Buy WoW Gold: how to do it? - a complete guide.

Buy WoW Gold: how to do it? - a complete guide.
World of Warcraft


As befits an MMORPG, the level of enjoyment in the game in World of Warcraft is to a certain extent adequate to the strength of our character. It is a simple dependence - the more powerful the items our character has, the more pleasant and effectively we spend our time in the game. However, in order to upgrade the gear, a specific amount of gold coins is an absolute necessity. Obtaining gold in WoW is not so easy and takes time, which is so priceless nowadays. And it does not matter if it is Shadowlands, Classic or Battle for Azeroth, Europe, the US, Horde or Alliance.

This is when the appropriate services and platforms come to the rescue. Thanks to them the player can purchase the World of Warcraft gold and gain advantage over their opponents in a matter of seconds. However,  in order for the transaction process to be safe, efficient, and cost-effective, you need to know the answer for certain quests. Are you looking for buy wow gold? If so, then you are in the right place. Enjoy reading!


How to get money in World of Warcraft?

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In World of Warcraft, you can earn gold in plenty of ways. The quantity of gold you obtain depends on the things you do in game. It can occur in the form of copper, silver, or gold coins (the most valuable ones). You might spend gold on a variety of goods that give you advantage, starting from a certain reagent or other item and finishing on a particular mount that you like.

Gold in WoW is a form of a reward for completing missions, fighting with enemies, farming and selling dropped and unwanted items to vendors. The thing worth doing is picking a crafting profession and getting gold by simply working. Let's take a look at three examples and their description in a nutshell.

  • Herbalist - your task is to pick plants;
  • Alchemist - as an alchemist, you create flasks, potions, and elixirs;
  • Blacksmithing - turning metals into weapons, mail, or plate armor.


Is buying WoW gold safe 2020?

The answer is yes provided that you know where to look for it. Among trusted and safe platforms that offer cheap WoW gold, there are a few positions that I could recommend, for example IGVault or G2G, which are full of WoW gold for sale. 

You can find their description together with the description of other websites in this article as well. I have personally used those two and I can recommend them as great WoW gold selling sites with high consumer ratings from first-hand experience. 


What is IGVault?

IGVault is a virtual platform that offers such gaming products as gold, items, and accounts (not only in World of Warcraft - they also offer, for example, Dofus kamas or League of Legends accounts) in order to boost the fun of the buyer. You can also browse through it via a web app.

Out of 265 reviews, IGVault has a consumer ratings reputation of 3.45 stars. Based on the warranty rules, IGVault sticks to the money back information privacy. That means that if the buyer does not receive the ordered gold, they are given all the money back as a full refund.

Of course, you can purchase gold in World of Warcraft there, too. Within the range of the products on the website, the user may find gold they need from both US and EU servers.  If you want to enjoy, for example, fast delivery, this is your go-to. IGVault claims that the delivery does not take more than 24 hours. However, more than 90-95% of orders are processed successfully in less than 15 minutes. 

Where can I buy gaming goods in other MMO games? is a website that stands out from the competition because of their consumers’ policy. We would like to meet the individual expectations of each of our clients, that is why every transaction on the website is conducted by the staff on the website. Looking for good quality products in MMOs? Browse through the stock and you will definitely find what you need. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us. is another professional platform where you can buy items mainly in MMORPG games. They can boast over 5 years of experience, 50,000 registered users, and over a million performed deals. is also a well-known platform that offers various spectrum of services in terms of the online gaming world. Browse through goods in MMORPG's such as Path of Exile (PoE), Albion Online, Rocket League, Fallout 76, Tibia, and more.


How can I pay for the gold?

While using websites as Sellersandfriends, Mmorpggold, IGVault or Loothunt, the customers are allowed to purchase the gold via preferred systems. In order to pay for your orders, you can choose through payments partners such as PayPal, PSC, Skrill, and many more. Thanks to that, you may purchase a certain item in a preferred currency. Those payment possibilities offer the highest level of payment security, data security, and efficient buyer protections with the use of the latest security technology. 

How can I get help with the order?

In case of the occurrence of any issues with the orders, buyers, together with sellers, may count on a support guarantee. Such websites as IGVAult and its customer support offer multi-language communication as it has a multilingual team. That is, whether you need to communicate in English or Spanish is not an issue. Depending on the individual choice, the customer and seller may return to the platform. Then, if there's anything wrong with the order or received goods, they should feel free to contact the website’s service through:

  •  24/7 live chat help;
  •  a chat with the account manager;
  • messages through the website panel or email.

Of course, if you are not convinced about making business with Sellers And Friends, IGVault, you can try other platforms as well.


Is it legal to buy WoW gold?

