Aion Kinah Guide - How to make Kinah in Aion Online fast

Aion Kinah Guide - How to make Kinah in Aion Online fast
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Welcome to our Aion Kinah guide, Adventurer! In this one, we will talk about Aion Kinah, teaching you about the ways of obtaining money in one of the best known MMORPGs in history. It’s a harsh business, and it will eat tens of hours of active play. We’re going to talk about the most recent patch released by NCsoft that is available in NA/EW. 

In this article, you will see money-making techniques that work in the game, but we will not start there. Instead, we will help you understand how to find and use the money-making starts to become rich. There’s going to be a short lecture about the economy, and planning. Buckle up, let’s begin our journey to figure out how harshly rigged the system is, and what's the solution to exploit it. Enjoy our Aion Kinah guide and if you love it, spread the word, please. 


Why do you need Kinah?

We can confirm - money is one of the biggest things in MMORPG games that will be a sign of your progression. If you’re able to bank a lot of money, you won’t have to depend on luck, and you will not have to risk losing any of your time and items. Money gives you stability, it makes you safe. It allows you to play the market, take risks, and be flexible. Does the new patch add a new item? You can buy it. There’s a new tier of equipment that will make you powerful? You don’t have to work for it, you can simply pay up. It’s that simple.

Additionally, there’s one very powerful thing in Aion Online, and we’re talking about Gold Packs. Gold Packs are a very valuable thing that you can buy for real money, or in-game currency - Kinah. And you will want this if you want to play Aion Online seriously. There are lots of features in this MMORPG that are somewhat limited. For example, starter accounts have limited possibilities when it comes to trading, chatting with other people, gathering, even item's extraction. And what about Fortress Siege Rewards? These bad boys can push you forward in progress, but they’re limited too! You actually won’t be able to get as much from this activity. 

And this is when the Gold Pack shows up. Gold Pack removes almost all limitations, allowing you to do high-value things, with literally nothing stopping you from getting rewards from them, so you don’t waste any of your time. 

Trust us, if you want to play Aion comfortably with nothing stopping you from achieving any of your goals, you will need to invest in Gold Pack. It’s a good and smart investment. Moreover, if you dedicate your time and knowledge after you invest in Gold Pack, you will get almost a full return, and even more, so your money will most of the time not only come back to you but bring you a lot of profit in the long run. As long as you can sustain your Gold Pack expenses with gains that you make, you are good to go. And if you make more than that - you’re on the right path.


Must-Know Facts about MMORPGs

Before we get into creating a huge Kinah bank for yourself, you have to know about some things, some truths about Aion, and most likely a lot of other MMORPGs.


The Richest Aion Players and Their Secrets

Most techniques that top players use to make money are top secret. Confidential, classified, name it as you want, those farming strategies for most of the time won’t be known to the public. The reason for that is really simple. The fewer players know about your technique, the fewer players will use it, the more money you will be able to make. 

Why does that happen? Supply and Demand. The richest players know the most time-efficient techniques for making money. They provide a rare, maybe even unique service, and if players NEED that service, and there’s little of it on the market (due to a scarcity of people that know how to utilize it), the price will be very high. 

However, when too many players know about that money-making strategy, its value drops drastically. Flooding the market with additional gold, kinah, Gil, and whatnot may influence the gear prices and ruin the economy. The price for services and goods will drop more and more until it becomes very cheap, and not worth investing your time and money in. Then, the richest players find the next technique of making money in the game, and they continue with it not allowing anyone to copy it. 

Let’s be serious, the best money-makers will never share their best techniques. They will serve you a nice appetizer that most likely every player knows about, and they will get you on your way to make a minimal profit. That’s how the world works. It requires only one player to tell his five friends about the techniques, and the whole web of traders suddenly creates itself within two weeks. That’s why the best ones will avoid sharing the information. 

Still, if you search for the info very carefully and you follow every lead, there is a slight chance you might figure something out. Your best bet is to follow the best players, and look for the opportunity that some undefined day they decide to monetize their method. After all, there are a lot of magicians and the same number of people explaining their illusions. Chances are low, but they exist.


Each Aion Online Patch is a New Journey

Most MMORPGs get updated from time to time. Sometimes it’s just simple bug fixing, sometimes maintenance will take place only to check some things, sometimes there’s a big piece of content that will be added, and let’s not forget about big expansions. 

The reason why we mention patches is that those can heavily impact the market of the game in various ways which is why it’s important to remember, that even if you use our guide on a new patch that comes after Aion Patch 7.2, these strategies might no longer work. Which is especially true for expansions with lots of new content. 

