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How to sell ArcheAge Taris gold?

You think of making money of your ArcheAge Taris gold? Easy-peasy. Just follow the short guide below:
  1. Write down the amount of gold you think of selling to us
  2. Pick one method of payment
  3. When needed, write us and additional message regarding your cashout in the message section
  4. Fill in your actual contact data
  5. Check all your provided cashout data for the last time, to make sure if there aren't any mistakes made
  6. Click "send cashout" button
  7. When we get your cashout ticket all the information given is stored in our database. Once we are ready to buy the gold one of our agents will contact you right away

Is it safe to sell ArcheAge Taris gold?

You want to cash out your gold on Taris but you have your second thoughts regarding the security of such deal? Transaction safety is of the highest importance to us which is why we put much effort and resources into enhancing it constantly. We're only buying gold when we can afford and need it, we won’t give any empty promises asking for having your items frozen for use - we trade directly, instantly and by the safest methods known. At SellersAndFriends you can also buy ArcheAge Gold on Kadum Server.

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