When you purchase WoW gold, you obviously do not violate any official legitimate rules. However, keep in mind that while playing the majority of MMOs you may be punished for that in the form of banishment or suspension. The policy of Blizzard (the only 100% trustworthy seller) is not an exception. 

It is possible to buy gold in World of Warcraft whether you stay in US, EU, or another region of the world. Various players sell WoW gold as they need to make a living. Hence, it is not a problem to also find a seller with a large stock of WoW gold for sale who enables us to purchase WoW classic gold or any other type of it.

How to avoid a ban while buying WoW gold?

n o p v w guaranteed logo wow gold us eu search

We do not want to see such text when we log in into the game, right? Despite this, believe us - professional platforms offer more than enough options for quick product delivery that protection guaranteed. Thanks to the warranty, the consumer and their account stays safe and receives the gold. You should never hit the ‘buy now’ option without proper research.


How can I order the gold safely?

Here are the steps that you should follow when you buy World of Warcraft gold (based on IGVault auctions). Pick the server (whether you are in EU or US) and your faction (Horde/Alliance);

  • Select the quantity of the gold you want to buy and choose a seller;
  • Sort the offers by preferred option (price/stock level/delivery time);
  • Select the delivery method: 
    • Ingame mailing - the seller sends the gold to the mailbox on specific character name;
    • Auction House - auction house method has high ratings and is perceived as the smoothest and safest way to purchase WoW gold. It is marked on the map. You just put the object on sale in the auction, for example in Stormwind City (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde)  and then the Auction Trade Seller buys it. Make sure that the "auction house items" is correctly named. 

What are the gold delivery alternatives? 

You can also check the stock of a different trading platform with great ratings, such as The procedure system usually looks similar, if not the same. Who knows, maybe you can find a seller with a special discount and a lot better ratings there? Maybe there is a sale happening in his stock? They also offer slightly different delivery methods, namely:

  • Face to face trade - gold is received when meeting a seller. If you decide to use this method, it is reasonable to do to put an item into the window while trading a guy as  Blizzard, which is the only legal seller, may look for suspicious trades;

world of warcraft wow gold trade logo search b c d e l m n

  • Guild bank - if you buy a lot of gold, try to ask the seller if they can deliver the stock to the guild bank from different characters (if one nickname puts a big total of gold in the guild bank of your group and it's quickly taken by guild master, then it may be suspicious).

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How much does gold cost in WoW?

The price of gold may differ depending on the server names, location and ratings of a seller. It may also be influenced by whether we belong to a Horde or Alliance faction and the currently available stock. Therefore, if you, for example, picked Lightning 's Blade, Tichondrius, Archimonde, or Illidan, the price of the gold may vary.

There are two methods thanks to which players are able to buy gold in World of Warcraft. The first option described is perceived as the official and legal one as the player buys gold directly from Blizzard in the token form.

What are WoW tokens?

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The WoW Token allows players to purchase 30 days of World of Warcraft playtime. Players have the alternative to buy a token for physical currency through the store in game and then sell it in the Auction House for gold at the current price. It is the only option through which you can even buy now, without enough knowledge.

The WoW Token costs $20 on US server and €20 on EU in terms of EU server. The total of gold you can get by selling them on AH varies depending on the server, whether it is US, EU, CN, TW or KR. Analyzing the numbers, they are as follow as of today:

  • US 113 074g
  • EU 160 307g
  • CN 265 243g
  • TW 237 425g
  • KR 194 929g

That is, for $20 on US and €20 on EU you are able to obtain the above-mentioned amount of in-game currency, depending on your location and server’s economy.

What is the gold black market?

It is a place where the seller meets the client in the dead of the night. The higher the ratings of a certain seller are, the less likely it is that you will get hurt. 

More precisely - WoW gold is also obtainable from a less official source, namely the black market. It is a place to buy and sell gold and other goods by individual players who tempt with a significant discount compared to official prices. A decisive advantage of this form is the fact that sellers have to face competition, which forces them to constantly improve their prices and ratings. 

Buyers can also use special codes or coupons. If you also find a suitable seller with proper ratings and a big stock, they may also offer a discount when buying more gold. 

In short, this method consists in finding an interesting offer and a trusted seller, filling in the appropriate fields related to the order information and delivery process. Then just select the payment method that suits you best. Of course, the entire process is also described in terms of details in the article. 


Where can I buy WoW gold safely?

The demand for gold in World of Warcraft is so huge that there are various platforms that offer gold on virtually every possible server. While looking for an appropriate service, you should really pay attention to the delivery time, the period of warranty according to the delivery guarantee, the ratings and of course best prices (for example in a form of a specific discount). 

