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How to sell BNS gold EU?

Do you consider selling your BNS EU gold? It couldn't be any easier! Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Decide how much gold you want to sell
  2. Choose your payment method
  3. If you have any remarks or questions regadring our service don't forget to write them in the message section
  4. Check if all the contact data you've put is correct
  5. Also check if cashout data (gold amount, etc.) is correct in cashout preview
  6. Send cashout when you think you are ready
Once you've clicked "send" the cashout regarding your orbs is sent to our database. One of our agents will contact you as soon as we are ready to make a purchase from you.

Is it safe to sell BNS gold EU?

"Why your cashouts are safe?", you might ask. Simple - you make the deal with us directly. We make all the possible effort to keep our customers and gold secured. Sellers and Friends have over four years of experience in online trading already and plenty of happy customers worldwide. Sell Blade and Soul Gold on SellersAndFriends! You can also buy bns gold.

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