So don’t sympathize with some techniques that you might learn during a patch, as your profits can easily get diminished when the newest patch comes out. 

However, it’s a two-way street. Your profits might decrease due to patches, but they can increase as well. For a large chunk of players, it will be a pure lottery. But some analyze the structure of the game, and as soon as they read about what’s coming into the playing field - they will immediately try to find a new source of profit. Be it in quick bursts or the long-term effect. Of course, the market has to settle in before everything becomes stable, and new items have to be identified as well. But if you’re smart, and you are ready, you should be able to determine the best, newest source of Kinah in a week, or two, or maybe even less, after the games come out. 


The Best Way To Earn Kinah in Aion

Making money in MMORPGs can be one of the most important things, but time-consuming at the same time. If you don't have that much spare time in a week to play games, you can't afford to be competitive in a good MMORPG game. Be it World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online, or AION Online. Even when you are playing on a Private Server, like World of Atreia for example, you will have a hard time staying relevant on the battlefield. It is why you should consider…


SellersAndFriends - Buy Aion Kinah

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Our service is safe and secure. Our sellers do everything in their capability to ensure the most convenient and secure transportation of Kinah. Kinah is our specialty, same as payment security, and fast delivery. Kinah Aion can be in your hands, in a few minutes after the payment goes through. Just leave your email address, you will get in touch with our seller through our website. Also - our buyer protections will always save you from receiving any kind of repercussions from the owners of the game. It doesn't matter if you're purchasing from the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, or even Taiwan. All users from all regions will receive the privacy policy that we've perfected.


How to make Kinah Yourself - Events

This way of making Kinah won’t be very specific. But it’s easily the most important part of making some additional stuff in MMORPGs ever. And you already know what we’re talking about. Events.


Daily quests

Just like in the majority of MMORPGs, you will have regular quests to complete for experience and pay - daily choirs, weeklies, and so on. Most MMOs allow you to have an alt character. Fulfilling the challenges on multiple accounts guarantees more income. 

Dailies and weeklies are not the most exciting way to earn Kinah in Aion, but it's stable, independent from the market, and less risky than, say, PvPing or grinding mobs. 


Aion Online Events

Events are the developer's way of keeping the game fresh. They introduce some small additional content in a form of unique drops, additional items, and more. Content from events is exciting, sometimes it even brings in new players who are willing to try out the game. It keeps away the boredom from a static game, and it adds something new to experience. It’s a tool to keep players playing, and to keep them interested.

But for players - it’s the best time to do something beyond their usual activities. Events are usually pretty short, but if you use the time properly, it can take you above and beyond with your progression. The amount of money that you can make by simply using the events at your disposal, is something truly beautiful. Always spare some time to go for event content only, in a timeframe in which the additional content is available. You will not regret it.


Best crafting professions to earn Kinah

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If you are tired of killing mobs, one of the recommendations is turning your sight towards crafting. Creating gear or preparing the crafting materials for others has always been prevalent in MMORPG titles. According to many guides, the best rates among Aion crafting professions are within:

  • Weaponsmith, 
  • Armorsmith, 
  • Handicrafting, 
  • Tailoring.

The premise is very simple and you don’t need video guides to show you the method. 

Learn the crafting profession that is the closest to your skill path, or the one you need for a quest. Level it up for it to be high enough for you to craft high-level gear, and sell it via Broker. The rates of such selling should be satisfying and time-worthy.

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Get Your Kinah Right Now!

You don't have to wait for events to get some quick money. Please feel free to proceed to our Aion Kinah section, to get currency into your shopping cart, and to get immediate money results from SellersAndFriends. You'll see that our trade method, ratings, and reputation is simply incomparable to other websites.

If you have liked this article - leave a comment in the section below this post and share your opinion with others! We want to hear what you have to say and we guarantee to read every comment left by our users. That's it for today. We know it's not a video tips guide that you can find anywhere on YouTube, but we tried. Thank you for reading this Aion Kinah Guide and see you later on the next one.

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What is Kinah in Aion?

Kinah is the main currency in Aion Online. It is used mostly to buy and sell items.


How to make Kinah in Aion?

There are a couple of ways common for most MMORPGs - you can grind mobs, trade items, use crafting professions. 


Where to sell Aion Kinah?

Gathering the currency is one, monetizing is another pair of boots. Sellers and friends will buy Aion Kinah from you anytime.


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