Regardless if you play on Burning Legion US/EU, Blackrock US/EU, Doomhammer US/EU, Deathwing US/EU or any other, what you are looking for may most likely be found.  What is more, a seller inventory you may provide you with not only gold, but also rare items, boosters service, or even accounts. 

Which are the trusted WoW gold websites? 

Here is a list of trusted shopping websites with the best ratings along with short descriptions. They have a lot of products in stock, including the gold in World of Warcraft, whether it’s good, "old" Classic or Shadowlands expansion. They offer gold in both EU and US gold market with a delivery shorter than 24 hours. You could use this as a form of a guide map through the gold offers out there. Once the gold is delivered, please make sure to always leave your opinion!

  • IGVault - the website guarantees speed of delivery (more than 90-95% of completed orders realized in less than 15 minutes), safety warranty in terms of payments, 24 hours help, offers goods on both EU and US; IGVault has more than 10 years of experience and trusted seller service ratings bank;
  • G2G - secure marketplace with top ratings GAMERPROTECT policy offering WoW gold US/EU with a variety of delivery options, including face to face trade in a chosen transaction place from a number of sellers;
  • Overgear - offers gold directly from farmers on Shadowlands and World of Warcraft Classic. Proposes convenient delivery methods and a possibility to send a message directly to a particular seller during US/EU gold transactions in order to ask questions concerning discount, delivery time, etc;
  • PlayerAuctions - last, but not least.  A place which guarantees the possibility to stock up with not only gold but also other goods. The website offers not only gold but also a variety of items and power leveling. You can count on constant support and fast delivery time warranty (even 20 minutes)  on US/EU servers;



Since 2004, the release date, gold has always been an indispensable and probably the most important part of playing World of Warcraft. It can be obtained in the game through various activities such as farming, doing missions, selling unwanted objects to NPCs, or even through special work. However, the tasks are often difficult, time-consuming and even boring. Besides, having the right items makes the game much more fun and enjoyable as they create the possibility of new adventures. All in all, who wouldn’t like to ride the great mounts obtainable for gold? 

Trust us - the fastest way to get advantage and become a king in the game is to simply buy gold. If you have at least some spare money in real life, you can buy gold from Blizz in a token form and then sell it in the game. 

However, the most common variant that gamers choose is to buy gold from external network platforms that offer their services. They act as an intermediary between the shopper and the supplier, offering a guarantee for fast deliveries. A function worth checking out is also the possibility to choose a preferred payment system. 

Depending on the quantity of gold you buy, you can often have a discount. When selecting potential suppliers, one should take into account the ratings and the waiting time for delivery, which, however, rarely exceeds 24 hours. 

The seller sends all the orders through the selected delivery method. To avoid a suspension, it is recommended to use the Auction House variant, which seems to be the safest. We can buy gold on literally any of the locations, regardless of whether we play on EU or US. Don't worry if your character is on Benediction US, Azjol Nerub EU, Antonidas US/EU, Eredar US/EU or you belong to Alliance/Horde. It also doesn’t matter if you prefer Azeroth, Shadowlands or Classic. Wanna become a king? If so, then after reading the details thoroughly you should be ready. Just hit ‘buy now’ and don't wait.  However, if you still have any questions, for example concerning delivery time, you can always contact customer support.

It simply doesn’t matter whether you are from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, or from somewhere else in Europe or the US.

The most popular and recommended websites that deal with intermediation between buyers and sellers are IGVault, G2G, Overgear and PlayerAuctions. However, if you decide to trade your currency for gold in World of Warcraft through a different platform, check user reviews and page ratings.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Is it legal to buy WoW gold?

If you buy gold in WoW via unofficial sources, you break the rules of the game. On the other side, there are ways which help to avoid punishment. Just remember - never go for ‘buy now’ without adequate analysis of the ratings. At least read this text carefully.


How much does WoW gold sell for?

The price varies depending on the server’s type. However, $20 should allow you to buy around 200,000 gold.


Where can I buy WoW gold safely?

Believe us - the only legal and safest source is to buy gold WoW from Blizz in a token form (they can’t be bought in Classic). Still, you can also use trusted third parties such as IGVault limited or others with high ratings. While choosing a bigger amount of gold, check if they can offer a discount and delivery warranty. In case of any problems, most websites stick to the return policy.


Is buying WoW gold safe 2020?

Nobody is going to give you a 100% warranty that you won’t be scammed while buying gold, yet according to the ratings of the best third party platforms, the chance that gold won't be delivered is very unlikely. If anything goes wrong, ask the platform of your choice for the money return.

We hope you will return to this guide every time something seems unclear. If you need help with any additional questions or issues, please, feel free to contact us!

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