trade items in the Flea Market you also need a certain level of reputation. 


Escape from Tarkov modding

Raids are one of the best options to get mods, although, from a certain point of view, you will never know which mod you will get in raids. It depends on luck. 

In raids, weapon boxes represent the best chance of getting mods you can have, but you will need a favorable RNG. 

The third option is to loot corpses. Lots of guys will head into a raid for the same purpose as you. Many of them will not make it to the extraction point. It would be terrible not to collect their findings.


Escape from Tarkov mods tips, how to create the perfect gun?

EfT mods discord

To create a good weapon your first need to check the weapon and mod data, to verify that pieces are compatible and don't make errors when buying a wrong mod. 

Modding is not a cheap thing. Weapons have a lot of details and not all mods are compatible with all the weapons. 

In addition, you have to keep in mind every attachment improves some particular stat of your weapons, but it can also lower other statistics. 

Not checking the drop in weapons stats is a common error. Keep in mind this before purchasing any mod. 


EfT attachments

When you click on the weapon, you can check all the attachments. 


A nice tip to understand the Escape from Tarkov modding system is checking any detail of the most expensive weapons builds that are offered in the Flea Market. 

These builds, in general, have thousands of views and you can examine the mod that they have attached. 


Escape from Tarkov Stash modding

When you have a mod in your stash, you can check if this is compatible.


Furthermore, when you get mods on raids, you can check their compatibility click on them. You can see if that mod can be attached to some of your weapons in the tab ‘Compatible with available,’. You can also do this with dealers.

Finally, there are several sites on the Internet where you can create builds to check how the mods change the weapon stats.   


Escape from Tarkov weapon modding

Click on the tab ‘Edit Preset’ of any weapon you have in your stash. Here you will have access to all the parts of the weapon and the possibilities that are available. 

For example, if you need a handguard, just click on the specific tab, and all the available handguards will appear in a new window. 

If there are some available space in the mod menu, then there are some mod you haven’t discovered yet. 

Finally, if you are happy with your build or you want to prove another configuration, you can save the current build. Just press the button to the left. Then insert the name of the build, some recognizable name. 


EfT Set Build Name


Then you can go to the preset menu, go to the ‘Open’. 

Next, you will have access to all the builds you made in the game. Type in the name of the preset you are looking for to enter into the previous menu. 


EfT Open Preset


Weapon modding Escape from Tarkov conclusions

Escape from Tarkov by Battlestate Games has plenty of secrets, hidden corners, trades, death, and useful tools and weapons. Nothing is easy within it! 

If we are guided by the body content titles of this article, we can assume now you already know everything about EfT mods

Perhaps for newbies, the mod system could be a little confusing but with this guide, all doubts are clarified. We encourage you to try and try, remember that practice makes perfect.


Escape from Tarkov weapon Modding computers cheers

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What is the best weapon in Escape from Tarkov?

There is a huge number of weapons in Escape from Tarkov by Battlestate Games, over 60, and some of them are incredible firearms. Currently, the best weapon is the Colt M4A1 5.56X45 Assault Rifle. 


What is the most valuable item in Escape from Tarkov?

The price of the items and supply and demand changes every day, so it is very difficult to say what is the most valuable item. Nevertheless, Key to Kiba Store Outlet is one of the most valued due to its rewards. 


Weapon modding worth it in Escape from Tarkov?

The answer is yes. What´s more, it is totally necessary you get mods to enhance the stats of your weapons or you won’t have the necessary tools to get out of Tarkov. Battlestate Games put at your disposal this magnificent tool to help you to Escape from Tarkov.


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